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WRKO's Jeff Kuhner discusses the 2nd Amendment and his grandfather

Wed, 21 Nov 2012|

WRKO's Jeff Kuhner discusses the 2nd Amendment and tells an allegorical story about his grandfather at the Mass Firearms School's Town Hall Meeting on firearms legislation.



  1. Second Amendment0:39, 0:59, 1:23
  2. Eastern Europe3:06, 3:11
  3. First Amendment1:30
  4. World War II2:16
  5. the Holocaust2:17
  6. God bless2:40
  7. hunting rifle3:25
  8. Federalist papers1:08
  9. founding fathers0:46, 1:02, 1:05
  10. gun rights1:20, 0:05

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We're gonna open this up under some very very knowledgeable people here in terms of informing you of your gun rights and what we need to do regarding the Second Amendment but there's a couple of things I want to stress. All of you winners one of the reasons why WRKO sponsored. This town hall meeting. In all my years covering politics. I have never been more frightened for the history of our republic and I am right now. And I truly believe now our republic is in -- apparel. We are I believe hanging by a thread. And one of the things this radical administration wants to do is they understand one thing. The Second Amendment is fundamental. To human liberty and American freedom they know that. Our founding fathers understood it conservatives understand it liberals understand. And it's one of the reasons why the left has been determined. For decades. To slowly nibble away and eventually destroy the Second Amendment. If you study the founding fathers as I do our Revere the founding fathers and there's not a weekend that goes by -- I don't read Federalist papers or. We some in Jefferson rotor Madison wrote. They stressed this point. And I I would say it's the mother of all points. Why are gun rights the right to bear arms why is it the Second Amendment. Why is it marked the third or the fourth or fifth or the sixth. First Amendment as we all know freedom of expression freedom of religion freedom of speech freedom of assembly. Our founding fathers understood. Being disarmed citizenry. Is a subservient. Citizenry. And sold to exercise your fundamental freedoms. To be a free man to be a free woman. You have to be able to carry a gun because that can defend you and defend your family. And I'll never forget this one of my mentors was a Jewish professor -- in Montreal years ago. And he brought me to a holocaust. Survivors me. And they all said this to me and it reminded me my grandfather. They said every June after World War II who survived the Holocaust said if we were armed. We never would have gone motion it's we never would have gone to broken -- The first thing the Nazis did. Is they talk the arms of the weapons away from the citizenry because -- defenseless. You're at the mercy of the state. My grandfather. God bless his soul. Only cried twice in his entire life. He's probably an older guy or school guy -- you make your father your grandfather. Rough hands. Worked on land he was a peasant hard man -- man. Once. When we knew it was gonna be the last time we're gonna see each other I was near the end of his life but he told me this story. He said when the Communists came in and Eastern Europe like -- like a bunch of red locusts like a plate. Descending upon Eastern Europe. Within three days. Three days. They were still killing off the opposition. He says they came into our home -- And the first thing they did I had a beautiful hunting rifle on my wall. They took my god. And they did that every one of our neighbors. And he so I went. On my hands and knees. And I put my hands over my face because I cried. Because then I knew. Our days were numbered.