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Howie Broadcast from The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

Fri, 10 Aug 2012|

Howie Broadcast from The Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum



  1. Sam Adams0:37
  2. Tea Party0:15, 0:31
  3. romantic dinners1:49
  4. Credo1:08
  5. John Adams0:35
  6. Boston0:02, 0:14, 0:30
  7. Harvard1:50

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We're broadcasting today from the new Boston party he ships and museum opened in late June and it's located on the congress street bridge on the fort point -- the same body of water work -- -- war that was upon which was. On which Boston Tea Party took place. And December 16 and 1773. So we're here it's very nice very nice location a perfect day to be out here that from world war from the yeah. Outside the the TV room. Hi Todd Michelle here where the Boston Tea Party ships and museum we've just completed -- -- we met. John Adams and Sam Adams. And awareness of my writing when you didn't what -- writer Diana that's what I loved about this does seem like his quote that's begun. It's -- him to appreciate the patriots and we didn't -- -- I think that was a sad living though I don't think he did you ever notice how they speak. Like -- like they're reading scripts. I -- did but it was a pretty decent -- This was. Times -- -- and Elizabeth myself. -- they need is someone to play the credit for it that's true I mean I could play the British Credo really patriots. You're shooting himself. -- -- And it's not that well -- it's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. I don't know if I'm gonna -- companies. Yeah. Didn't. And it's. This would be a nice spot for fine dining restaurant a little bit romantic dinners and -- out -- Harvard here. Like that this took the best is knowing that the these ships with applicants which have -- replicas of the project that is did you know dump. The team that I don't surprise me having hit an idea -- managed to go ahead give him a chance they discover that they'll that's just show.