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Feb 25, 2013|

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Bring it home baby bringing it all and AM six AB WRKO presents real estate radio Boston all the information the big banks and media don't want you to now here's real estate and financial expert Rick sheer KM sixty. WRKO presents real estate radio Boston all the information big banks and media don't want -- now. Here's a real estate and financial expert Rick sheer. Welcome. The real -- radio Boston I am your host Rick Shearer who you gonna find us here every Saturday. From twelve to 1 PM here on succeeding WRKO. The show is dedicated to bring all things local real estate but at the same time. Tell you what's big banks and big media do not want you to know the -- dispel myths and bring the truth about what's going on. In metro Boston and all things real estate. I'm bringing in expert contributors every week from. -- Saturday from twelve to 1 PM. But I -- connect with me. Off there at my website at real state radio boston.com. That's real estate real boston.com. And also on my off their number at 8554. Ask wreck it's 8554. -- -- And I may -- loan originated with NSA mortgage might and MLS number is 454910. So today I am joints again with my co host here Ali Alabi from a lobby M Barraza PC paid when -- -- great thank you are you good we're to discuss some of -- current events in the real estate market. Things are kind of you know -- knuckle there. So we're gonna kind of go back and forth on some some news. Tom I've also got a good friend of mine. At least there. How are really some great experience good good lease is the experts. -- -- contributor that's that I got on the show. We're gonna discuss the ins and outs of VA loan. Essentially that is a a loan that is catered. Too active in war veterans. So we're gonna have agreed to great dialogue on that so. I would go further do. Police there. Do while today doing great thank you haven't erect a -- a nervous well that I'm terrified who can not just get. So anyway -- let's kind of introduce the audience chew you win and you know kinda how you got started. You know social background. I'm well I have 28 years in the mortgage banking industry and down is that at all. Then I don't know I don't look at the common actually I think I have -- to -- thanks for getting me started in this industry we had actually connected an -- prior careers and that was Rick has convinced me that I should take on the mortgage side. And you know get out and help customers buy homes and refinance homes the start on the side of the industry. Yes -- release actually we met way back when when you -- with. First federal saving and they got bought out so and I saw a -- just so you know she has the personality so. We we convince her to come over the -- side of things and the rest is history she's. Again she's kind of taken the VA loans and in really carve that out to be a it is kind of an expert in it and I made a lot of people are saying hey Rick your your loan officer with the way or another competitor in the and the opposite -- quite frankly I don't I don't specialize in the LP of Bobby -- did and I use the least. Two to handle those loans forming so again I want to bring her on here and and as you guys all know. The shows all an education so so I guess in a nutshell you're telling me that this is all because of me. The total and that you're here totally dirt and get it to take the credit and the blame president earlier I thought. So let's got to get into it you know least let's start by telling everybody you know essentially won't. What are VA loan is in in just you know who's eligible for that so no we still listeners at home they're sitting there. You know as a silly that they can. Particular moment. Well that's the with a great news with the bailout as there are millions of people that are eligible and we actually should take a quick moment to thank all our veterans who have served in the past that continuing to serve absolute pomp. And what is great about the VA loan is that it is -- no money down programs so it really can help a lot of people get into a home. And in terms of who is eligible for it would be any active veterans. Who served during peacetime or wartime based off of a certain time period and people have. Who have done six months sixty years in the reserves -- National Guard. Great the -- so again if people are sitting out there that that. Were. Veteran or. So let's currently -- you know they they have this benefit that that the VA gives them more and they should actually use it especially if they've got no money down I mean a lot of people. -- no money down programs out there so -- And the interesting -- just the kind of bad -- I've even worked with many clients that have had money down but when they hear about the program. They kind of feel more comfortable may be moving into the house. I'm keeping some of their money in the bank account and taking advantage of that great product offered by the DA that it is no money down. Sure absolutely. Yeah and at least there are there any strict guidelines as far as individuals to do to qualify for these loans another great feature is it tells when I'm in -- products another great feature about the -- -- in comparison to some other loans is of course with our mortgage loans that are out there and Rick can attest to this as well there are guidelines that have to be met with credit score and debt to income. Armed with the VA offers is a low credit a lower credit score kind of in the low six hundreds. And also Tom. The fact that we'll only do calculate what's called -- debt to income guidelines there is more flexibility within CA alone or any other elements out there so it is. Not to say it's you know a simple product to qualify for you still have to meet all guidelines but it is one of the easier products to qualify for. And I just wanted to trip real quick these debt to income ratio that you talked about you know I just one -- the -- spell out what that actually is. -- to come up with a debt to income ratio which is how all lenders Kabul Dijjer you're affordability on the loan. Can we first week we look at what you were your debt is we look at all the debt that shows up on your credit report. The minimum payments OK so just we look at all your minimum payments and then with the proposed housing. Expense is going to be we take that we add them all up. -- we take your monthly income we divide together so -- there are many programs out there that that really wanna see you in the low forties. You know conventionally really like to see it you know no more than 45%. Of that. How does that compare here to some degree you know I detonate you know we're not underwriters that the -- they have tolerance on that. What are you seeing on the on the the view loans. Right and for the bailout just like the other ones you mentioned they do have a guideline where they're looking to be -- say that 41 hour 45. By. When you were common to talk about this a little bit more together is what's called automated underwriting so really once you just put the file -- The automated underwriting system looks at the whole picture and a look at the credit score at will look at what the person has her assets how long they've been at their employment. And it takes a whole picture into account. So in terms of some of the flexibility I have honestly seen some moms get approved even if we're about 1555. I even had one recently at 59 it actually surprised myself that well that it went through so at times. Yeah I mean and again I recalled the desktop underwriting the deal the wondering software that we we use as an industry the black box. But it really does take everything into account so. You know it's important when people applying for loans that they they tell everything you know. Don't don't withhold your IRA you're you're you know other products Telus everything because that might be allowed you to kind of put you kind of over that -- And the thing that we do in the mortgage industry that people may not realize when people call us up and they say neither pre approval. It's not that we just take their information and say oh this looks good we have to run it through that automated systems so that's why along the lines of -- -- is saying. Give us all the information because them you know good dead end. The more information we put in there we are more likely to come back with a stronger approvals and a solid pre approval. Based off of having the good information to make sure that the person qualifies and that's where the flexibility comes into play because. The VA will accept whatever. You know the whole picture pretty Petraeus. If you're just turning and this is real state radio Boston to your host -- sure I'm here with the lease spare from -- mortgage we're speaking about veteran loans by the way known as the VA loans. Let's talk a vote loan limits. You know wits with the restrictions on and on them loans. Well as many loans that are out there we call it conventional financing legal problems to force seventeen that's our conventional loan limit and that is the same guideline within the day. -- and that is what you can get with no money down but the VA does all of also offered Jumbo loans and the Jumbo loans are. Seems the type of guidelines but they often will require little bit of money Danny it's hard to get the Jumbo loan with no money down. But with a little bit of contribution. You can go above the 417 and qualify for the Jumbo lump. Police is this a one time loan you can take out or can you take more than one -- You can only have one at the VA loan at a time because it is a a product that's available for primary residence it's not something that you would use for investment property. But if you're in -- current homes and you were looking to sell that home and purchase another home. As you know what we call -- come back to back closing down -- the two were gonna happen this intense you've sold your house you would pay off the one -- and you be able to. Jump right into another VA loans so you just can't have them out there at the same time that you can jump right from one to another. At least three of them but stick of breaking a minute but you know. On the other side I want who -- -- of -- few more questions -- -- times to -- -- -- ever -- it's -- so we'll we'll we'll continue on the other side but. You know one of the things I hear a lot of this is you know people think it's just a purchase purchase loan. And accident you know people losing equity and that sort of thing the connection go from conventional. In -- in new leisure VA that alone so asking have you let's talk with after. You're listening to -- -- radio Boston -- -- and succeed WRKO. And we'll be right back. Good to order report weekday morning six deny. There is now in me being mean bulletin and how. 9181000. Well terrorists there. Firmness and you might find them at your local 7-Eleven. Buying their real good seem. And the only. New ceremony chin and -- look and -- -- -- members of our country we need them telling them they have permanent. AM six AD WRKO. Stay connected with Boston's talk station when -- on the move text the word alerts to 686 -- WRKO we'll deliver all the latest New England -- national news and special event does things directly to your wireless device be the first to receive info on WOR radio contest. Standard missile configuration may apply member be without your WRKO. -- -- do you 68680. And staying connected to Boston Sox nation AMC TV WRK. WRKO presents real estate radio Boston all the information the big. Thanks in media don't want you -- now here's a real estate and financial expert -- she. Welcome back. You're listening to -- C radio Boston I am your host -- cheer. Please call me in my off they're number at 8554. Ask -- that's 8554. Ask Rick or connect with me on my show website which is real estate radio. Boston.com. That's real state radio boston.com. Please go like the FaceBook page stay connected Linkedin and Twitter you can find all the contents there along with ways to contact me as well. It also all the contribute there were gonna have on the show moving forward. First -- 22. And take a few people. It was nice to to get a few phone calls from the show we will last week. And I just kind of wanna share a few stories with the UN because they're really this is why I'm on the air it's seeks to help people educate people. And you got a call from from a -- couple in Brookline that we're we're looking for a second home Dominic -- Which by the ways where I'm from -- is certainly have a a lot of connections down there but. You know they're looking for a second home they just ignored her for real city agent so they give me a call ends I was able to come up with the good to good agent down there and on their party out I gotta be milieu that day that there are you looking for properties to be rendering so. Again please contact me I work with the top real estate agents in the market. And if you're looking to buy sell you know definitely use this as a platform to do so. I got a call from the woman named Linda. Kind of distraught is -- Saturday afternoon after listening to the show. She's the real -- transactions closing at the end of this month and tough things were kind of going sideways with their current lender -- ten days from now. Yeah. So. She cutting going sideways called me pretty upset come ask -- if I could help and not that Saturday we we've we were to deal back together. And overcame any issues that we had in were stolen tracked closer on the 28 that's incredible so you know again. Use misery specify if I'm doing alone I'm fine with that you can call me -- hey this doesn't make sense -- doesn't. I don't understand this please -- me a call you know I'd be happy to help and kind of walk you through it and in just gonna hold your hand through it and -- that's who we're here for I got three phone calls from people that Saddam you know by my comment was. -- can't you see if you can refi you know if you've been told you can't. Three people call me one woman called me and I was actually able to safer 329. Dollars per month -- no credible no closing costs and and we governor for PMI. So again this is the platform that we have it please utilize it give me a call I'll walk you through. What we're looking to -- where you're looking to accomplish. And done and I can't take it from their so listen I wanna get back to -- the VA. Thing kind of wrap -- that segment up. -- I think you know you had a few questions that during the break we were cut talking bullets. Let's let's talk what that -- -- -- I'm faced with it as you know we see we service a lot of clients that are they're contemplating in and buying. -- or even refinancing in fact in and some other one that says things that that have come off in the past is it. Neither the real estate agent nor the attorney that servicing these clients that are mindful of at least asking the client whether their veterans or not. And it like you said early studies these the individual itself may not think about the -- at the fact they can qualify for -- not even know about the long program. So it it based on my own personal experience I wanna see what what your experience has been released. Is that I think it's critical to be able to ask that question you know are you a veteran do you qualify for these loans because I think I think most of people don't ask that question what's your experience been right. I agree with that they you don't think -- casket. The good news is that we're getting out with shows like this and the VA does promoted so they make their veteran aware so usually they suggest it but sometimes they don't in a -- situation. And dime you just met you know it's it's not like people are walking around and you can tell that there are a veteran by looking at -- so you do have to go the extra mile and asked that question. Sometimes as a lens -- what I will do -- Is there are certain. Fields are segments of the market -- I mean obviously based off of somebody's current employment if somebody was active deployment and they come back. A lot of our police officers are veterans a lot of our firefighters are veterans. So I do tend to make sure when I'm working with any of those clients that I'll go the extra mile to make sure I asked the question do you have CAA eligibility did you serve. Make sure that we're not overlooking a great opportunity for them. -- based on my own personal experience. VA loans are not necessarily more difficult to get -- other conventional loans can use this sort of deal that -- That's not gonna have somebody eucalyptus saying that they say that is so difficult to -- -- -- and it's the NBA long takes the exact same timeframe as any other temple on. I think where that may come into play. Is it when there are few extra things that the DA -- slack. When your purchasing the homes that everybody always does a home inspection that you don't always do it passed inspection. The VA requires -- passed inspection. They wanna make sure that their veteran is not purchasing a home that may be infested with termites or carpenter ants they want -- passed inspection done. And if there is evidence of those pass they wanted addressed. The VA also requires a water test if the property is on well water they wanna make sure that their veteran is moving into a home that has. Drinkable potable water so that there and a good situation in those the only two extra things that doesn't slowdown the approval process that doesn't slowdown Malone process. It -- just -- just two extra items that the VA asks court to protect and take care of their veterans. -- got a question wind. If someone's eligible for VA when does it not make sense for them to go through the VA loan and go through maybe if they have some additional -- when they call me as a -- -- I don't come out now. No wonder they you know win win -- -- conventional loan or another total loan on better where's that. Preview I have found like the breakeven point is with 10% down as a lender that's a good time for us to say is does it make more sense to take the VA loan or does it make more sense. To just do a conventional and the reason for that just has to do with one thing that we didn't address yet which is the VA's upfront funding -- Where that's where a lot of people think that they. VA loan might not be such a good product they truthfully. That's a lot of a lot of lenders that are not familiar with not everyone offers the VA loan a lot of banks I worked for bank before we didn't offer the VA loans they don't do the government -- So when you're not educated on something you tend to. Just jump into the you know when everybody else says -- just don't editor at sell against the exactly. So there is what's called the VA funding -- and as we talked about the differences if you're putting 00% down 5% down -- 10% down. There's a variation of that funding -- what that funding -- is. It's I guarantee fees that the veteran affairs uses to guarantee the -- but Europe financing that into alone it's not even money that you have to come up west. And the advantage is this is -- no PMI product as -- -- As we also mentioned that when you have -- we're gonna talk about actually wanna talk about some of the loan products. Is that when you're not paying the private mortgage insurance it makes for a more comfortable and affordable payment because your payment is just going to be your principal and interest. And you're gonna pay the taxes on the woman homeowners insurance and -- so the VA is really a very competitive product. That's that's great. Phillies how do contacted. I can be reached on my cell phone at 5087. She may be 174 -- and it can also be reached by team math that he'd there. At IMS mortgage dot com that's EB AA RE at IMAX and -- -- G-8 GE dot com. And also I never gonna -- -- compliance but just to -- stay on top of that. My license number as Richard mentioned his earlier is 69997. -- That -- and then the last number -- an analyst -- got a lot of if you couldn't write that down you're driving your car please visit real C radio boston.com -- heavily spears information there. And we'll watch you feel fit and finish up with the the disclosure piece of it means to them. We have to and I reckon I know we Wear our compliance have to all -- -- want to be three shack two's yeah. I residential mortgage service incorporated is an equal opportunity housing -- preparation and I -- mortgage license number is MC 176. Sarah. We just tuning in this is real C radio Boston with Rick Shearer. And he was -- -- from our mess mortgage along with mr. Ali Alabi from Columbia browser PC. And you were women do it's we've got some things coming down with the -- got some things coming down with the FHA. Program and that I want talked to kind of at the on the other side of the break. The FHA program essentially the Federal Housing Administration. -- FHA comes from. -- they offer the three and a half percent down loan program and you know the last few years it's been getting pretty expensive. They believe it or not it's gonna get just a little bit more so. Wanted to talk you guys about what's going on with the FHA loan. On top of that on -- positive note let's talk a vote alternatives to to get into housing. With lonely down and and and lower payments and all that good stuff so. Again you with our Rick -- -- C radio boston.com. -- succeeding WRKO. So -- studio with following a lot. Colombian Brothers BC family's -- from our -- mortgage. And here we want to take this time there's a lot of things happening in the -- when he down arena specifically the SHA. Loan program. Again the FHA loan program is is funded by the Federal Housing Administration. You -- between three have to sit down. And you let these changing Chris frankly in my opinion that was they're expensive loan. The success alone today and it's giving you a little bit more expensive so we wanna talk about that but against her opponent positive turn on it. And I talk what's the other alternatives that you may have in the market. Again you with rich Europe. WRKO. Real C radio Boston so let's get started. There's a potentially through releasing UV you know list of two but this field both three things are changing for the most part on the set -- program. Just starting in. At least April 1 there -- changing. The monthly PMI factor can only get too technical -- too confusing here. But the factor is actually going to be going up by 110 of a percent -- what's -- -- -- PMI. Good question PMI is private mortgage insurance. And fortunately doesn't do anything to protect the consumer and actually protects the lender from. -- did a consumer defaulting on their mortgage allows people to go out and get a three and a half percent down from. -- penalized only. It kind of in the game when when you have lesson twice for 20% to put down OK so. If you're putting 20% out there PMI is not a factor. Again FHA loans it is. With FHA loans there's two types of PMI OK it is. There's an upfront PMI. That sort of like the funding feeling you have with the VA Paris and I asked you know down a little bit cheaper than the VA but he doesn't have the monthly. We're FHA does have the month craft -- So we're talking about here's the monthly PMI is gonna go up about 110 of a -- percent. If bloodless and computer use everybody I mean essentially if you have a 400000 dollar mortgage. Okay today. You're gonna be 433. Dollars a month in. And multi PMI. That figure as of April 1 is gonna go to 466. -- Defensively huge difference. But you know it is gonna chip away your buying power. You know so that's who we keep going higher and then -- So the army essentially does in the second thing that's going to be changing here is. It's a lot of borrowers just -- PMI dropped does that have for so long. PO -- gets dropped with the FHA as long as you have the loan for all over five years. It near your equity has has fallen between north 70% of the original value given abilities to get that he dropped its eyes and hourly and Julius. Now a fact says I'm actually this is gonna carry over into the beginning in June. They are gonna keep that PMI out half -- life of the loan so you're not going to be able to remove that like you are able to on the past. So that is gonna keep the payment at the higher level that you mentioned. Yet so I mean essentially if you -- If you if you know if you 70% loan to value doesn't matter -- -- -- and collect that for the life for the loan from LA -- a while. That's not dropping anymore. You know it kind of makes me you know I think that FH and housing the Federal Housing Administration starting to back off and cut price themselves out of the market is so now we call in the mortgage business they're kind of pulling back in and and not wanting to what to do so many loans. A -- I think what's happening is this is that we're all paying for the the mistakes in the heyday when now when they were lending to people that were. -- more questionable as far as debt to income ratio and credit and and down payment. And do what property values in other that I think they're they're PMI fund is certainly didn't get hammered. Now wreck there there's the obvious is a time and a place for FHA but that aren't are there. Alternatives besides a picture -- yeah I mean again I call the necessary evil I don't know vote -- and -- we do that we do very well it's it's for the right person. But I think there's a lot of other programs out there is that it would really fit the client better and and one of those that I have talked to a -- show. And down we I hope to have actually someone from the organization on soon. But from mass housing. And deal with tough talk a little mass housing. Dairy state sponsored. It is mortgage program mom that -- I've been doing for ten years the one of the best. Indeed they do hope boxed well in the box essentially. You know of the credit scores got to be around the Heidi 600 -- Jack no. 666 CD. They look at that debt to income ratio that we talked about before. Betting on what your putting down they wanna see that -- 41%. Still go as high as 45%. And you know the they also have income limits and I just wanna clarify the income limit is and -- -- But do we confused about that's not husband wife. -- the applicant. So if you got one you know. Borrower that makes excellent 600000 dollars income qualified for the loan. You just put the you you just put one personal loan and that in and it qualifies. The income limits and I'll just I guess I wrote them down I think of Chichi here but on the -- actually just increased which is which is nice. You if you're kind of right around the Boston area of the soft -- Middlesex. Norfolk County Plymouth County. You know that numbers but a 145450. Dollars. So as long injuring come is less than that. And you're in great shape you know to -- a moderate it's really to support a little moderate housing. People you know if you're impartial -- your underneath thousand. Worcester counties a 1121000. And you're your neck of the woods Bristol counting guys put a 102. Are you doing a lot of muscles and. We know a lot of mass housing and if I can also interject it's not just to purchase product it's also -- refinance product. So if you do have some people -- and some other types of products that are out there. -- and they are paying PMI -- they're paying higher interest rates. They can actually refinance in to the mass housing program at their higher loan to value. And -- having does offered different variations with a map programs is an extremely competitive product in both the purchase and the refinance market. Yeah and one of the exit of the woman who called me this weekend -- the last -- -- the -- the refinancing a putter and the muscles in programs and nobody in my program so you know issuance from -- So I was 575 with PMI. Got to go low -- I was no PMI us is Corey and his adolescence is set for life found yet it's literally patients got a she's the issue -- -- quite a bit of money. If you just turning in this is our rich year for real estate radio Boston. Your hosts I'm here with the least -- from arm mounts along with attorney allele lobby for a lobbying browser PC. Again we're just kind of speaking about alternatives to the FHA program it's getting more expensive. So while we need to -- look at some alternatives. If you qualify for them I think in the end of the day it's all vote. Lowest payment which again equals. We -- fighting power you know fiscal. You know I use that lender paid mortgage insurance that we we we use quite a bit and talk to him last show it's the sense that we can take a slightly higher interest rates. You know and -- pursue you have to -- -- present on Tuesday quarter above. 5% actually half a percent higher than the the going market rate that -- of the other day if you take that. And you. You you compare that to a -- you actually pay PMI monthly you don't average of probably -- and a 10220. Dollars a month. But the in the day it doesn't sound -- but -- 120 dollars a month. Keeping US does seem. -- the payment -- since 2000 dollars a month. If you -- -- Leo and an LP in my alone a 5% down. You can actually increase your buying power by almost 30000 dollars. Guess you would do better street gets you into a better. More bedrooms an extra bath. It allows you -- the same console monthly payment. But be able to get get into -- and the mass housing offers the LP MI the lender paid no mortgage insurance -- so you know it's like. I wanna get into you have any other did you -- had with with -- One other thing along the lines of dale and I program and you had mentioned earlier of their income. I requirements and they do offer -- discounted interest rates if you're income falls a little bit lower than -- mention just using Bristol county as an example you had mentioned where around a 102000. But if there's somebody. That's -- like that 58000. Range they would actually be able to take advantage of lower interest rates. Then somebody whose -- is a little bit higher so let's leave the profits so many layers of that program to make it's so competitive and to make it affordable for people that really working with every month. Gannon in the negative just throw out if if if if they it's lenders to sweetie you're going to mess housing trying to put you into FHA you feel you if you qualify for Massa is usually means they don't offer it. You're trying to sell against. You know again if you qualify as one thing but if you try to sell against it you know to -- call around call me. I can Milwaukee threw it in the can put an economist program available to you. You know on the next next segment we're gonna wrap things up for the for this service segment but. -- the next segment was gonna finish up the another little money down programs or else you talk about the market what's going on out there. The real states it's it's getting crazier clearly isn't gentlemen and if you're not prepared. You don't have all your ducks in a row. Then you know if continues got to sell saying you miss out so. Again this is rich your real steel radial Boston you can reach me on my off their number at 855. Four -- wreck that's 8554. Askgreta. For join me on my thought website which is real estate Rio boston.com exclusive radio boston.com. There -- 96. Point nine reasonable. Here is just one. And weeknight seven to ten front line not combat positions will be available to women hundreds of thousands of positions and and I'm thinking who can win this come from and so we institute the draft. Your daughters are going to be drafted -- -- what. How serious this is Boston's only. We're talking AM six WRK so talk -- attitude. Saturday march visiting Jordan WR kill for our own hole leading at the WGBH studios in great -- huge instance it did and we just crooner and how. How we card to discuss some of today's hottest topics including gun control the deficit immigration and the special senate election. He's WRKO present realistic real Boston all the information big banks and media don't. Here's a real estate and financial expert -- here. Welcome back. Your joining us -- C radio Boston on succeed if you -- KO. But we're just finishing up the LS a -- I want to you'd just have to possibly real quickly as you know the program out there that. Is a great for -- money down and again if you if you register please contact so myself. The USDA -- and down that we don't really it's just has a lot to do with. He could actually do and nobody down on the program as well. Yeah it is area specific. And it's -- come as well so there's some some things real you -- look at and go through. But it's also nice -- don't program that we can we can take a look at. What I wanna do is discuss its gears here a little bit just quickly talk of both the markets this week I know my phone has been ringing. -- a pre approval in ten minutes multiple offer situation in the. You know comic comic comic. And by the way I've got staff at the office all day that we can get to chip -- turnaround AS AP. But Ali what are you seeing and -- we've -- some some things in the market of votes. Home starts and things like that who who you know what are you seeing out there for this week. Well just. Market trend came out today. -- that talked about the housing starts being lowered. By eight point 6% in the month of December. And they actually did that too low inventory. And this goes back to what we've been saying all along which is who the buyers that are in the market to wanna -- obviously -- get get off and start. You know -- gets serious about their search. And death to dovetail with that you mentioned about the fact that they call you and they want a pre approval right away and within twenty minutes I was gonna ask you questions like how. So when should it it should the potential buyer really reach out to you. In terms of getting a pre -- yesterday -- yeah I mean literally I do a lot of people that call me -- -- recruit ten minutes let's start the process and then they forgot to give -- c.'s bill. When they thought that bathing suit. Two months ago when they for a -- and in the in the address on the -- license doesn't match where they live five years ago they don't have the -- -- -- and therefore -- did not qualify. And -- miss -- -- can you tell us what a prequel really he is what they need in order to be able to get one yet so have your taste of dreading UW to Israeli. Have fewer. -- your bank accounts -- it's okay. US and that's stuffed into us we take a look at within 510 minutes. I'm an online application you can you can fill out right there. We -- it and I would make a decision right there and then get your rhetoric and get you going. Stay with in the pre qualifications everybody qualifications is not going to two to get to that house specialist animal -- it's a situation. We do offer pre approvals so. You know let's. And then you give us a call and we can -- get squared away. -- listen I want to thank my cohost -- obviously a lot of -- -- PC and of course Ali's hair from -- mortgage -- VA experts. They -- -- rich here MSA mortgage a quick show to our producer could see. Thanks very much what it 860 WRK OU guys all -- I stay tuned next week Saturday twelve to one jam packed show ways you can have some. Some experts on -- talking about all things real estate. Thanks very much have a great week. Here Rush Limbaugh weekdays noon disagree on. Fox nation Hillary gets all things the other congressional hearings on Ben -- We're always hoping. They're hearings like this rush -- somebody on our side is gonna stand up and give the Democrats want for me and ask the tough questions. Get to the bottom of it just does the Democrats do what our judicial nominee is or anybody on our party all the cross hairs. Wake Forest and it never had DM sixty. Oh. I -- -- American other transporters. I -- I have a huge problem we're called another kerik -- -- thought I was getting a deal but I've been waiting for for additional accredited picked up the previous full open. I'm trying to Florence reed is I have Democrat wanna get to. Don't worry a heavy -- picked up within the hour have a waiting for you when you arrived tax cut even a -- -- free shuttle from the airport -- -- 'cause after service -- first call American auto transporters 808025. Veto or ship car dot com that's 80802580. This is -- -- only American auto transporters since 1980 we've been shipping cars across the country and beyond and we have positions here vehicle to -- winter home. It's safe affordable than your cousin -- well on the carrier. Within the US corn international Madras American auto transport -- connection -- their fortieth for details visit should cart dot com or call us at 808025. You know call me at 80820. -- 80820. Body. That's 80825. -- My sport is football but my passion is education so every year I take promising high school students and college tour. It's so -- that there's a whole world and beyond their own. What's even better is that most of these kids decide 'cause it's -- president my name is non DS line I don't just win the shirt and I lived. Find out how you can leave the united for education. Gift fabricate volunteer go to -- united dot org brought you by united way and he had -- Wanna get the latest financial news delivered straight to your inbox every week visit wrko.com. Slash -- to sign up for the financial exchange newsletter. Get the most up to date financial information so that you can make the most of your investments including Barry's blog the latest audio on demand and much more. Plug on the wrko.com. Com slash married to sign up -- tune in to the financial exchange with Barry Armstrong every weekday from nine to 11 AM. -- by Boston's talk station TM 680 WRK below. This is Jeff corner you had to Rush Limbaugh this is very Armstrong. This is how we card catch me when they screen this summer and this is hey M 680 WRJ. -- Boston Boston. Talk we just added juice.