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Gabriel Gomez On Congressman Pond Scum

May 24, 2013|

Republican senatorial candidate Gabriel Gomez joined us to discuss the voting record of his opponent Congressman Pond Scum, er Ed Markey. Also talked about were the dirty politics used by the Congressman in some of his ads and the recent revelations of his tax returns.

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Joining us now is Gabriel Gomez. I Gabriel thanks for being with us here tonight on the Howie -- show. Absolutely guys were great we were they -- -- on banks are you why are you was sorry that you called Ed Markey -- pond scum. Absolutely not now you know at a higher approval ratings in congress like it could have been worse. So let me that I had never even -- on TV about -- I mean it just -- it was one of those web only adds that the work was to supposed to get the free media interest that in day and it worked for right. Yeah you know it -- they've all over the place on the web you know I've got four young kids and make click on under lights. Think my eight year old Spain yeah what would you do an extended look -- what is ideal. It's part explain. What whatever you -- you looked over his tax returns. You know I've I've been on the road campaign all day. And had a lot of stops I've I've and snippets that. You know you've paid -- yet in the with a lower rate than me and -- you -- I think both security as well. Receiving Social Security. -- guy I thought he was -- worried about the future of social security and the eight makes a 171000. Dollars a a year or 77. The all we collect 111600. Dollars and Social Security benefits. Well I I hope I hope to be the person that eventually you know. Make it's about a volley collected when he retires. He gave 2000 dollars to charity that's not that that that's a little better than John Kerry used that bill but it is. It's still a -- not very much. Now you know. I wouldn't comment on our motives for a -- now. So why so why do you think -- Gabriel why do you think she waited until until the late not just Friday afternoon late Friday afternoon before a before the start of the holiday that marks the start of summer. -- you know I'm not a pundit but I don't imagine -- -- nobody has start you know pay attention I'd -- It's created and I'll provide the proper globe where her apparently were subpoenaed or or not. -- -- -- private sector. Contributed you don't buy it and up about the I want the promotion. What I know what I don't understand is why I can understand that if you know you're running for office for higher office -- different office. And you miss some votes but. You as as you know why Gabriel -- -- the first thing you'll look at in the morning have you look at your own schedules where he's going to be and -- all last week when he was missing those boats. He was MIA up here in Massachusetts say nobody saw I'm from I think Monday and tell what. And -- was Sunday when he appeared in the Haitian paraded not Dorchester. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Your Gabriel's break it up here I'll just speak for a speak for a moment the yeah when the phone don't ring -- -- it's marquis were waiting for -- were waiting for marketing give us a call back but you know where road we're still stowaways it was -- liberals gonna do any of batters on now. I gave really there. Did you say that did you see in The Herald yesterday that he's gotten he's gotten like I think ten times the number of contributions. From. Chevy Chase Maryland his his real hometown. As he got from from -- his former hometown even though walk. Malden has twenty times the population of Chevy Chase. Well edited so it makes sense to get the -- of the people the team not to look the Massachusetts. And how it goes straight I think he currency and commodity -- them I mean he's missing in action -- it is not an action I would use the word you wall. -- I'm sorry you're absolutely correct Gabriel -- Wallace is a much better word. How about his about the fact that he took off the UC took off by as business expenses the use of dispersal -- he's act like he's back in the Massachusetts legislature getting those up. Getting those wacky per DMZ that nobody else in the world guests for sure Oprah driving to work. And I think you'd buy expensive despite our parking ticket itself. I don't you know who knows that he's not related expense -- it did seem pretty. Ya and so he's so I -- What what do you think it what about the site again the Social Security thing really it really kind of bugs me I mean this is up. This is that this is like he he's he's not only at the -- Connolly of the public trough these -- double -- -- -- You can police CY you know you went ballistic when the president he'd been floated the idea that try to do an entitlement reform which is CPI. I think it was very topic of interest -- out. You really don't seem to like. Ed Markey that you would -- -- do you did you ever think twice about -- and thirty I wanna hear you column thirty idea. It did the but it didn't like commercial -- and not like -- -- either the same old dirty -- the Democrats have to resort to and don't wanna talk about the issues and other raw. It reverts to the the very stuff. How did that how to make you feel when -- you war or when you're running against. Sullivan and Winslow you're released volume tax returns for that five or six years. That in this guy is out here -- complete Stonewall on his own taxes and he's denouncing you for not releasing a sixty year of your taxes. I don't you know we released exactly the number a year -- underground that are warranted Alfred -- -- you know what I did. The force standard view it as early as fact that opened at WW for forty years I've been more in the last three weeks. And he got in forty years -- -- I can be gunning down and decided I can make him beat out after just three weeks. What about now he's now not only that not only is he is he is he go on after you watch on and on the everything else but now he's now we saying that your basically responsible for the shooting in Newtown Connecticut. That's you. You know it doesn't get any lower Matt Alley and that's -- -- our -- because at that the record straight did you not you want to play the dirty tricks that you know that the typical democratic playbook. -- entity called up. -- I was look at it that they have they sought again you're in one of the breaks up -- pressing for tougher gun laws that that that added I am sure you know this Gabriel but. That's on the net that's not a headline for real newspaper that's just the that's just from some kind of Democrat newsletter that they set up. Oh absolutely and you know he also you know -- the match and then I've always supported expanded background checks on the I'd probably -- so it's also. It's valued at the national -- So wise source or you gonna why are you you know my column regularly keep call him pond scum can write it would -- Whether it would go to Pope today Gabrielle we asked people what you're being too harder too easy on calling upon scum in 91% said you're being too easy on him. I you know -- I say it's at a higher parade in the congress like that about that a problem congressman -- OK I think that it invigorated it but where you're going to be tomorrow people wanna see you. I'm going to be in the deal and beautify it race and I needed in the north or opera all my. That they put on my web but it's -- I think. Okay Gabriel if you CA wal logged thirty got to give me a column how we car if you wanna keep more of your hard earned money you pocket get your pen.