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Gabriel Gomez On primary Victory

May 2, 2013|

Republican nominee for the vacated seat left by John Kerry, Gabriel Gomez joined Howie to let him know how he feels now going into the general election against Democrat Ed Markey. Does Gabriel Gomez have a chance?

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Joining us now on the line it's got real Gomez the Republicans not candidates for the senate. Jeffrey -- thanks for being with us I congratulations on your victory. -- -- don't. Good so where you -- now Gabrielle. I am in your mind let Eurotunnel. Game. Also and so you know what he did what did you do what he campaigning that I take. You Hillary interviews and creditors -- and it worked out. Now or are you still -- still say you're with Marco Rubio on the getting a -- in the game -- -- on this immigration reform bill. Gabrielle. Here though are used are you still saying -- with with. Marco Rubio and the gang -- on the immigration reform bill. I'm pretty regularly yeah I I. Core group that is on the game me being the -- -- I mean if you have you done any re -- you looked at some of the stories that are coming out or some of the press releases from say Jeff Sessions about some of it somebody. The things that they're not promoting that are actually written that this bill. It. Well I for instance if you been deported from the United States of America. In the past you can still get that you could still get. Amnesty. -- it is effectively. Excuse me you're -- in the end. And it is not a complicated it rain in how they're doing a good book on your border. -- -- -- beauty accurately can be predicated on accurate to work -- in -- -- either -- it you're in order to get up out but it just. -- -- I don't meet I don't meet to come down on your heart after just one victory but I mean do you really believe that the that Chuck Schumer Dick Durbin are interested in securing the border. Why don't -- -- I'm secure the border and it happened after that and after that. -- third day that you can view it or get yeah outfit -- -- -- I believe that Marco -- it. Did you know that say you know that they they've said that you can't be eligible for welfare immediately but them. But Jeff Sessions it was a former federal judge has read the legislation he says that studies in fact you these people -- will be eligible for welfare immediately. I when I read it you can back it obamacare or any kind of well bird I don't know that if it. It don't you are actually yeah at that is Arab network. I think that's. I think that's what they've said in the press conferences Gabriel that we -- -- -- you -- I mean I've really watch and I I I would ask you why would implore you were 22 to take a look at this -- again I think you're. You know your your site and on the biopic and a poke here. Figured but I would Mercury on it -- -- me you talk about it but I figured you talk about targeted at marquee. But why do I do I do you wanna talk mark an important part right now I got -- -- on. In Vietnam I just think that he's not -- But I just think all like I I just wanna make sure but I just want to get this out there because I think you know this -- You know a lot of people or are focusing on this bill and it's it's really got me you've really got to -- they worked here in the end up talking about this this last thing I'll say about this bill. This each Tuesday it you know. It's not to want it it's as as the details come out it's going to be harder and harder I think to defend your position that your with Marco Rubio want this fill out you know we don't wanna saving more that's fine. I had it not like I've never actually made me I -- -- whatever you want. That you're going to like an -- -- yeah. I don't wanna I wanna know I want one and opt -- finished with the gang of eight -- -- just just you -- to sleep I'll leave it right there but. So what how how are you gonna beat that mark. Are they are in just sort we need marquee. Out of it -- the guy who have been in the real world -- -- -- years. And and had no idea about the -- years and particularly -- dead heat aren't victory speech you thought that he didn't think anybody right away. He thought about everything but do you. I -- what people care about right now. I didn't I didn't watch much of it because it it really may be. Sick to my stomach just to -- saying this I can't believe that he can get away with saying that you wore arrive at that that you were opposed to what women's rights to choose. When he's the guy what you -- to make the pitch I mean yeah. Like what our audit they're going to want or what -- -- and right now and -- do exactly voted to repeal of reviewing. And -- There it is I mean that's that's all you gotta say he would real like that that's you know that's -- sums it up. It's it's pretty simple. It's pretty binary or might it. I've just reached do something and now of course she's saying that you you know -- you're gonna let all this corporate money comment -- me that there's another red Herring have an issue completely -- Eric what do -- explained that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He had obviously. In the double standard your group called the media is apparently hit it in the -- and corporate -- We did exactly what he's supposed to work permanent. Exactly what people -- alternate. And exactly way you can only do it. -- -- -- that they can be in the corporate campaign contributions but yet discrete and I'm just looking at The Herald editorial earlier today which was pretty good. There's an estimated one million primary campaign contributions marquis took from the League of Conservation Voters SE -- U. May rally Planned Parenthood guess they are considered special interest. Right Buick after the primary Ankara humiliate our respect. Promote -- special interest groups and big guy aren't Smart he would be 86% of the a definitive. It is I guess but there were never -- -- remark apparently not good enough for the -- department. -- out and and that is his body arms fire the hedge fund operator California billionaire. This is the guy who pay for the airplane you saw the airplane when you aren't -- thing I. I under went on opening day and what. This with these were the airplane Sega you know what -- Lynch's glee is is a captive of big oil or something like that some assumptions that affect. But he it was push by it was pushed by this great pumps fire -- an ardent opponent of the Keystone Pipeline. But he says in the is that Carol says that doesn't count as some kind of but corporate contribution he spent a lot of don't want those points. They aren't you -- to me the most important issues in people mindful coordinating. Keep people picture but they care about how many jobs -- that you are yet to a joint dark and draw. Affiliates may second here -- Fenway Park and the wind is blowing -- at the -- the wind chill factors about 45 degrees global warming is. Not a pressing issue now your -- more square today. Well I think people just sort of eat poppy aren't and I got an upper doctor mark yeah I think. It is lack of experience in the real world is articulate group clearly. Okay sort -- are you gonna try to tackle but to the right the in the general election now. -- newspaper and I would be an apartment reviewed and personally -- out and thought about Peter principle. You wanna take a couple of calls your ever helped -- Bob your -- with how we card Gabriel Gomez the Republican candidate for US senate against Ed Markey go ahead Bob. I hear real I don't do well you know people. Great and you are exactly exactly. I must confess I did I hope you like I know my element over a long time. But I desperately in all -- that job in order. And it believe that. We're hoping to set and I and I will find you ought to be you know reduction to represent -- But I have a record forty. I do I I work with a lot -- you know people might like -- from Peru. In an -- I don't I think a lot of people don't understand. You know the Latino people real hard workers are I I I don't -- -- granola on these people. You know hall who there were a lot of jobs and they can pay taxes. Some of the bombs actually at the pin number you probably may work. And you know and so a lot of them are illegal but a lot of them do pay IPO actual security. You know federal state lost -- anything. It is. -- -- -- -- -- If it can be immigration reform. I would and actually gonna do and I'm Heidi. Well what is going to be -- -- Caller we -- you're calling. Yeah moderate look like a bullet here and very dirty campaign we integrate all at -- election he let people or I look forward to working with -- And in -- you know because immigration faulty. It is going to be eight you're -- keep up that is gonna happen -- book expert and secure the border. And after that one yet certain metrics we're gonna you know the -- capita citizenship where I could not be easy to any of the actual line. And I Kennedy special privileges and they're gonna have to go through a lot of staff. And like that it could be a number of years in the -- a lot definitely not easy for computers and are documented. But it will be. A beer but -- at -- Thanks for the call Bob 18774694322. Please read up on the bill Gabriel I mean just that. I just -- I I don't think that the you know. People are people that voted in the Republican primary yesterday people with that megawatt that a couple of for marquee. -- you got to get everybody out I think you know in the if people think you're just that Democrat lite I mean that's -- that's. They're just want to bother become the polls but a couple from marquis but they they just won't won't show up. I I'm confident at that -- could be enormity doctor -- And it's gonna resonate with Republicans independents and and the list -- Democrat out there. -- that realize it -- -- is it's still it. In activity -- a lot of career all of this you know can be determined it quite along time ago. We're gonna feel that you know that I pocketbook and the Republican governor put all my life. Roger you're next with how we card Gabriel Gomez. There are going. To act -- what you are you -- a quote that I've been useful weapon. I was verbally wouldn't recommend it I probably need to do it again -- up and. And I brought an anatomy of the one candidate here who actually you know fired all the weapons and Andrea perspective on that -- very unique. I would -- aren't marked by the nobody like I did notice that he reported scout report are not know. You have your -- to your guns you own guns now. I don't need a weapon. Or. Succeed so you don't don't go okay I'm just asking the question. Jog jog your next with how we card Gabriel Gomez go ahead John. How he would and they go yeah I -- both the EPO I called collapse -- your questions in the cloud and god is the the ducking letter that he sent you think that now African awful but he does support of President Obama. In fact -- going to be diatribe about how he was -- -- -- and now tactic an opportunity to -- the fiscal conservative. We would absolutely. It. We are we past that now as we release them courses. Courses at marquis though isn't it -- -- that a vote for. -- yes yes it would go ahead. When he -- it ain't going. You have -- the kind of off. All right I -- your next with how we card Gabriel Gomez. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What will that. Metro legs go he's glad you want. Thank you very much completed the or. Or work with media in general -- appreciate that. Yeah really it would really right yeah our let our people political. Yeah we don't particularly on the marquee -- you know and -- go again I'd do -- again you gave -- one media. I -- very. Thanks for the call sell off your next with how we card get real Gomez. Quickly Bob. Eight I do -- colleagues Gabriel have a question Gloria it was stupid it was. The that stop that you spent in the you know going to support the agenda or rock. -- Barack Obama. You didn't actually really -- so you can -- appeal. It that this company also called all integrity. World we're almost out of time Gabriel he wanted to respond. Not quite like you know I work a word people -- -- and I've always been firm in my work. And yeah it and a credit going up and down that it. Okay Gabriel good luck and don't be a stranger -- your cup on anytime you want on credit and pertinent and out okay great talk -- -- soon. Somehow we are.