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WRKO's Jeff Kuhner discusses the U.N. treaty governing small arms

Wed, 21 Nov 2012|

WRKO's Jeff Kuhner discuses the United Nations Treaty governing small arms and what it will mean for the U.S.A. at the Mass Firearms School's Town Hall Meeting on firearms legislation.



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This summer. The UN treaty. Governing small arms was being debated the United Nations. Every major dictatorship. Every major liberal Western European nation now wants the path the law. In which the United Nations. Will trump domestic sovereignty when it comes to the John. So they want announced today. You have too much -- too much guns are being used too much guns being smuggled within your borders. You know how to eradicate the country. It's a blatant attempt. To destroy done right and every country but especially here in the United States it's clear it's obvious. Everybody knows the Obama administration support it Susan -- What she's not lying doing the rounds on the talk shows about Libya. She's they're shaking everybody's hand the Russians the Chinese except unlike Obama so Obama is always biology doesn't -- I got a democratic districts it. She's shaken hands she dug around. She says wink wink we'll find it. But not now not now so when Mitt Romney. Mentioned that during the this summer during the campaign. Obama came out and sentinel mall we're not gonna touch this we have quote no intention of signing this treaty. No intention no doubt noticed no intention. Now. Two hours after the election. They were still partying in Chicago he was meeting with Ashley Judd and being wondering or bad thing about Obama has little look. That's all there is Michelle and you're booking agent got warmer here than the -- Two hours later banning. The Obama administration says we're signing his -- We're now gonna find it sold this march. This march march 18 to march when it is gonna be debated at the United Nations. I had overwhelming support. It will be passed. And the president and his UN ambassador wolf fine. And now we're gonna under treaty we're gonna say well the UN. Treaty supersedes. The constitution of the United States and our national sovereignty. So this is the back door that they're gonna use. -- now common and chip away at our gun rights. We have about what I think are good for five months window. This is why am urging everybody now and I'll just -- Steve before we came and I fifty tell me. How did dear leader been good for business or Wada. -- like business is booming. Booming over the problem -- -- the more money you make from the front and we're gonna take it from the back then the higher taxes. -- -- buying guns. But the -- the money -- limited by the guns -- the billionaire and that is regular -- But we have about four or five months. And that's why am urging everybody right now you don't have a done by done. Get licensed got certified get registered because that's gonna become increasingly tougher after march when this treaty is signed. Now I believe this could be fatal mistake on the part of Obama. He's this is imperial overreach. He's gonna do well on other issues. You were gonna see an immense. Back --