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WRKO Town Hall Meeting on Firearm Legislation with Jeff Kuhner

Wed, 21 Nov 2012|

WRKO's Jeff Kuhner hosted a town hall event with listeners to discuss firearm legislation. The event was held at the Mass Fire Arms school.


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  2. Second Amendment1:00
  3. The Pentagon0:30

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    homeland security found at 2:17

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You know. I'm Jeff Carter. -- worst nightmare. -- -- bulldogs are cleaning up all liberal balls and I I've got offense. Michael I've got a lot of these town halls. And my wife is always like old Catholic her nightmares you know some crazy liberals -- -- audiences alike you know Brian you know through here's something. The Pentagon. Tonight. Command when she relaxed and but they're not firearms school like us really don't worry about it I got to knock indefinite. When it comes to the Second Amendment. Look at the arrogance of these people you have a permanent political clubs they ruling class ruling regime. And now they think they can just sign some kind of retreated from UN. And take away our satellites I think it's gonna be no consequences. I'm telling you I'm telling you there are moments in history there -- a revolutionary times. My thing -- we bought on the street. But there is a political revolution afoot and look at the songs. OK okay.