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Avi Nelson, 2-2-13 Hour 1

Feb 2, 2013|

Karen Finney calls us a bunch of "coo-coo crackers" and there's an ancient crocodile in a museum's drawer!

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Afternoon this is -- Nelson walked into the program nice to have you with us we have no -- scheduled today show. Hong Kong action stars of the program. And he'd like to join with us kind of an open lines -- -- Whatever topic you want to talk about got a few that I might mention. Phone number toll free 877469432. Into. Text message code 686. Aden and email address and Nelson at WR Kerio dot com. By the way I want to mention -- forgot last time. To mention that Lee. I email then he listens to us from Mongolia. Say. He -- -- means everybody notes can actually thank you hope you're listening today and what is her name and what data is where he is. And it's from god awful are in the middle that I am. Early morning or something. Let's say today is Groundhog Day which I nearly forgot until I tune in the news. And there are a lot of ground on day celebrations apparently especially in and Pennsylvania. And you know this program is devoted to keeping -- today -- important holidays and things going on so I thought -- mention. The Groundhog Day celebration took place and of course Punxsutawney is the most celebrated of those. And Punxsutawney still think there are thousands of people out there. Of poor ground Irish priest is -- all the big throws by parents or make a big deal because he came. Anyway the latest churches. And never quite understood it. That if he sees his shadow. Which would mean it's only. That winter is going to be longer -- six weeks should be doesn't see Asia. Then it's gonna be an early spring. How social those backward just somehow if you saw the sooner the sun out that that would be an indication of a shorter winter. Well anyway for those -- you keep track of such things he did not see his shadow today the report as. And therefore. According to the folklore. We are in for a shorter winter and there's one problem with this. And that is that he's right about 30% of the time. Now what that means of course is that we ought to just reversed the tradition. And make it that if he sees his shadow that there's a shorter winter and then he'd be right 70%. Of the time. And we all. Be able to say she technology is subordinate to the natural forces of biology. And -- and the and it would make senses if she's excellent at some indicates an early spring however -- -- buy recommendation for the day and we can. Right into was ever in charge. If of this festival. In southeastern Pennsylvania -- there are. Groundhog lodges. That celebrate the holiday so shall venture which food is served not cooked ground on. Speeches are made. And while more play or replaced skits are performed for entertainment. And the Pennsylvania German dialect. Is the only language spoken at the event. It's unclear whether the ground knows how to use that language. And those who speak English after they pulled the usually in the form a nickel or dime or quarter given inflation. Her words spoken. With the money put into bowl in the center of the -- So they have a word comes from a little bit unclear but it started as a customer in Pennsylvania. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries having its origins in ancient Europe. There they used to badger or sacred bear. As the prognosticators. I don't know who holds up the badgering the bigger they all the ground -- seems pretty docile -- badgers compares. And there are some connection to a pagan festival called -- symbol. The seasonal turning point of the Celtic calendar which is celebrated on February 1 and also involves weather prognostication. OK so there you have it Groundhog Day. Reynolds to we have very cute crush a favorable. All. Poll that I want to dimensional refer back to roost on November 28. Who think the country may have lurched to the left. This was a poll done by Rasmussen and yeah as of November 28 just 24% of us have a favorable opinion of socialism. 67%. Have an unfavorable view of that system. And capitalism has favorability of 68%. So distinction is still. Any nation that favors. Capitalism. Which is nice to know the times when. The going gets a little rocky and we think that the Obama's policies have ever expanding government to the wave of the future. Coach speaking of of bears and Boris. This story. And January 30 that came and more hunting. Can be a dangerous sport not only a divorce large and fears you know like to be hunted. -- according to this story there apparently sometimes bullet repellent. Hunter's bullet ricocheted awful -- in finance. And kill the man more than a mile away. According to this show a French paper. Hunter shot a wild war early Sunday morning but instead of killing the Bork. The bullet ricocheted off the animal for more than a mile away through the window of a passing car. And struck the driver in the head talk about bad -- and anyway the president of the local hunters federations says it's unheard of the bullet rebounded off the board almost a right angle. In terms of probability it's very unlikely. Under sixty years old was described -- experienced level headed so. Anyway that's the story. And also hear the Postal Service may be -- to -- Think there are immune from traffic laws. A government lawyers attempting to get dismissed almost 700 dollars in traffic tickets. Given to the US postal service employees in Cleveland. Claiming it is immune from state and local regulations. They're having a set to about it. Mean you can imagine. Cleveland coach aren't too pleased with that. The mayor new interest in common -- among I was unaware that the post office doesn't have to stop that red lights or Obey the speed limit. But since they are wish they get my email here faster. Income for the day. Okay what else do we have here fairway and interesting sidebar stories. -- a problem. All seemed to me involving animals this week. Remains of a long forgotten species have been discovered in a museum drawer in Scotland. Life science and publication reports. That the beach was a dolphin shaped Crockett billions super predator. Was able to each other species that size and larger. Hasn't named his own pronounced -- -- -- come up proposed name's. Rich grief for blood biting tyrant swimmer. And so friendly creature lived a 165. Million years ago but the also which was flown between 1907. In 1909 has been lost in the drew roar. Of this art gallery museum Lanka or in Glasgow for nearly a hundred years. Almost and others. Extinct species of people who take care of the musing about a hundred years the defined -- lose that. It's a vote for me that the whole animal of its dues to. -- Say that's what happens in favor and fortune go through it goes through -- white cube in the clause. -- -- -- And one plus from Harvard. Harvard professor of blast the Neanderthal cloned baby rumor on the lab. If you weren't sure you can't believe everything that you get on the web. This is the headline on the are going across the Internet is about a week ago. Wanted adventurous woman to give birth to Neanderthal man. Harvard professor -- mother for cloned -- babies. That's quote directly from Britain's Daily Mail. Well Harvard University profession turns out to be a geneticist. George M church. He says there was way too outlandish and entirely untrue the real story is quoting now. The real story here is -- these stories have work related and changed in different ways. I'm sure we'll get it sorted out eventually. But he did say -- phone was ringing off public yesterday with reporters from around the world. Calling to talk to what they believed that no doubt hoped. Was a modern day doctor -- remember him from HG -- story. Came up with -- weird hybrid annals. Well -- mistake -- is being blamed in an article. He says was written off and interviewing and German magazine Hersh Beagle which is respected publication. Badly misinterpreting. What he says. He said that such a cloning might theoretically be possible some day. And arriving at the -- conclusion was actually. Looking for a -- to barricade baby. That's a little bit that he chalk that up to -- translation. I'm certainly not advocating it he said. I'm saying if it is technically possible Sunday we need to start thinking about it today. -- Anyway a message here and if you get somebody sent you something in the Internet it doesn't make it necessarily so. Other start today on the more serious stuff such as measurable with so what happened yesterday here in Massachusetts. And that is that Scott Brown decided not to run for the US sentencing. Tell -- you really can't blame him it's always been doing it seems he got in a special election and he lost. The election last November. This special election is going to be held in June. And the many out there and carrier of the Kerry's seat against Kerry take that he no longer has it. The -- of people see that was occupied by Karrie is -- again in 2014. So there'd be yet another race. To run. -- -- is elected senator. And were -- brownie got to run again. So. One can understand. That he wasn't going to do it. Charlie Baker who would run for governor last time here -- he's not going to do it's an honest question issue. They're going to be any prominent Republicans are in step and or is going to be people who were not known. On the Democrat side. We've got Ed Markey who appears to be the favorite but Congressman Lynch has other obligations and challenge and so they're gonna have a Donnybrook of primary which will probably get the backing of the unions. Well -- convinced he described again as is standard left wing Paul who's been in congress forever. And would bring the standards stuffed to the table. Question is whether. -- -- whether that she is winnable by a Republican in the middle of disappointment Scott Brown last time missed the special member. Lost that -- by eight points roughly 5446. That's a pretty significant margin of victory. Against an opponent to -- Week. Damaged actually -- is the fraud about the union. Background alone would have. Should have been a significant liability significant enough to preclude him from being elected. But nonetheless she won by eight points. In a state that went overwhelmingly for Obama and other -- talk about tag Romney. Which one of Mitt Romney's sons and lives in Massachusetts and -- successful in business in his own right. About him running there's been talk about Enron me. Mitt Romney's wife running. Profound racial thing is an interest in what qualifies to run for the the US senate nowadays. Celebrity status. We nobody knows much about -- Romney's position or attacked Romney's position on the other hand we have JK three right Joseph Kennedy the third. He's got elected to the congress and what we know about him apart from his last name in the blood line. So those -- the speculations going on and I guess. And you wonder whether what what the Republicans are going to do here in what what has to be done. To change things around here in Massachusetts. It's disappointing when we keep electing the same kind of politician. We get same kind of results and none were very good. You know I mentioned about. -- Elizabeth Warren and there's a related story. That is. They've made the newspapers in the news shows. And that is at Harvard University where Elizabeth Warren was a professor. Should you just -- yesterday. That it issued academic -- actions against approximately sixty students. Who were forced to withdraw from school for creative time in cheating scandal. And of all the final -- -- close on congress -- you know to be a golf course that is to say proportion take four. If you wanna get a good grade rather easily it's it's it's called the Clint -- name was introduction to congress. Anyway there are rather or number of people who were caught cheating isn't implicated many as a 125 students. In the scandal which broke last year. And now they've got some. They've got some disciplinary action some of these people were forced to withdraw. -- release for time being. Greek and I think that. That you don't -- -- it's not worth ruining a young person's. Life over this. An avid a permanent blot on the record so we could never come back but something has to be done because cheating is serious and should be taken seriously. What I found interesting is this year the Harvard. Faculty and the administration. React -- with some disciplinary measures against students who cheated. And yet here's Harvard faculty member Elizabeth Warren on the law faculty of all places. Who obviously was cheating with regard to her Akron. Who used her alleged Indian ancestry to advance your career. And would be willing to bet dollars to donuts that Harvard used. Her. So called minority status on applications. For government grants. That. That they -- -- the government probably got money for which is another form of cheating although attended burden on average part but the cheating was. Was motivated by -- this war and and Harvard should -- There's nothing going on to the best of my knowledge -- investigation. No inquiry. Well anyone essay about undergraduates. And the foolishness of euthanasia. And these are people who are still some of them probably teenage. And an OK but to order analysts say about the error of their ways they had youth going for them and you know George Bernard Shaw's famous comment that youth is wasted on the young. OK it is disciplinary action there nothing a bottles before I haven't heard word one from anyone at Harvard. If she gets elected the senate and nobody says -- If you're just joining good afternoon. Your thoughts on this subject or -- mothers are welcome. We have some of the subjects that we will get to as well somebody else and we hope you join with a cell phone number is 8774694322. That's still -- The text message code is 68680. Which of course is to remind you of the dial position WRK -- in the email addresses and Nelson WR Kerio dot com. Well I put a couple of the issues on the table you can and others as well one -- The Republican or was actually the senatorial political situation here in Massachusetts as the US senate race heats up in the others and cheating scandal at Harvard and its relation to a former Harvard faculty member who is in the senate. Elizabeth -- We're gonna paused for break commercial break back on the other side. -- -- Brought them back. This is not Nelson. You're just joining us walked under the program -- 8774694322. Is that phone number text message code it is. 68680. In the email address and Nelson WRK you know dot com. I just want to. We've got a couple of groups there's one particular that I want to of one plane now and then who will expand the program. This is. One -- -- She should do -- on MSNBC. She's a former. DNC Democratic National Committee communications. Director. OK here's play the clip and then where did -- a little response to it. Knows you know crazy crackers on the right -- if they start with there -- very hateful language that is gonna kill them in the same way that they learn at their little retreat that. That lets not talk about pretty. Hateful language charity -- crackers is using hateful racial racially charged language. Well a lot of people plot so should they finish sent in their communications via. -- Twitter. And I guess other means and and they she she decided to respond to -- what she -- Apologize. If -- do if anyone offended. Not -- as racial a liberation. Cuckoo crazy or cracked cracked -- those -- that are now which -- interesting news. The -- she uses hateful language to complain about Republicans using hateful language. Apologize. If anyone offended presumably if those people weren't offended then no need for an apology she doesn't get it that what she did was wrong apologized period. But then she says a liberation will federation. Is. Usually series has to do with using the same letter usually consonant and a number of of words this thing a litter ration what she said. She told people crackers were where's -- there's no literate there weren't any of the words and then she writes cuckoo. See all all dash COO. Well moronic. To approve as and bill and coup is to make nice to somebody. Cuckoo is not spelled that way. Cook who is CU CK overall. You'd sure. That's she's combining. Real ignorance with real nastiness and nice combination where you -- she is not. An unusual find. On various programs. If she's not particularly attractive so I don't know why she keeps going she's -- and obviously stupid as well as offensive. There she is usually crackers complaining about it but bad language on the Republicans. Apologize if anyone offended she poses a liberation cuckoo COO -- CEO. Nice job Karen -- the issue is what you get from the Democrat. -- you went to respond to rebut by all means. 8774694322. Is a phone number. Via email address and Nelson WR care dot -- Text message code is 686. It. OK let's go to the -- formalize our gonna do something we don't usually do with the program. And that is. We're going to begin with a drum roll because he actually was the first caller today -- Well that means it's Dave from Brookline did good afternoon and you are the icebreaker today. Well. RPI take it. You take offense -- being icebreaker. Oh lead. I think 99.9. Percent of -- a cult will say they care and any. It's attractive I don't know where you get up saying that she's not attractive. Maybe she's done attractive as far as to certain. Men. But well I'm American men would call her attractive he's not a -- -- she's not even. She should there -- any yeah yeah look. She's at any -- in America she is I look at it are you must -- -- -- She must come from the same line of descent from African Americans Elizabeth Warren comes from the Indians. Well I Hartley again -- got to do is Google it look perhaps. Did Eric I saw Iran and -- act. I saw her on YouTube that's only got the -- Are you not -- after -- racquet on. Fortunately something different -- beat us. Out of there right out. Decade it meant but I would get to a lot -- Curiosity gazans I've never seen unicorn sheer -- do you look. For ten or more American. I think that they disgusting question because you. Ali let it Charlene. There is from South Africa and she's right. There. Haven't thought about it that I. And tell us what he's talking about I didn't but it's blowing like -- it is. All right president myself but. What you are like -- and all the Nixon wanted to not issue and what I should you brought up the issue of the mixing of the races. Canada and now you can deduct daycare community is not -- -- -- you know this is shocked. Not issue -- in America. Yeah it's all my comment that she was unattractive was done on the basis than I thought she wishes Caucasian not that it matters that. -- -- -- demanded and you wouldn't have imagined it but obviously the I wanna talk about it talk about Scott brown and I wanna talk about corporate. Then. Continent can't think you've probably would like it becomes a putting UN this same category as Rush Limbaugh Fox News. If it is an event. I appreciate it Sean Hannity glad I live I appreciate the promotional. I'm with gunmen. Yeah yeah. You -- Sell. A negative it was good to be uneducated voters out there. You'd -- people you talk about affirmative action you talk about EDT. You talk about. You know we want our country back. This is what you do but in the sideline you guys are lapping you raking in all -- money. But yet but yet but just speaking in negative terms about. A -- what somebody is going to take away from the crowd. That list that is stationed in limit it to you see him -- -- he -- there and yet millions not. You could say and maybe you guys always talk about what it you know. -- old Indian. You know if someone is taking something -- you. You know you cannot talk about if they don't talk about what somebody -- -- day they listen. Is this what -- -- saying is not even marginally coherent I wish I were raking in millions maybe I should have you. Email and act -- you don't. You know you've -- -- -- lungs and none of the line. -- -- point yeah you -- are we saw it. I don't know aren't you gonna hurt you -- You about him -- he got no doubt. About it in due season. She slipped and I think every candidate who picked out and sat. -- isn't true Davis a matter of fact that thank you for the not enough of that. I achieve your bank just -- of the last election 2010 course we had we had major gains. To the fishes this really is not I don't know if it's not worth I suppose now worth responding to something like that. Except to point out that yes we are concerned about the extent of government as for the success. That gave seems to allege. And one of the items on the list for today is a compression. Of where we are now mercy rule were four years ago. After all its evaluation of the Obama administration -- bombing years in office. The unemployment rate when he came in was seven point eight now at seven point nine just -- The number of people who are underemployed has gone up. The youth unemployment. Is 13%. And among African Americans like -- The unemployment rate is 22%. This is after four years of Obama. What are we talking about here we're talking about an economic perspective. Which is wrong. David -- about one thing. I do not like the idea of the government taking an ever increasing amount increasing taxes the way Obama wants to do with the way to ball. Patrick wants to do analysts -- Being content. That's right I think that that is a drained. On the economy that you drain on every one. Whatever your skin colors. And the philosophy just doesn't work. So we have to try to change it. Unfortunately. Part of the problem we have is two -- one is an ignorant electorate ignorant of the principles of economics. Is not getting any better. And the other is a significant portion of the population. On the dole on the handout of course trigger a vote for the -- party they're gonna vote for the party who promises to give more. Watching a program recently and by the ignorance of the of the electorate. And was an interview with somebody who were on the crew that flew the and -- again. You know gay was the name of the airplane named after the -- months. The drop the first atomic bombs on one thing or shame. Nashville was quite articulate course was the invasion many years later. -- he was complaining lamenting about the state of knowledge in the United States. And he says he was introduced once. To an audience to speak. As a veteran of world war eleven. Now if you see where that -- -- -- the Roman numeral two. They're a veteran of world war eleven. He can't make this stuff -- Leave these these -- -- real. Things are real quotes. Your thoughts are welcome -- -- notes and phone numbers 8774694322. Text message code six case dictating. An email address a Nelson wrko.com. Let's say. Message code 686. 617. Patrick had to take the barge and three times. So did crash Murray at the reference to our distinguished lieutenant governor's driving abilities or lack thereof. Others that is that charity really have to take it three times. It's too bad. From 781. She were on the basis of what they've said UN checked Karen Finney is ugly inside and out just checked. Okay. And one more -- excellent seven Dave always is a lightning rod for things -- me. I he's not report on bi racial people ask me off the air is is that is some sort of a set up callers part of the program in the interest no we don't do that. Now I've never met -- -- the best of my knowledge. Anywhere from 617. -- biggest concern is taking other people's hard earned money. Yeah eighty accuses others for wind to keep what is their own good point 617. And well -- That that's exactly it they're the takers in the maker's position. Let's see and again from -- six point seven Murray was wearing pajamas when he totaled the taxpayers 35000 dollar. Automobile area who I understand he was in pajamas. The -- reviewers working so hard right. Okay. I think that says -- take a break you have to take a break we do we'll be back with -- -- your calls comments emails text messages. On the other side among -- Welcome back this is -- -- somebody -- joined the program note this schedule for today your phone number 877. 4694322. Let's go to the telephone lines rush you're next on the program thanks for holding good afternoon. You know army first of all the men most of -- about propaganda. You know for the Democrats. It's probably the same crap but they repeat over again -- nothing but distortions. And then what's interesting is did call enemy we almost -- intelligent guy. But -- like all body that that the that needle stuck in the repaid the over and over. LA does repeat the same things over orange at the same argument to carry on his favor affirmative action he's he's the beneficiary of it. But do you sole reason intelligent guy where -- you get that. Well he -- okay like yeah yeah and under -- in my share carpet but -- -- some kind of education to certainly -- -- Doesn't talk black. But the reality is -- that he would got a fundamental difference in philosophy right. They're the people who are looking for some kind of claim on your hard earned money. Part of it is that people live off the dole and then there the other should think that the government ought to regulate patient and take away that and increase the taxes. Now no wonder we're struggling here and enters the economy. And the thing here you know will games and I. Didn't -- that they've been have it at the end of this year -- be in the the next you know RB argued there was one Internet and look to business insider. -- -- In the headlines. GDP report center recession warning that album but aren't since nineteen bodies. Well it may be of course I think the reference there is the GDP gross domestic product though for the last quarter was measured. Well actually the economy contracted. Not adjust to it not that he grew slowly in actually issue want to -- down. By tenth of 1%. If you get two consecutive quarters of like that that is the definition. Of -- -- national. -- you know we've got if we have another quarter where the economy shrinks. We're gonna be officially in a recession even according to the economist this is the result of four years of the Obama administration. And what do you how much did you spend an estimate how many trillions of dollars has he thrown into the economy and in the name of making it grow. Obviously didn't work -- Rush thanks for the call appreciate. 8774694322. Which is a significant. A significant. Judgment. On. The Obama administration's. Too bad we didn't have these numbers couple months ago but the election would have done differently. Back to the lines -- next on the program good afternoon. Yes well it's a little distorted. But -- Aren't just two quick things. Think you missed these scientific part of the ground of their connection. We'll look at what's that. Iran's intentions get back into the slope because he's afraid would -- to shuttle you know that part of NASA's scientific. -- -- -- -- -- He's not saying that federal somehow connects with good weather com and it's very scientific content. A okay. He says stand corrected -- thank you. Such expanding its. Yeah but -- sheep we do it the other way easier and I haven't checked the statistics but the news stories said that he's wrong. Well he's right about 30% of the time. Well -- -- service started looking at the other direction. Yeah just this reversal in an idea of real prognosticators. Just one part of an RV I'm you have to try and turned it into a couple -- days instead of playing because from non introducing him. Could you play the sound of the. That's a good idea rich we may have to we may have to do that. We or read we should do after that that's a good point left a vacuum. Well with a a by the way there reference again to the -- in case you just joining us is Karen Finney who was really nasty. And started using. Offensive language to complain about offensive language used the term crackers courses racially charged term to lament that the Republicans are gonna use. A bad language. But thank you Rhode coo -- as COO dash CO Paulo. And said of the way it should be spelled. 8774694322. Text message coach X 8680 email address and Nelson. At WRK -- dot com. We're 617 is Dave looked at his church and as you just have a card in BT card I don't know. If you'd like to join in the conversation as I say he's he's a lightning rod -- -- additional I had as day. -- guest on the program gosh it's a few years ago are now back before the whole. Beer summit -- profession gates of the same profession gates who ended up being on the national news but he had done some work with regard to. The DNA. That is found in African Americans today he -- and he is African American. He said that you'd be amazed at the high level of one amounts to Caucasian DNA. In American and American black people and I asked him point blank on the -- is that why. American blacks looked different from African blacks and he said yes. Sure you can see it actually in the opinions. But that doesn't stop people who want to get something for just having certain state income. And that's where in the affirmative action program gunships and that's where the claims come to. To say -- in film entitled to something just by virtue of my background this is exactly what Elizabeth Warren. Was doing right she didn't do it without African American because that would be. A tougher sell should she pass it off his Indian that you probably figured nobody would know one way or the other. Page 774694322. Mike good afternoon your next on the program. I. Don't. Yeah yeah yeah. -- or are we are what we. Are treated or. You mean in terms of the the head of its stepping down and and and all the scandal about. The number of people that they can't find. When they are at. I'm glad you brought it up it was on my list as well. This shows and anybody give kudos to The Herald here for having research the story. The -- I'd love the name don't you -- the department of transitional. Assistance. As if these people get off welfare even though we know that if it's generational. Anyway they lost track of 47000. Households. One out of ten and that means they're forty and 78000. Who receive these mailings. And that means that right. I've been there are merely have to whip up. Thinking -- constituent. They're humans based. Our trip to look at that best. For more boat actually going. To guess which way they're gonna pull -- What brought. -- that and that's part of the problem -- -- -- but I've come to the conclusion that people who -- on welfare should not have the vote you lose the vote. For the time you're on Wall Street get back. When you get off welfare is that. She -- transitional assistance fine when you make the transition back to being a productive or at least not a parasitic member of society. Then you get the vote back. Right. Well I did a pretty -- -- a lot of -- -- delegate count me out like gate city. And our unit. Shipment that did it. I agree. And that's why of course this is DTA sends out these mailings because they want to influence the vote if you're just receiving something for nothing. Of course sugar -- in favor gonna be in favor of expanding that program might not. We are -- there are cheap but there are where are. But our governor -- You know it could be quite the guy with a debt and we are probably happy that didn't look out for every dollar. Where it happened are there black governor. Will look. All they know how it -- you don't but are any big. -- well taken Mike you're actually right where indeed is the governor he's about they were the governor she said although our wages average. But what a one heck of a comment that means of all the states get together and decide to waste more as long as we're average I guess it's okay. 28 million dollar overpayment is the estimate by the way. 877469432. To the phone number. -- your next on the program good afternoon. Thank you either pathetic in my column -- -- if I remember about like -- or six years ago credits. Chris Rock on this -- show. Talked about crackers is being angry white people have been very derogatory term so. People don't realize that generic you know I think it's -- anybody. Think that the right security. Statement about race. For any reason at all which is inappropriate behavior we're adults we should know. Partially right and she used it and then she says apologize if anyone offended you know it's what what's it doing in there. That's it shows you -- really care that you just. You know if I offended anyone -- -- I didn't well it's OK that's great news the offensive line which I think your point is one thing about the way. Apparently had that tells me -- we posted a picture. Karen standing on and it's FaceBook page he'd go and look at you can make your own decisions about it who made the comment. And I didn't think Jewish particularly attractive so you can -- judge -- that that -- not gone yet. It's 77469432. Through its Kindle went in before the break pitchers. -- next in the program got -- and then now we'll give it to you. The tourists there yes I am sorry. I had to play this statement -- these are. I fear that in this state it doesn't matter who runs under the Republican -- it's not going to work. I simply don't -- You know I hate to think that that we've come to that point is why we heard that a while ago of course -- -- elected some Republican governors -- I must say that is not encouraging the results of them or more recent elections. So I can appreciate the pessimism what do you recommend Beatrice. I honestly don't know as long as the welfare of people I'm going to be voting. I think this is going to be the case. And I agree with your comment. That they should not be allowed to vote while they -- on welfare. I would make a difference I don't think prisoners should be of the vote but of course it's going to be almost impossible to change that because people have to change -- Hard to the very people who are the beneficiaries of the Democrats in office. I hate to think that we would be in the position of just giving up -- -- the thing about politics -- -- even though it sometimes which pretty bleak. Just when you think he's not gonna change all of a sudden he had a radical change or try to deal more optimistic that thanks for -- -- -- will be -- Got to -- to -- there what's happening in this crazy world back on the side automobiles.