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Charles Hurt of the Washington Times calles the upcoming Sequestration "Obargo" and describes it in terms of the Oscar winning film Argo. According to Hurt "sequestration," is an across-the-board cuts to the infernal federal government of ten percent or less. In other words, smaller cuts than what most families across the country have been slashing from their own budgets every year now for several years. Howie said bring on the sequester.....

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Do you think Obama knew about the release of illegal aliens from deportation -- absolutely. 9697%. Guessing people say this is just a fake out and that's not -- -- I don't ya you know away come. They you know people say why don't we start by firing the ice workers who who did this -- this this against the law. Measure of letting all the illegal aliens no they did that boy when he wanna fire the -- people he didn't do what -- they're just they're just being used as the scapegoats here for a for broad. For Barack Obama you know -- it didn't it didn't work out quite the way he planned so somebody else's got to take the fall it's not going to be him. He's the he never takes the fall for anybody. -- there's a great column today in the in the in The Washington Times by Charles hurt in and -- the -- -- get a guitar sort -- where he's going or bar ago. A tale of hostage taking not involving Iran. Exactly. Exactly. Washington breath we will breathlessly watches the dramatic countdown to the coming sequester cuts. For many around here at the apocalypse. Is upon us. The most hair raising part of all this has been to watch President Obama react to the notion of cuts and his beloved federal government. He will heats in colonels like a slog. Who's had salt -- like that collect personal bond being compared slog. The terrorists will overtake us. No longer -- the federal government be able to continue its fantastic job of guarding the border. Well -- -- those were all star. These are seriously some of the threats mr. Obama and his administration that made against the American people these cuts go through. Then he began shooting hostages. Homeland Security yesterday announced they already begun releasing hundreds of illegal aliens held in prisons around the country awaiting deportation it's. This probably should not come as a major surprise in it did of course since it is very much the strategy preferred by mr. Obama when he does not get his way. Last year when Republicans fought against raising the debt ceiling so that mr. Obama could continue won his drunken stupor towards doubling our national -- mr. Obama. Threatened to start shooting seniors he not -- shut subtly threatened that he would simply not pay out Social Security checks to the elderly be did not get his way. Anyone after veterans and threatened the hold up their checks as well. Terroristic tactics being fairly effective mr. Obama got his way. In the fictional hostage tale -- the players have a running gag about what the name Argo means. Our goal screw yourself the fictional film within the film's producer explains. We're also be a fitting explanation mr. Obama could give to the American people and as for his diabolical tactics in this very real hostage crisis today. -- Argo screw yourself or bar ago all bar ago 187746943. 2218774694322. -- the big Republicans say they want to give him the right to make the cuts mean not that he doesn't already have the right to make the -- to -- wanna know what's gonna stop them. He wants this if he wants to what do away with the Department of the Interior. One of these -- -- worthless government agencies. But the -- he doesn't want he doesn't want. This what he said yesterday in in Virginia. He told Virginians he doesn't want congress to give him the authority to implement the sequestration cuts as he sees fit. Just minutes after he denounced the law to require written across the board cuts. This Michelle Malkin see here's the thing BO doesn't do decisions. He gives orders big difference. You don't wanna have to choose between let's see -- close funding for the disabled Singapore look at the white -- this navy shipyard or some other one. For example when you make decisions. People can hold you responsible. And that's definitely not a BO CN books. He gives orders you don't take the blame got hit. Again 187746943220. Tim you're next with how we cargo ahead -- And back thanks. You know I've thank god you and him for the people and actually it down immediately talks. You know I guess the point target federal circuit to do something in my wife. She's not a political person is what our politics -- yeah so mad. We we pay for health insurance my entire life out now that said that the spouses of maybe I'd. Tip off of the plan. And and I'm going what are what are we doing here I have a disabled. That that we papal people assurance prime minister. And we take care am unbelievably well and Obama says you know do we do not give money to the disabled kids what do we do and I'm -- myself among veteran what are these people do and that they are to be the most it was wouldn't let all those illegal aliens out of jail yeah. I said OK you know what I'm tired of not just in the back -- -- speak up so what I don't like Koppel is. -- right first of all nobody into the Fort Washington. Okay you're surprised I'm not surprised. -- elect called the office in California. And I got this little this little -- -- and it said. That they're presented not paying money up and probably disabled -- OK and is it because I think a pay cut or you stop on the West Coast. Yeah girls of what the Cody calling. I -- United States of America. Does like it and that she really. Clinton needs to a little was not comment. I called back and I get this settled should be kit and have the same question. And he says well. Nancy Pelosi is not in charter for pay there's nothing she can do well. At all. Well okay there's nothing she yet there's nothing she can do about it. -- up and she can do about it. But Polly you ought to thank god that you keep -- stop and people have to get -- that you don't be rude about it -- got -- start calling these people lot of these things because. It's going downhill -- if -- what is your opinion. What do you think that next worst thing is gonna -- what else. What they have the gonna they gonna do this again at the end of next month think of the -- have this thing the continuing razzle resolution I mean this is just like this is spring training for the continuing resolution. I think you know what can you talk about your money men and you know our forward okay. They're taking our health insurance they're taken our money they're taking our guns what. Julia did you Larry I heard it's on some other showed today Donna Brazile you know that the the democratic consultant. She tweeted she tweeted out. My health insurance is gone up what's happened. I don't. -- -- And I guess you didn't get a chance like Nancy Pelosi to actually read the bill. -- they call that the affordable health care act because it's not affordable. On a mile away it'll be all right thanks call. 187 that stroke she says she sent out a tweet she didn't she didn't understand why or rather her rep premiums are gonna. 18774694322187746943. 22. Regional here. This is from this is from commentary. In the great sick or -- sequestration. Debate here is what we know now. Eight the president has patrimony that -- she's the father of an idea he now characterizes as a brutal. And senseless assault on America this is again this was his right there. European is his administration's. The president and his then chief of staff Jack -- misled the public about their role in giving birth to a secret to the sequester idea. See house Republicans have twice passed legislation to avoid the sequester cuts with carefully targeted ones. But senate Democrats refused to act that's what Boehner spent on the drop their grass. Mr. Obama has brushed off any Republican plan to give him flexibility allocate the 85 billion in spending cuts which makes most sense of the president wants to replace reckless cuts with responsible. Whatever one thinks about the merits of cutting 85 billion dollars out of an almost three point six trillion dollar budget. The effort to portray the cut is ushering in days of tribulation distress distress and anguish of trouble in one of darkness in bloom is. How to put this. Insane. -- this guy saying it's in saying you have you you have Bob Bob Woodward saying it's madness. And yet most of the mainstream media is just playing along. If the sequester cuts going to affect domestic agencies would have to cut. 5%. From their budgets after having received a 17%. Increase during the president's first term not counting. But more than a quarter trillion dollar stimulus bonus. But what makes this particular episode -- somewhat different than past ones is that mr. Obama has supplemented his demagoguery this time with a touch of cruelty. That is he has made it clear that he wants to inflict as much harm as possible on Americans. In order to make the cuts live up to the -- The president's greatest fear is that to sequester cuts will kick in and life will go on. I got news his greatest fear is going to be realized on Friday. So he's threatening to passover and wasteful programs in order at target works central once again this is the this is the prop two would have to override. In a mall you know. They say they won't raise the taxes you say -- schools need more money -- cut the football team we won't cut the assistant deputy. Superintendent was making a 120000 -- at a football team that's -- he's going the same thing. Emily whole global which a Washington health care lobbyist who leads a coalition of 3000. -- profit groups fighting but these so called cuts gave away the game in her comment to the Washington Post. The good news is the world doesn't end on March 2 the bad news is the world doesn't end on March 2. The worst case scenario for -- the sequester hits and nothing really bad happened to Republicans say see that wasn't so bad. So we have a president determined to administers much pain as we count on Americans even as he excoriated Republicans for their quote. Meat cleaver approach. That will give us a rate key programs. It's really quite remarkable this concoction of war willful deception hyperbole the -- -- Demagoguery mismanagement deliberate harm and to think that a long time ago when a galaxy far far away. Barack Obama promised reported and the senate -- instead he is added massively to harm he is doing to our political -- Yours very nearly incalculable. At 18774694322. 50 wait I'm -- tax accountant I'm showing everyone how much more they will pay in taxes for employer paid insurance these idiots don't believe me. Well Donna Brazile as one -- -- and all you want your clients but she didn't she she shocked to find this out. Federal at twelve sevenths -- federal employees now pay Social Security taxes older federal employees in the old retirement system didn't have to that system was phased out in the nineties. 18774. How we I missed the sweet sound of that -- announcing all the illegal alien crimes in New England like who Katja. Our gimme some of that -- mark it -- later today I gotta I gotta -- I got a stack of by illegal alien stuff and I read I read a lot of him yesterday I got a lot war. Our 18774694322. -- your next with how we cargo at a -- You know how we know that most Cellini was remembered for making the trains run on time yes Iraq will be remembered for the welfare checks being posted on the in and that's what Tony has no BR. Millions use it to me you know if it were to let's let's -- let's take a look at the people who haven't taken a pay cut this year I'm like it. I've taken a pay cut roster I daresay you've taken a pay cut right how right. Has it he's -- Tony take a pay -- At all now she is not pick a pay cut his zinni is anybody on welfare take a pay cut no -- -- Now so you know that -- the -- that's how I look at this thing you know I mean they they always say you know why can't why can't the millionaires and billionaires pay their fair share. I ask myself the question. Why can't -- a Tony pay her fair share. She never will. -- let me just say one -- howling in a positive note. I had nice big belly Fred fried clams apple wants to -- with the task test sites. Well that's nice some guy just wanted to know how ice how I can eat all this free food invested -- still stay in semi decent shape but. I only get two slices of the mediators pizza from on your mind you rocks that's all two -- that's all I had a lot of thought that the at all they locked. You know -- that much as it. -- it's called one flight. Now I don't think I was hungry and needed to slice it's okay but I stopped at two when the old ways that would stop at four. Thanks for the call -- Leo your next with how we cargo ahead Leo. We agreed to start here atlas and keep a lot of first time call via. Inaudible working stiff. It just kills me I have to limited amount of time I listened to well. -- critical because listen to conservative ritual they can accept kicking back a couple of replica. -- feel like that. Sure this -- spot that operate on the arrow what is chastity. In my o'clock. But -- are. You know. I don't think this is just like. -- he thinks he can just -- everything. He's still that front. I think it do you think you think she's fixing up I don't think yeah I don't. Outreach I think -- -- -- -- police destroyed. And please try to eliminate competition and may two opens the -- Now I know you know I don't know I mean this is I think he's gone a little too for this time you know -- I think people about people caught on at this point you know. Really you don't just sit beauty is not -- really -- are oblong hole. -- situation candidate -- and with that congressman. We're -- ya Allah the god from the guy from Minnesota Keith Ellison -- we got that the I mean what what is what got into his Moscow. A is it important that he was some of the. He's he's the only he is the only Islamic congressman that we have I believe yes he is a Keith Ellison he's a yet. We go play that after the EI after the next break we'll play -- won't play a little bit of that goes on for six minutes. He just came right out of it he can rattle box it said that you're the worst journalist I've ever seen -- -- you this is in journalism this is yellow journalism Chun -- interrupts and says. So all know which yellow journalism to play the -- Obama's own words. You know that's that's what I was going. And a course Keith -- just went not so I I don't to keep well I don't to keep will be back again on on any on the up. On it on Sean Hannity or any other growth talk show anytime soon. Thanks for the call Leo -- your next with how we cargo ahead of any. Hey all right a couple of things yeah you know maybe the Republicans should stop pushing back at the media like like Keith Ellison that. You know but I don't know. All -- that would that would never work you know many and it would say they they would say you know these were these Republicans are out of their minds that not only -- they neanderthals but now there right now they're nasty and mean spirited. Update. They'll battery -- so it was. Kind of Boston -- Julio only -- on. Saw -- -- -- imagine it's so -- so. You know who you are are you guys. I don't know what -- more. An area are -- metal -- -- the the knee they have these people that he you know it's just like that you know you're probably the float trial balloons every once in awhile you know yeah. It you know they say they're gonna raise taxes 25% when they -- -- -- of 10%. So the last few years the the Obama administration has been putting out the occasional trial balloon about how you know people don't know how to manage their own retirement account to. It would be better forum for the government to take over the accounts and give them idea. You know bonds are or -- our treasury notes and that that way they wouldn't have to worry about it via crash. Okay now we're not mean we're making it up many minutes and they -- it's and the -- At all I -- it was. Sort -- like Baltic. You know double figure by as much because you said I don't wanna -- you want to get -- -- -- council. Yeah no idea you don't they said it went well I saw side hurts a mad today somebody saying is you're right when your 401K last year while last as long as you do when I was thinking to myself -- I used my 41 K to walk. To buy a you know to to pay off the mortgage on a rental property so unless I lose -- rental property will last me as long as I don't you know. A -- that I didn't wanna I didn't wanna war keep the money and there aren't just on the I don't try to do you trust this administration -- Dario walk demand mediation at the initial. As you look -- -- -- this -- -- -- -- Saturday in Russia that both sides. I never tell I've ever tell people what to do but I think you got to decide you got to decide I mean yeah you know while I knew that taxes going up by the taxes were still lower than they are now when I turned 59 and happily didn't have to pay the penalty so I figured. Just get the hell and in last December it opened up a little more you know just you know -- almost contributing money in Harold. Wasn't within the stock market just put -- -- while money the money market not get any interest dirty and at least I was getting a slight match from -- And as soon and be for a before the top execs could go up on January 1 I pulled everything I pulled everything public. You know. Discuss I don't I. I don't wanna pay Barack Obama an extra 4% of my idea for one -- even if it's only like you know a few thousand bucks I'm like I don't wanna give him money I know better. How to spend my money than Barack Obama knows how to spend my money I know that's a heresy. To say that. Thanks for the call 1877469432218774694322. I'm car. One 877469432. -- so there's this guy Keith Ellison he's -- Leo real radical from many I think usage is district is -- mostly Minneapolis -- you'll missing all but mainly Minneapolis. And he he was on last night with with Sean Hannity from these Sean -- was ratio from the studio when. Allison was in the it was in the capital city and your area -- super reverb effect you know for because his is where -- echoing. Down through the through the hallowed halls of Capitol Hill. And but he hugest he just went right after. Right after Sean Hannity and tell you Sean Hannity was asking him on. Very polite asking legit questions and and -- just decided to -- jump -- with them and -- week it runs on for six minutes we don't -- play all pulling for him will play -- play a little bit. Opponents like democratic congressman Keith Ellison of Minnesota congressman all the Macs are. You bit. I guess is that's what we can describe his staying on message some of the Democratic Party I would argue is very good that let me. Pretty good attitude I I kind of think you quite frankly you are the worst excuse for a journalist of servicing these in the wired together I mean yeah. You heard me I didn't say it again in here. I heard you I mean what you just displayed. Was not journalism it was yellow journalism there wasn't anything close to try to tell the American people what's really going on. And I mr. Shockey yellow journalism big. To play you mama his own words as yellow journalism but what the background music in with your lead out before you do you let the president talk. Let me tell you I was here the president everything the president said is absolutely true. Yeah and for you to try to make the American people think that it is it. It's deceptive on your part and it's a breach of everything depends every every every journalistic ethic I've ever heard it was just violated by you. And the president was truthful the president was honest the president what the president said it was dead on accurate. And for you to say the president is to blame here is ridiculous. I was there August 2000 in an eleven win the Republicans your party which shameless. Not a Republican or not because you're like perhaps you are nothing but a Republican and again and yes you are -- -- you are sir I'm a registered I mean it was sir. Well let me just say I don't know renters say let's get you on the list of concerns still for the Republican Party can -- you sir the sir we have constantly. No alibi then 100% of the time he don't get what we're. You know it's OK well good let me just say this look for evidence that is that what the president's that is absolutely true. The president the people watching the show should ignore all of the all of that commentary that you put in and all of these -- music that you put on. And she -- just what the president actually said because what the president said was true. The president you by the -- are inaccurate when you say. That the president is to blame here he's not. It was the Republicans and August 2011 and said that they were going to. Caused the American economy did default on debts we already acquired unless -- unless they got deep deep but substantial cuts. And we ended up with a downgrade because of what the Republicans did. And after that we set up this thing called the the the could mean the super committee John Kerry all Republican members on the super committee can already pledge to Grover Norquist they would not raise revenue only -- cuts. And then after it failed as it always was going to. We have to that would. We'll ask a question again -- -- give an accurate and I know. I'm giving you plenty of time to -- congressman now now he's a little bit of -- -- get -- oh you're so nice to get the award in my own program John king and matter of fact I ask you as you said the president was -- -- the congressman coming -- I won't give you your chance I get it every minute story and Tom Allen used. -- -- -- three minutes relax. So I'm gonna project for years ago I think you're -- on the program to answer why don't want to get a couple what he said hell and that's an assassin hit my. Congressman and that -- congressman let me ask him. What I think is right so angry you so angry let me ask every question -- agree I'm. Yeah -- value because I think is actually. I'm going to. Here's my question here's my question for the first time -- -- listen I invited you on ID 83 minutes to -- now let me ask a question we'll have a discussion. I haven't done. In the spirit of bipartisanship let's find the dialogue -- that's what you want a republic Max I'm a registered as a conservative I am concerned you wanna make the thousand dollar bet that number just a conservative wanna get 101000 element of our New York. I don't bad. I'm just telling you have a registered conservative -- but I wrote called conservative victory had it right Republican that you have a question for me sir yes yeah. Now first thought was Max Baucus and it was Bob Woodward that said that the president requested to sequester point one point number two. My question to -- is very simple. Barack Obama could you said that what he said is -- to control and here's my question on the here's my question Republican Party. Congressman there's a provision of the budget the congressman. A lot of us public -- are responsible here budgeted for -- arrest I definitely -- know -- and I know -- broken record now let me get you my question you're broken -- OK thank you here's my question. So Barack Obama said in 2008 when is running for office that George Bush was irresponsible and unpatriotic for. When he became president we had ten trillion dollars in debt. You went down sixteen trillion -- at -- -- sixteen trillion dollars in net what I harassment I'm here to speak to sixteen trillion dollars in. It's not about you wanna I wanna ask you because you thought about that here's my question and it's important. You wanted to start out with sixteen trillion let's do something and Lex closed loop like -- large corporate and that's the -- 2000 jobs should not be. So that you can ride out the thing that ExxonMobil. And and Chevron should not get a -- big Greenville and a subsidy. Let's start there and be ready to be putting our who get. Pay less oil and congressman -- you -- your reasoning goes well. What can I ask questions and yes it hit a simple question you don't get as much. On your question around you is it immoral. Is an immoral to you actually sixteen to have -- lot more what do -- that's more. I didn't do anything similar -- you say things that aren't sure beginning what examples are. Well to try to say. Bet it is that it is the president's fault in his to blame is wrong and ball and we have sixties -- -- George Bush has six children as if we didn't and six trillion dollars in advance since he's been president not no no no you did and it's extremely admitted that. Since he's been president yeah that's right let's talk about the -- And fewer total waste of time album and on the does our audience deserves better thank you for me I tried to give it a shot and coming up -- 187746. Hole came up what the I'd be here of sequestration. -- doctor -- wanted to get but you know was impossible with the -- just you know trying to -- filibuster. You know I mean how can you what how. How can you blame the Republicans win it's. His legislation it's like we said earlier this is a guy. Who introduces legislation gets passed in -- around the country campaigning. Against the implementation of the act bit. He has -- it as a belt. Now your next with how we cargo ahead now. I hourly and I'm not so every time we hear about these domestic car. And budget problems. We always are looking to assault and domestic. On the back of whether it's federal employees. Taxpayers etc. you know they hear about how stupid foreign aid. -- friends to. We're out there certainly -- talk about it certainly people are talking about it today Allen bit we've we've led to a three college mention -- -- -- of -- on the other shows too. We don't we don't give out as much foreign -- as we used to -- you know you're you're absolutely right I mean we were talking earlier I mean I think we -- six -- sold. At a reduced price six F sixteens to Egypt. Mean all those people are brought those people are not our friends both people are are now. Berry -- pretty much our enemies even though you know we're not -- saying that officially you know. Others -- -- throwing you know when you look at and domestic situation you look at your house well. If you're running into financial issues are -- going to be treating all your friends to dinner and drinks not. It's -- say so you know. And you know what else you know what else now if they upon taking a 2% pay cut I'm Monica and not pay the mortgage you know. That's basically that's what that's what the bowl actually you say. If it I don't know if if we have to take a 2% pay cut you're gonna have a tough time getting getting down to walk. Your vacation on a commercial airliner because we're gonna happily off your traffic and for me how ridiculous is that. Mean I like out I don't like -- and DO. It's -- it's a chess game and that is killing Jews you know obviously. Her people is -- fact there are different departments. Maybe not as much as so you know I'm not as -- errors made out to be -- people -- Could be a factor whether it's our government employees contractors. And you know the -- stood up. But I think that when you look at you know the last ten years so we you're -- to April 2 wars we're fighting with borrowed money. You know we did we do 2% cut -- Social Security on that program that's in trouble. You know -- -- No it doesn't it also doesn't make sense to set up a the biggest entitlement program all witches obamacare Russell called the so called Affordable Care Act which is the definitely be an Affordable Care Act thanks for the thanks for the call now. Sean you're next with how we cargo ahead -- Hi -- would you go there for. Alison my god it's does that not sound like a crazy race with a bad and that's typical liberal as you try to discuss. Anything -- again it's like they think you will want to. That is that's the thing you. -- -- as someone just -- texted me into this is why can't watch those talking head shows anymore but that's that that's the way they behave you know the MSNBC. They're still yelling you know there's no there's no conservatives on the station -- -- still screaming and yelling about why are they so why are they slowing. I have no clue -- You know stand. And try to discuss something political would would somebody on street or something you know that's what all the crazy. And an escort people out there affordable health care. It's not affordable at a constant ought to jaw cobra. He is now in 15100 a -- family for. Myself. I have an affordable health care 100 dollars -- year and it has gone up it will go -- and an incident is not hurt people call. Russian talk about that one got called in talked about that Obama welcomed the affordable health care. Is started that -- and whatever else. You know what what about the fact that you know here in Massachusetts if you can't afford if you can't afford to pay for health care plan to -- -- -- -- it's it's a it's a variation on debtor's prison which are we do away with like you know close to 200 years ago among our car.