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Sex change and conspiracy

Feb 16, 2013|

The health insurance of several universities now covers sex change operations. Also, is Sarah Palin headed to Al Jazeera?

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Well good afternoon welcome to the program a little bit late hello. And I always chastise people for not being on time -- are we all right. It wasn't because I was sure it didn't get around to it that you probably heard if you did tune in earlier there was. They paid program and appreciated us and actually trump the first hour of the program shall we have to -- -- all in one hour. This hobby announcing good afternoon to you. We're going to be with you from now until 5 o'clock and so we invite your participation. My apologies for shorter program. Phone number however is the same toll free 8774694322. Text message coach X 8680. And email address a Nelson and wrko.com. Okay well. Were -- begin with. Deliberate more on that meteor actually 22 celestial event similar a related one was that. Near miss of the asteroid that came within 171000. Miles of earth than 171000 sounds like a lot. But think about it the satellites we have not. For GPS and communication and so called geo synchronous orbits were. The satellites appear to stand motionless in the sky actually -- -- spinning around. And very high velocity. -- the earth is rotating in their for their way. And of course for farther the radius of greater -- velocity at the periphery. Those satellites or 22000. Miles. Up in the sky or wait for emirates 171000. Is pretty close. It's -- related to what happened in Russia. But what happened to Russia was actually quite spectacular. They meteorite. Came by and it. It wasn't that big a meteor. Estimated by -- To be about seventeen meters 56 feet in diameter of that geologist 5069. Amateur. But it exploded. -- -- an energy released roughly equivalent to 500 kilo tons of TNT. Que -- courses the prefix for a thousand -- 500000. Tons of TNT. They give you a comparison. The atomic bomb dropped over here Sheba was estimated to be around sixteen. -- So you can imagine the size of this thing and that shifts from such a small media and that's why when you think about the the meteor that. That caused that -- -- crater in in Mexico. That presumably cause the extinction of the dinosaurs and most other life that exists that some 65 million years ago. That was estimated to be six miles across. And that was big enough in effect to wipe out almost all of life on earth. Sure this was spectacular some 11112100. People. Reported injured although I didn't hear of any deaths. But windows were shattered and obviously people were taken back enormous sonic boom that followed the flash of light. I've heard varying estimates as to the speed that that meter it was moving at the time of the explosion. It ranges from 33000. To 45000. Miles an hour which is very fast. Not to -- she's -- it domain BP was seen there's some film footage currency. So anyway rather spectacular. Numbers that happened. Over Russia. In 190 wait there was a ton of good stuff of -- tuned for a long time people didn't understand why. Where it causes some eighty million trees. Were level. And that -- which is supposed to -- -- much bigger that one was estimated to have been ten -- time outs. And kilo is the prefix for a thousand mega is the prefix for a million. Shelves this one the one in 1908. In in a very an isolated area that -- too many people or around the course in those days there was much recording technology. So the -- is estimated to be much bigger than the one that happened yesterday in Russia. Anyway events of our time. Gives some idea that we are indeed an island small island planet earth and space. And we live it's not a matter of vote whether we're gonna get hit with -- another big asteroid it's a matter of land. Well hopefully not for now few hundred years and will then release somebody else's problem. Okay. It's 774694322. Is the phone number. If you're just joining us good afternoon this is Bobby -- from going to be with -- to 5 o'clock short short program to nation for those of you who've got things. The at the ready that you would like to contribute by all means open lines whatever you like to talk about will be fine. Well I've got a few things that might be worth talking about and one of them I'll begin with. In the political domain although no one more thing about the about the the meteors in the asteroid -- a couple of things. -- dimension. Not all -- the moron so or are you stateside. And the the conspiracy morons go elsewhere as well. -- according to a Washington Post. There is a member of parliament in Moscow. Named Vladimir. Zhirinovsky. And he said no that bush -- meteorite from space that was the Americans -- He has blamed the Americans for the meteorite scared he told. Reporters quote the bush were not meteorites it was Americans. Testing their new weapons. -- is not quite right what you expect this guy is known as a -- Was described by a German newspaper dish legalized in a political clone. Well all true nationalist guy who has bizarre views but nonetheless we think he's doing. Parliament actually it's not just -- some homeless guy in the street talking about it. Anyway she digits to to let you know that no matter what goes on. They're going to be people who are going to come up with wild conspiracy theories in this case. War we get. I'm sure George Bush would get into it as well so okay. That's -- a little add on to the story and one other thing about the asteroid that way and and there's a celestial mining firm called deep space industries. And they shed. That they thought on this asteroid. Which is murdered babies under and 450. Feet over the media are meteorite was about. 5060 feet the asteroid did that when I was about a 150 feet not the biggest thing in the world. But these guys -- claiming that it may harbor. 65. Billion dollars worth of recoverable water and a 130 billion dollars in metals. Now that's just the revenue that the union to the cost of getting it out which of course might be somewhat impressive. Be that as a -- I have no idea how they get to that book that level of recoverable material specially waters 65 billion dollars worth of water. -- apart from that if you had a little thing awarded city came -- -- destroyed it would have some value. To our. And that's the extent that four of possibilities. Within me. Possibilities and in terms of Irish -- for the moment. A -- story that was picked up by the Washington Post. That announced that -- Palin. Who's going to take a position. In the upcoming Al-Jazeera. America channel. -- apparently. She was interest in reaching people who were very religious but don't watch the other networks. Well Washington Post went on with this and gave. An analysis of it turned out that the story was bogus. -- -- which satire. That it will import by. Current TV. And the Washington Post swallowed it and ran with the story. And so I guess the joke is on them. I'm Sarah Palin for her part of -- good tweet and an avenue in front of me but. As she retreated. To the effect that she was having coffee with -- Elvis. And coffee shop in washing all Alaska. And that just in case -- Bush wanted to. Wanted to produce a more. It is true that her her star has stated we can get into discussions. About that but. Nonetheless it just shows you that these things can happen does raise interesting questions about. So attire and fraud. Right I mean if -- for the news channel or -- purporting to be news. Comes out with a story that out and out bogus -- do they have any responsibility. I know they can always pass it off -- humor and satire that. Still you wonder whether there are limits as to how far they ought to go in this particular case it seems relatively benign but. Maybe in other cases it wouldn't be -- where do you. Where do you draw the line -- a news outlets should never do anything like well I think I think that's an interesting point to me it's one thing if if some comedians some late night comic makes that that kind of statement you expect. There's a predisposition. Here that at -- you should be. Thinking that maybe it's comedy and not real words when a new job with that ordinarily does not engage in satire. Puts this out and does it straight. Do you wind up running the risk of problems. I don't know where you go for -- I guess the people would be -- would be about Sarah Palin in the Washington Post make an interest in duo in the lawsuit right. Doesn't stretch strange bedfellows. Here's. As you go after the for -- or something like. -- mean they they definitely deserve -- -- there news outlet that he should be -- very very little like him in their left wing new jobless or anything we can do go get them. So there'll be on your side. If that happens over there hockey moms. Broad university has announced that. It's health plan will now include twelve perceive jurors four are. Sex change operations. You know there are twelve things you can do but many Amanda. Always let the early two genders but it may be Brown University researchers have -- other things. However lest you think this is -- According to the story -- 36. Schools count to 36 universities. That now cover. A sex change operations. Including. -- -- Cornell and Harvard. Two of those three are normal monitors of mine shall I guess. When you are. Paying your tuition cost you should know that part of the money is going to support a health care plan that would include sex change operations. I found myself wondering. Whether Elizabeth Warren had taken part in something similar which transformed her from -- to Indian or was it the other way around. In any event it didn't say anything about. About whether or not it covers those kinds of changes. Which would be actually exposed to an official as you get special credit right if you. Can be part of -- Preferred classes. Would have to become an all girls school -- boys you know that nobody asked to leave they leave your comments today good point -- -- -- in -- way you know the argument -- it's good. Good that you raise that because. They could never be accused of discrimination. At least gender discrimination since he argue would always -- Well -- like pitches changer gender will play Ford. And -- solve local education problem. Wellesley College should be happy -- is there one of those schools that still requires that you be of the female persuasion. In order to again. From the American Council on Science and Health. Deaths from lung cancer are set to surpass deaths from breast cancer in European women. And will become the leading cause of cancer deaths among women there. Militias mainly because of the uptick in smoking. Some countries such as the UK in Poland lung cancer has already become the main cause of cancer related deaths in women. Well intentioned killed more more women than breast cancer in the US by the way for decades. Which inching about it while we continue -- There's a surge in the number women who started smoking in the sixties and seventies and you're seeing the result that takes. Decades until the ill effects of toxic effects of smoking. -- or. Manifest in this particular kind of disease. Coaches attended toward a more a year lag period between exposure smoking and lung cancer. -- I -- some victories gonna continue opera for the next few years right. What's interesting about this is that. You don't get any of the intense focus for lung cancer. As you do for breast cancer. You know there aren't any march is and it's not nearly as as well publicized. But the statistics on the statistics. And smoking -- Europe which by the ways of approximately 33%. Is higher than in the United States. Slowly declining in Europe. -- -- to France and while they used to be that you could then either you go to a restaurant here or smoke has been banned everywhere. But in in Europe you can go into irrational and people would be smoking in fact I know from it looks more and emotional but. People who spoke say that one of the things thing enjoys having cigarette after dinner and and we can all remember the days when you go into say a movie theater and you can actually seed. The light of the film projector going to the screen. And there as you can see it is because will be your reflecting off the smoke in this field. The area and we thought nothing -- it because in those days we didn't know but that's the dangers. Secondary smoke. Now it's in in Europe I don't know if you connection and still smoke and all restaurants. I remember one of things about French that I like dogs are allotted restaurants and I thought that was terrific going their their parties around -- And a warning about the disease -- cause you an illness -- one because who control. All of us who own dogs don't have -- your whole new under the cats. 8774694322. Is the phone number. My body and also were short hopscotching around the world are here to some serious. Topics and beaten in a little bit but these things are interest thing. And sometimes provides some interesting fodder for bought and commentary. 68680. Is the text message code in the email address innocent wrko.com. From 617. It's no surprise Communists always blame bush and America for these kinds of things even Russian Communist. Well let's not overdo it I mean this is one -- The issue is this is one strange guy national she represents some minority coach Weis said the these conspiracy. Theorists. I guess I was less charitable. Negotiate conspiracy morons. -- find them -- find homes everywhere you go. So you know whatever has happened I'm sure that. That any and anything untoward has -- basis for consumers viewed the what's happened. Even the the whole thing with sandy -- in Connecticut right to people running around saying that the kids were -- did you reject. Pretending as long as people can imagine that they can come that's right -- from sexual another 617. Will you be my business partner by trade market asteroid water you actually. Best offer -- -- it -- get it on the lending rates is it's just a one you know I would is that gonna bring it back right. We're patient bills commercial break coming up after that we'll continue with the program your thoughts and comments are welcome --