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Elizabeth Warren wants to know about $22 minimum wage

Mar 19, 2013|

Chief Spreading Bull has the audacity to question a business owner about his prices and his wages.

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The opening segment after 7 o'clock hour which means it's time for you to vote. -- attacks then who you think. Is the biggest BS certain. Of the day. And then I got to say very tough competition that I wouldn't want to be in your shoes. I would not want to be in your shoes right now. Sensor in the car probably sitting in traffic when all the snow in the congestion and volume nothing better do anyways so he could trust me on this one miss you wanna talk about BS there's some really good BS today. Elizabeth Warren chief spreading -- Take check this out you want talk about BS here is what chief spreading bowl had to say about the minimum wage payers. The minimum wage would -- stood at 33 dollars an hour before the recession in 2007. Doctored. She thought it was very intrigued by the chairman's. Chart earlier about productivity. And it shows as I read the numbers and also as I read the numbers that you cited mr. -- bank. Doubt if we just started in 1960 not the high water mark for all the minimum wage payers. The minimum wage. That if we just started in 1960 not the high water mark for all of the minimum wage for the third time on minimum wage. If we started in 1960. And we said that as productivity goes up that is as workers are producing more. The minimum wage is gonna go up the same. And if that was the case the minimum wage today would be about 22 dollars an hour. So my question what should your bag it was a minimum wage is seven dollars and 25 cents an hour. Is what happened to the other fourteen dollars and 75 cents is shooting go to worker. Unbelievable. -- my god one. Wall if you think that's. The BS statement of the day. Tax the letter eight to 68680. Now. Rachel madcow. This is her take on Paul Ryan's budget plan -- caught the. Ryan budget. Is a document that says the big problems in America right now are that rich people do not have enough money that they need relief from come -- -- tax rates. And more people about how much access to affordable health care and those things must stop it. And if we fix those things America probably on about. It's invest some things that are going to make us more competitive in the long run as -- said money's really cheap and we should maybe dial back some of the massive growth. In the post 9/11 defense industry that we have. I don't start -- yeah. Now soak the rich and then hollow -- the military decimate the military that's Rachel madcow. Shares like Paul Ryan's budget can you tell us what Obama his budget plan us. Exactly overall -- to trillion dollar deficits. They they love about the more reading the matter so if you think that's the BS statement of the day. You can text the letter B to 68680. Now check this one out here is Jay Carney. The president's spokesman has got. He is a response. To a legitimate question. And when there's government workers. Who may be furloughed for millions of Americans unemployed. And family budgets that have been cut. How does the president justify. Lavish vacations and golf trip to Florida. At taxpayers' back and does he plan to cut back on his travel. I can tell you this. This president has focused every day -- -- -- policies that. Create economic growth. And help advance job creation and presided over the past three years over an economy this produce over six point three million private sent our jobs kind. And we have more work to do. Notice he won't say good cheerleader -- stopped dead in the lavish trips in the gulf. The golfing he's not gonna quit golfing amount of expensive vacations. So if you think that's the BS statement of the day. And by the way and the the president had to Obama's created six point three million jobs that are private sector drops. We're gonna get these numbers are sort of you are taxed the letter C. 686. Say. And mayor might he Bloomberg. He's now going after cigarettes. He doesn't want them seen when you're going to a convenience store they have to be hadn't. I'm very very grateful to -- fed I think -- should be grateful to the mayor of that. And the charge there is out what this administration has done now we've been terrific but we can always do better. -- we have to take the next to common sense things that we need to to do I just jotted down some words from the mayor's remarks and didn't from the commissioner's remarks. About smoking -- not being -- behavior but in order to make did. Like we really have to do you normalize this is what it's about we have to we can we have to do you normalize you. And and and and and hiding the secrets behind these shrouds and covers -- whatever will will help to do that. A -- up. And caught cigarettes to deal normalize this Pope didn't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the letter. BS statement of the day to 68680. So. If you think Elizabeth the chief spreading -- minimum wage comment is the outrageous statement -- Libya has served a day. Text 868680. Rachel madcow basically blaming Paul Ryan. Saying we got to soak the rich and decimate the military. Text beat the 686 Sadie. If you Jay Carney basically saying the president's gonna continue to go golfing. And -- go to expensive vacations in Hawaii and Florida. Even though he says the -- restoration is gonna doesn't make the American economy backseat to 68680. And mayor Michael Bloomberg says we should -- cigarettes and convenience store just unemployment Roberts so nobody sees them. Texans beat the 68680. Now the minimum wage. Is back. The debate over the minimum wage is back in full force. Yesterday. The dear leader president Barack Obama. Again called for a massive hike in the minimum wage as he nominated his new labor secretary. Our civil rights lawyer Tom Perez's. So Tom Perez who comes from the community activists labor union community. Is a big big advocate of a much higher minimum wage Obama wants at least nine dollars an hour. Minimum wage by taking her reds worked in Maryland which I know a little bit about him under the administration of governor Martin O'Malley. And they also have with the call the -- a living wage law. So forcing state contractors in Maryland. To pay more than the minimum -- each. And so the argument being used by the progressive left by the Democrats by Obama by the dear leader. And by the likes of chief spreading bull Elizabeth Warren. Is that we need a higher minimum wage. To quote having living wage. And they say you can feed your family on seven dollars and 25 cents an hour so you have to have at least nine dollars an hour minimum. Now we played the clip just a few minutes ago at a hearing. Chief spreading bowl Elizabeth Warren although she wants nine dollars an hour. She's really hinting. That she'd prefer 22 dollars an hour. She's basically hinting for really fair. She -- -- we would have a 22 dollar an hour minimum which. Now I'm saying this. Without any sarcasm. Without. Any sense of irony. This woman is insane. I'm telling -- -- she's insane she is an economic illiterate. I want all of you to think about the -- imagine if the minimum wage was 22 bucks an hour. It would literally devastate the American economy. It would lead to massive layoffs. Were looking at 304050%. Unemployment. Because most employers cannot pay eight point two bucks an hour. You can mandate it but they won't be able to pay and they'll go wonder. Now did just assure you this is how we illiterate she gets. So she doesn't even understand if you wanna destroy the economy. Destroy dropped creation destroy growth you raise unemployment sorry forgive me you're gonna raise unemployment the 50%. If you raise the minimum wage -- point two bucks an hour. Because in most jobs. Do not deserve to be paid 22. For example if you're a toilet cleaner you don't deserve to be paid 22 bucks an hour. If you flip hamburgers. If you're flipping burgers at McDonald's you don't deserve point two bucks an hour. So McDonald's is not gonna pay eight point two bucks an hour they're just not they're gonna wanna business. But let's forget 22 bucks an hour but just this is the senator that we have that sold doesn't understand economics. That literally is living in a dream fantasy world my answer to her is this. Why stop -- point two bucks an hour. Why not -- a fifty bucks an hour a hundred bucks an hour 500 dollars an hour. I mean why don't we all just legislate ourselves into complete. Millionaires everybody gets a million bucks. By by her reasoning. So but forget 22 bucks an hour let's scored in nine bucks an hour. Now the democratic argument is. You don't care about people -- Why don't you wanna give them a living wage. What can how can you feed your family forget on seven dollars and 25 cents nine bucks an hour how can you feed your family -- You're missing the entire point. Is these high minimum wage loss. That is costing jobs especially in minority areas low income areas. It's my even my idea Thomas solely brilliant black conservative. Recently wrote a column saying you wanna know why black unemployment and especially youth unemployment is so why. It's because in the minimum wage laws. So instead of making four -- five bucks an hour. Which is what I need. And putting some money in your pocket. And having a job and getting the skills of going to work and how to work in the experience of a job. Instead. They're unemployed. And then they say but Jeff you can't feed your family. On 678 dollars an hour whatever five dollars an hour yes but since of course you can't. But that's the whole point you're not supposed to be flipping burgers -- -- life it's an entry level job. 6172666868. Should we raise the minimum wage. I want to hear from you your calls next on the corner report. America's democracy. Because of stations according to the day -- analysis of what would happen if we raise the minimum wage to hand to hand over three years. All the price increase on that item would be about four cents. So instead of 07 dollars and nineteen cents that would be seven dollars and 23 cents. He's telling me that's unsustainable. Welcome back did the -- very porridge that was she is spreading mall -- up. Telling us that if you raise the minimum wage to ten dollars and ten cents an hour. Now things are only gonna go up the price of goods is only gonna go by four cents. And here's the response. -- -- -- all restaurants are created equal. We're in the envelope full service restaurant business. And McDonald's has efficiencies and they have they operate completely differently than I do. I have many jobs many jobs that pay well above the minimum wage we have a retirement plan and we we offer health concerns are salaried employees so. I might give business a little different I can't raise a four cent price I mean I don't have. -- I don't operate like a fast food. Restaurants up. Basically saying you're gonna crush the restaurant business your crush it is a businessman. Giving the senator. A lesson and I can now. Basically -- you never run a business in your life you have no idea what it is to meet a payroll you have no idea what is to provide health benefits you have -- -- talking about. You know I got to tell you -- be very attended with all of you almost like I'm in the confessional. I mean Scott Brown. I miss him. God so I mean I know I sit harsh things about you and I'm sorry who started. I'm sorry IC chief medical Mal and I say my god and whereas Todd browns. -- mean. You're up next welcome to the -- a report. I do you have technique can -- a good show good good shall -- -- I let Elizabeth -- Siri port gamble achieve -- -- about the economy. Let's give them a little bit warned that it mr. Wright McCain. And after a year but he's he could make a profit if she had turned a profit. The -- if you couldn't -- bit and it's because. Between Obama care and then having the salary at 22 dollars per hour you -- did -- within a month. Well she'd be selling Indian for others. Yet -- -- -- the -- regularly. Uses these under is a big market -- urgent need. -- don't understand what people remember -- that I don't understand it. Mean honestly -- I really didn't -- very candid with you leave aside the unions and all about the welfare. It's the college students. Massachusetts has a lot of universities and colleges. And it is if it does the mentality of in nineteen -- sophomore. On the left this sophomore in college. The -- may raise it to 22 dollars an hour what's the problem. Was that and then every -- be fair for everybody. -- just solve all the world's problems by by. Bye bye I'm gonna watch Dr. Phil. Ball you're up next welcome to order a report. -- -- ball. You know the problem is this liberals look very troubled and then they -- -- assault on the court. They they look at the problem fact we have so many people on welfare so many people inequality. And -- why can't these people you know. The dole. And coconut -- -- eight bucks an hour and he would be making less than looking into. -- so architecture that we got to make people -- the more. Senate -- you know what we get a quick you know people so much. Because if you look at it. This sort they actually unavailable tracks and really go out immediately so a lot of -- I don't know if your -- -- You're understandably it's so that the look that should go to the poor people went out and all. That's sort of -- America. You know. What should pick and the million dollar support people are completely because you hear what you think it'll cost everybody we know we're going to be -- -- -- and -- Because. There are people -- because apparently. And an important housing market and I don't know that -- card -- and a -- -- -- hearing. And how -- can -- -- couldn't hear what people are right in the district or nothing so market price are still okay. Going to get into straight at -- 14% felt good about a third what they -- check out her back to what he is essentially Carter was dropped wondering into car. You look at the different carrier. -- -- -- -- -- can't think that all the for the gun case Eric if you keep. We're getting all of the regulatory cost. Legal. Just -- I don't you know that -- I mean look this look let's just -- Hughes the 22 dollar an hour analogy okay just for a second. And let's even use McDonald's which is a huge corporation right okay twenty bucks an hour. So McDonald's is any paying hamburger flippers point two bucks and now you're flipping hamburgers are making a point two bucks an hour what do you think I'm happy meals gonna cost. It's gonna cost you 151820. Bucks. Because McDonald's got to make some kind of a profit. So hot. -- your prices are going through the roof so a minimum wage hurts everybody. Now they say but Jeff if you can't live on for five bucks an hour a -- -- minimum wage during the I don't believe we German minimum wage law. I honestly don't. So -- -- the payroll for hamburger flipper is worth about five bucks an hour. But Jeff you can't feed your family -- five bucks an hour I know all that's the point. You're not supposed to be fifty years old and flipping hamburgers if you're flipping hamburgers at the age of fifty there's something wrong which you. It's an entry level job. It's for high school students college students you'll learn a life experiences alert you go to work you show up on time we develop an athlete you work with the team. That's its limits in your first job. That's what it's that's what it's supposed to be. Now think of this and my professor explain this to me once when I was younger and always stay with -- You got a bar. And the guys says Karen I need a little bit help but I can only afford five bucks an hour. So we hire -- a little share on eighteen year old nineteen year old girl aboard a work at a -- Now. What's happened -- girl or boy which did not have a job we did not have a job is now making let's say 200 dollars a week. Now there's 200 dollars where there wasn't 200 dollars. And he's got somebody helping his business. Everybody wins. But if you mandate eight or nine dollars an hour is -- can afford it. So now what happens there's no jobs. So the young person would have had 200 dollars doesn't have 200 dollars. And a businessman. Who would've had somebody helping him which means better service for you the customer. He's. So everybody loses its. So this -- all a living wage a living wage a living wage you're not supposed to be living off flipping hamburgers. That's the point stupid. You're not supposed to feed your family on seven dollars and 25 cents. That's called life you're supposed to rise up the latter of life by taking job after job after job. Dead Europe next go. She not viewed via. Her father would I had to put everybody under the -- big business and nobody would be able to drive an MG this school all. You know that. You know that but she was making 360000. Dollars at Harvard. She's a house flipper her and her brother driver around and they -- low and they sell high. That's what it is they look for people who were divorced and they -- those homes and they flip them. That's she's spreading -- lesser experience in the market. Mike Europe next go. Yes I -- -- -- you might I don't really run body shop okay knowledge is called the trend are all much Eric. White guy usually train did thirty years make huge early twenties are both well I. Insurance companies which aren't quite billionaire there's always tried it. Audio now match OK. You're an -- trying to guide to. Mike you're making a great point we just literally broke up and we lost you call back I'm not going to be in the business of being -- -- represented him but I think. They would talk about also having some higher paid jobs and send. Opportunities for management and advancement as well. But I can't point maybe it's only four cents -- seven dollars and nineteen cents but if you're on -- are. Fourteen dollars and forty cents we'll see how fast I can do the math they tell me can't raise your prices by eight cents. You know it's been typically wind and wind cost rise we don't actually -- it just forces from Mexico little higher as an inflationary effect. On the economy it's it's this is the guy -- -- it to the government doesn't. -- the government is telling this guy a restaurant owner how to prices many. You should raise it by eight -- Selig won't -- we raise a lot more. He's going to be very annoyed -- almost like very you'll scholarly you know I inflationary effect what he really saying is. You're raising prices for everybody. Don't run my business -- when we come back will reset this BS of the day and let you know who's winning in that race so far and more on -- spreading bull.