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The Bi Partisan Path To Citizenship

Jan 28, 2013|

The U.S. Senate has announced a bipartisan plan to overhaul the immigration system. The plan overhauls border security, businesses checks on a person's immigration status, and opens a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal immigrants currently living in the U.S. Howie was not supportive of this plan.

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The year of the immigration battle appears to be over today it's the the they have been -- these senators the bipartisan senators have introduced. Legislation that is basically the bush amnesty plan of 2007. Only this time they're they're gonna GM through and Barack Obama's got his own amnesty plan coming up tomorrow which is going to be I'm sure even more liberal than the in this plan is but I mean they're they're they're all the same amused just open borders basically Communists but did not they're not serious about any of -- stuff they in the they they weren't serious in 1965. When the was Bobby Kennedy several of immigration for three years after we open up the borders but then everything. Everybody who's who will come across to everybody who wants to come to a country will come as we said 1965. So the back in nineteen 87. Reagan signed the bill they said there were one of the one point three million illegal aliens in the country at that time. And once we once we signed an amnesty program for them that would that would take care everything and we would never worry about this again so. So now they're singing their eleven million illegal aliens in the country I mean how many how many -- it really really -- our. And this is just this this is just. The disaster for the Republican Party it's a disaster for the country act like you know I mean you can't have people just swarming in to the into the border you can't open the borders and that. You know I know they say they're gonna secure the borders -- a region what they what they claim it's gonna though. But done you know you have Chuck Schumer is there -- delivering his address you know he's Easley each species via speaker the speaker for speaker of the picks the senators has a couple of Republicans there there's -- McCain and Marco Rubio from Florida who's got his own plan. But dusty ending right next on the on the Schumer left side is none other than Bob men and access. From New Jersey who despite his name can't even speak he's -- Cuban descent but he can't even speak Spanish. And Menendez is it is is just it has got a -- -- sitting on a scandal. He is he's allegedly paid for sexual favors in the Dominican Republic including some from girls as young as sixteen. And they have they now have emails from an FBI agent geno travellers and a Dominican source in one email Chavez told source that we have been able to foremost of the information you provide him Bob Menendez in the prostitutes. So this other guy this guy was he on the CW ABC show yesterday. Right -- the ABC morning -- Stephanopoulos show. And and they they have them off for six minutes and they don't ask him a single question. But this always ask about as the immigration plan. Men must be nice to be a Democrat I mean you don't you don't have to answer for anything. Mean what me and in the mean meantime the -- the president of the United States is talking about feeling guilty because he watches football crazy crazy world we -- rate now. Mean -- everything everything is upside down I mean -- the if you saw what happened in Mali that idea where the you know the French the French -- comment to war rout the al-Qaeda type terrorist that. Take or perhaps a country which includes the the famous desert city of Timbuktu. And so the al-Qaeda types that have been run on the city for the last few months they knew the French were -- they better get out so they decided to leave. But before we left the idea of the big burn all the secret secret documents. In -- in the city I mean these are these are like people want to you know the polls show real law. -- devout Muslim supposedly and they're burning in the ancient Muslim. It's. Mean -- they burned a few Christian and Jewish documents and some Africans have to work but mainly it was -- stuff in general I mean. Why would they burn there that's like that would be like you know YE a Catholic -- setting fire to war two to what the baca. It's it's our rights is just. It's it's Graham maybe it's this weather in the snow it's it's it's -- so making it seem worse than this. But anyway so you know he got study everybody's getting a pass and then -- and then of course last night you saw what was on -- Saudia sixty minutes she did. No well reported you didn't see sixty minutes who you don't watch sixty minutes just like I don't watch sixty minutes. Sixty minutes is not a it is is not an honest purveyor of news. But you heard about it this morning in -- you saw some mentions of -- on the Internet. Barack Obama was posted to an interview with with well known or rump swab and -- swing snapper. Steve croft and does so. Obama decided to bring Hillary Clinton. And talked about how the how they'd released just they were they were kindred souls and they've they've had such a great time together and they've been they've they've viable. -- hardened by the the terrible terrible. Political wars that they've been through and and you know. Hillary is one of the best secretaries of state we've ever had. The idea in my -- said that he said that. I -- come to think of that's crazier than saying he feels guilty about watching football as a mean who cares where he feels watching football you also said he's a skeet shooter it's Camp David. This was a big week for a rougher for. Speaking with four pollen and he's not even 132 in the lake like your -- -- state -- new war US senator. He he said that Hillary Clinton was one of the best secretaries of state ever we have some sound -- from some cuts -- but -- -- great Hillary yes. -- -- Well the main thing is like I just wonder have a chance to publicly say thank you because. I think Hillary will go down as one of the finest secretary of State's we've had. It has been a great collaboration. Over the last four years. I don't know -- -- she was sticking around. But she has long been so many miles I can't begrudge her one -- Take it easy for a little bit. -- -- Let me put the Middle East I mean -- do we have to go around the of that list I mean I agree on the verge of -- nuclear weapons Syria about the fall. For better or for worse probably for worse as bad as it as bad as it is. You have Israel threatening to strike at Syria because they're for the return overwrought chemical weapons to Juan has -- to use against Israel. -- the US embassy closed early today Ian in Cairo because of the rampaging mobs hundreds of people have been killed in soccer -- let's. Over the last few days. Libya. Four Americans killed in Libya. Amalia told you about that the you know you have a all the form former mercenaries working for -- of comeback -- and they pop formed -- rag and rag tag -- that. Are still. Still better than the -- -- Molly army. It and so there they were on the verge of taken over the country and the the Arab Spring is the army just we had just take that for one example in the Arab Spring has certainly worked out wonderfully hasn't and it's just. It's just. Everything is everything is coming up roses. All right 18774694322. -- part about this immigration plan. McCain said that yesterday it's not that much different from what we try to do in 2007 mrs. This is beltway confidential from the Washington examiner and he's right it's not. Both plans grand immediately legalization to wall Mon criminal illegal immigrants in the country today. How revealed an illegal immigrant. And being non crumble if you're I mean I know I know what Marcia Coakley says technically it is not illegal to be illegal in Massachusetts. Hopefully it's not illegal to be illegal ineptitude. I guess it's not illegal to be illegal in any of the fifty states our won't be once the site plan nuggets reverse the throw went again Barack's got his own plan tomorrow which is probably even easier he's probably got he's probably gonna -- -- -- -- bounty -- recruiting programs to get illegal aliens to come to the country. Both both plans grants citizenship to illegal aliens in the country today after the jump through a series of hoops. Yeah right about how much one about the hoops overall lot. The hoops are all waved when it that when it comes right down to it. Both plan's promise a new employment verification system me that'll be run by the federal government what could possibly go wrong with that employment verification system. Both plans promised more border control spending open. Both plans promised to track those immigrants and who overstayed their visas. You know like uncle Omar who's only been in the city's only been the country Ferraro what fifty years. Both plans -- expedited citizenship to those who came to the country before they were sixteen all the DREAM Act the DREAM Act. I -- you can isn't dreaming of getting a college scholarship because gonna go to somebody and that the DREAM Act. And both plans created temporary guest worker program about temporary guest welfare program of those of those -- so you struck the anchor baby in middle of the temporary guest welfare only it's not temporary it's permanent. Did a nice -- benefits federal benefits to -- legalized immigrants until they become citizens. Or drop an anchor -- And it creates a southwest listen this one. And it creates a southwest border commission of quote governor's attorneys general and community leaders on quote relevant community leaders. What I community leaders are -- yet. That must certify that the border is secure before more before some immigrants to become citizens. All of these changes make the new plan much worse for the Republicans politically just take an -- but Republicans politically about the country alarm about the country being less safe. Just take a border commission -- you think -- most likely to say the border is already secure enough to grant citizenship to those legalized by this plan that's right Democrats. And do you think you're less likely to say the border security that's right Republicans. So while Republicans refused to sign off on border security legalized immigrants will be denied access to Obama care subsidies or Medicaid expansion which party do you think they will blame for denying them health care. Mrs. she does have a problem I mean even this and washing use him as a conservative newspaper they're setting up in in liberal terms of -- The is is why we want people coming for the country to get free health care. Were we wanna come into the country to actually contribute something but he meet even this conservative paper setting it up in those boasts day democratic. Terms. Liberal -- the new senate immigration plan that not only grants expedited -- and not only grants citizenship. To a brand new set of illegal immigrants agricultural workers -- treated the same as people being so it. So if if you're yet and if you're a nuclear scientist or a you know idea and Euro surgeon. He you're treated value your you're and you're an illegal alien you'll be treated more harshly than a and somebody picks -- -- -- is that right is that is that what this means. It creates a brand new infinite amnesty -- creating a path to citizenship for temporary guest workers as well. Well me and when -- masks what -- mess. 18774694322617. Powered -- wife immigrated legally any chance like consumer government for the Beasley at the play. I'm sure I'm sure I'm sure -- will be asked to chair of the border committee. How we can you say hardship exactly that's what it's going to be everybody oh we can't you know we can't force him to pay back. Taxes. On that would be terrible but there was a sob story in the Washington Post this week about the about illegal aliens who were -- trying to -- you know that that commit crimes and then plead guilty and suddenly they're deported and they there. All give them another -- then. And stated no they weren't they didn't know that thought they would be deported if they probably if they got. If they pleaded guilty to being drug dealers let him come back and get a public defender. Wow man who won 8774694322. I guess we have enough contributors says 207. Will these agricultural workers get paid minimum wage. Surely they will pick our vegetables for the rest of their lives right. -- you know what that thing is they they always say we need these people to do these jobs Americans won't do that was a paper George Bush expression but there's there's no. Employment category in this nation including. Agricultural workers that is that is not a majority and US citizens. So I mean I don't I don't think illegal aliens that necessary to wanted to pick tomatoes. I know they bring them up to Maine out to pick up with a pick blueberries in the in the summer because you know -- Americans on you know people Paul page trying to get off welfare -- They need the jaws of life to get him off the couch and she would tell you the governor of Maine. In his second term has even started yet we're screwed we are really release groups -- 71. Will these new immigrants be subject uncle Joe's mental health exams like like -- applicants will be. That's a good point oh you know that's a real good point well -- or what they just be a rubber -- throw because of the hardship. All I'm I can't go back to my country my country doesn't like media. What are there one of the classifications. For rougher for getting getting up. He refugee status. You know -- these classifications DA for its ways from one just -- just the point one out here. Oh yeah I'm gay and -- let me stay here. I mean -- this is a joke I mean this admitted she's just a joke if it wasn't so destructive to the nation I mean. The the 1960 fives is immigration reform act -- me is just one of the most disaster probably the most disastrous piece of legislation ever passed by the US congress just. But -- beat. A complete overturning of American history and American immigration policy this just a it's just it's just led to this. Fiasco that we see here today. 18774694322. Eddie your next with how we cargo ahead -- But. -- -- Okay. About the immigrant recorder and it's sort of hit a good reporter a couple of things that they wouldn't let this. One with. The two -- to require that our schools that are provide Medicaid Medicare costs are pretty good when it come from that -- you'll yeah. And would be too well required one kind of a child like states had to be US we'll look for them to collect. -- would be I'd I'd want if I had a choice between the two why pick the second one does but I -- you're right both of them are very important as the hospitals -- goal go out of business further and further north because they get all these people coming coming across the board of the -- ending free health care. There's a and Arizona legislator just filed a bill saying that if anybody comes into the country comes into a hospital in Arizona. It and and doesn't have a doesn't have health insurance. They'll be asked for citizen poor to prove that their citizens of the camp there or or legal immigrants -- they -- approved illegal immigrants or citizens -- be they will notify the ice. Which of course will do nothing but anyway there but the way I can imagine the ACLU and La Raza will go crazy anyway over this this small piece this small symbolic piece of legislation. Although it all out this whole idea of Java and America is -- government opposes it. We processing plants that -- illegal immigrant -- held by African Americans who finally gotten. Will -- Tell you -- for medical benefits. Yeah. I don't remember that in the bad guy or they -- what happened in New Bedford they said. Although we're not what the closed down the plant because nobody will want to work here that the next day they had they they had to photos in the paper and on TV. Of -- lines of American citizen stretched around the block looking for these jobs. You know while there is no -- -- all are likely to add that might need the because. Avoid stranger the -- change the witness protection program powered car are you want to witness you want to voice changer on the one will be able to recognize your voice. Yeah. All oh yeah did. It. And -- -- Yeah. -- It. Yeah 200 yeah yeah. Derek yes Eddie this is -- yeah that's why they had to send out the the famous some mass mailing with a post paid envelopes to all the welfare recipients because they said they weren't that. Then they weren't I doing enough outreach for a for the that for the welfare community get registered to vote and it by the way that includes illegal aliens to they were solicited and told they can register to vote and now this is the same group they. They sent out letters in 191000 of them came back because they couldn't find them. Racial equality. There's a story in the LA times this week just horrible story about the an attack on family and -- the latest incident in wave of anti black violence Latino gang is intimidating blacks and for leaving the city. That complement all the rap groups that back in the early nineties and mid nineties they you know -- the world proud to be from Compton. The city that was once an African American on clay it's part of a violent trend seen in other parts of the LA area. The trouble began should soon after they arrive the black family a mother of three teenage children and a ten year old boy he moved into mice. Little yellow home in pompano Christmas vacation when a friend came to visit -- and a black SUV pulled up and called them an inward. Saying black people were barred from the neighborhood -- dropped out war going on him and beat him with metal pipes. The attacks on the family of the latest and in a series of violent incident in which Latino gang targeted. Blacks in parts of greater Los Angeles over the past decade. Compton was predominantly black for many years it is now 65% Latino and 33% like this is the LA times story the only times the it politically correct journal. -- your next with how we cargo had rushed. You know how we no longer have leaders so we have this great pretenders. Yeah I know -- -- skeet shooting feeling guilty about the the feeling guilty about watching the NFL Parton talked about what a great job Hillary Clinton that a secretary of stated. Now he's gonna give us a new immigration -- more. -- thank you do you know how we let me repeat what a mutual friend we have chase does. What would -- of this notification of America. It's it's really bad it's I don't put -- and I don't know what I don't know what the answer is you know it's a one just -- texted me they're moving back to Ireland they can't take it anymore. Thanks thanks for the call professor George your next with power corridor have professor George. There's no -- we can't stop this immigration say that the Republicans in the house would stick together and while it still good luck with one professor George. Well what I actually do I like everybody audience of maybe new years resolution every day halt what Republicans are but it that are so not all for any Republican politician that will. That that supports its immigration critic at our. Oh right out saying I'm all for a good Marco Rubio -- vote for these guys. And and that's one thing you can do and it's an organization are LE RA LIE eight B I don't know it's except our armored dot org. But vocal blend in and help them out AL ICA. City. Yeah thanks for -- call 1877469432286. Or armies like it's important. Obama wants twenty million Democrats of the welfare rolls -- -- twenty million but. Amused as -- is -- at times to be loosening the the immigration. Policies of the United States of America. I mean when you have when you have the real unemployment rate up up around what you know depend on who you -- to wits between seventeen and 23%. We will. Why do we need more more workers most of whom the vast majority of whom were unskilled. Song glory -- spam actually speak -- -- They have they had when they when they get arrested as they so often do they have to wise they have to bring an interpreter is. From from from these. Remote parts of Mexico so that they can have a beer try. 18774694322. What's the point of spending any money at all on border enforcement visa violations after you grand -- all illegal citizenship without restriction. We don't want McCain to say we have to do something in Arizona because the the -- the border communities are being invaded. Well how does how does this stop the invasion. This just this just does says we we support the invasion bring your -- you know swarm swarm over some more. 1877469432297. They would move back to the UK but it's even worse there they are being -- run with non workers. 18774694322. Yeah as we read the other yeah exactly. A point guard. It's. On day one of our bill. The people here without status who are not criminals or security risks will be able to live and work here illegally. That'll make it easier for them to learn English and integrate into their communities. Without fear of deportation. Chuck Schumer of course. I am not taking the advice and fortunately you -- senator Ted Cruz of Texas and not -- your time play -- most time by just cut your story. And I had -- -- -- printed out the how how could someone write this with a straight face this did that this bill will insurer that foreigners leave the country when their visas expire. Mean she passed and no that's not true. The personal edited that -- -- spot true the senators who were endorsing -- no that's not for. Mr. McCain said. On on. The ABC. We can't go on forever with -- eleven million people living in this country in the shadows. In the -- and I IC Monty beat all the time the three sometimes -- sometimes in his home state of Arizona they're throwing up beer bottles of the cops. Where they're coming to the state house sunny week day. And they're demanding. That they get that three instate tuition which they've now gotten what do what do so what are they how were they in the shadows. Mr. rubio Cuban American it was a fast rising figure and his party have insisted on including the exit tracking system is one of the triggers for a opening the path to citizenship. They -- They can't that the government can't do the jobs that it's that it's undertaken to do now in the gonna take over health care and they're gonna in the gonna keep track -- all these illegal aliens. Who overstay their visas again I repeat the question you mean like uncle Omar. Immigrants here illegally would be required to register with the government and well. After passing background checks and paying back taxes and fines -- what's likely -- about here's where the word the network comes in hardship. After paying. Back taxes and fines or having them -- because of -- arch. These immigrants would receive eight quote probationary legal status. On quote the world while the people live and work legally in the United States immigrants with that status would not be eligible for most for most. Key word most federal benefits. Two more Q weren't anchor baby. 187769432218774694322. You know or their or there were up pictured stomping on the American flag story in the global about a state was guy who can't be deported. 71 in the shadows apparently. Apparently McCain's never been to a Home -- 617 captain do you have Timothy K Timmy K -- phone number I need my driveway club. Right now I'd rather be ten K opened them Murray. If I had to be attempt what you prefer not to be considering the way there are going down. 18774694322. Ritchie are next with Howard cargo ahead Richie. Ali good -- at all. Tell you what I I I lucked out. I got. Jerod chipper -- setting the clip exit rarely fatal -- felt like axle. Yeah. They are Ali can I get near Green -- air. Yeah I know everybody can get them a green card here -- today they are also they're. All by the way PS a few more senators have ever gonna try to bring in some some skilled foreigners two way to do you know did -- make it easier for them to get into the country but of course. That's not as important as doing something about the agricultural workers and the people let you know swim across the Rio Grande. Eight months pregnant so they can give birth to -- -- because that was the -- -- -- people we really want in this country. I mean I got the. Get these things all work out we I'm not proud of -- fact but like I drove around on an expired driver's license for three years and nobody bought the. Oh what killed yeah here is what I go -- what do they handcuffed you would -- your car way applies if you would bin if you'd been clot. I would argue that bulk and -- -- a slip up on a more serious note from a national standpoint. National security point. Point of view I don't know what these guys smoke. But they all meet your analysis to try to plant just put out a book called. Against all it. Your -- to a quick read a lot. I tell you what if I where some equity in theaters some Middle Eastern country that gated -- I would -- my little minions. Study Spanish. At all. Right -- I thought thanks for the call -- 18774694322. -- -- McCain speaking or Ted Kennedy he's channeling his good buddy Ted Kennedy. We Ted Kennedy had enough of a hand in the 1965. In the 1987 immigration expert this is the this is the big when this is the obamacare you know this is this is for all the marbles and looks like looks like we're we're gonna lose. Unless unless the house gets its the you know what together which you know again what are the odds of that 18774694322. Eric you're next with -- cargo ahead Eric. All were being. Needed or. By an outstanding legal that are committing crimes I don't like -- Bubble in. -- and -- need a lot of the order. When extreme and end all our current or. A lot of them anymore. Optimistic about the American electorate that night in America I mean they you know again I understand only 51% of the -- for a problem for Barack Obama but still I mean it. That's that's a majority you know I mean they would be they're they're adding to that they're adding millions to the vote to the Democrat voter rolls here. Shall do electorate I mean that we are around you know the Republican side it does not seeing that this. They're gonna need no -- Electorate it's currently you're all regardless of whether we see in the it's history. And these artists are having to eat some more people off that I -- that we need to change. The first thing to go door is raise taxes on even more on on the on the working people in this country to want to pay for all these these wonderful new citizens that they're gonna create so wait you know -- That's you know where there -- a long way from starving and you know they'll be. That that's why that's what people around. Are so concerned about. About the future that I mean what happens when they run out of money because eventually that will. End and well who wins. What do they are the people who have worked in generations of the people can't speak English -- the people who just came over here to get a free right I mean are they -- are they gonna suddenly start. The bruising the classified ads on the Internet just to get a job or they gonna just start coming out and and and robbing people even more than. Even more than are already going -- Thanks for the caller 18774694322. -- -- -- Yeah. All these illegal illegal aliens are allowed to collect Social Security yikes. I got news for you there already collecting all of these people -- a they can begin SSI it's the same it's the same thing comes on the same pot basically. Start -- I know today he was talking about some people we knew -- and former Russian never worked a day in the lives they were elderly. They they they immediately got and all the high -- -- public housing they got. They get that. -- with the green card the Medicare. They got and they got social SSI because they weren't eligible for Social Security it's already happening. It's just gonna get worse -- your next with Howie -- gore had Tom. College who like to be someone's sitting in Europe right now that they displeased at all they've worked to come to America because there won't become a green card holder. And also that they can. Aaron Afflalo was still spear -- knows he has -- -- -- got a better shot at becoming Americans some some -- going through all this rigmarole what they don't bother. Right exactly that's all. I know this I mean I got again -- the video of the illegal be illegal aliens who are worked hard spent thousands of dollars to become US citizens army. They must be the ones who really feel like trumps. Yeah and -- don't envy anyone that's thinking in Europe right now coming to the states because what they're seeing -- They're going to be displaced coming over with tell us that we need or want. And they're just connoisseur you know what I think because those are situations were just gonna stay -- tough it out and let America -- -- to. -- -- I wouldn't be surprised to see to see that happen you know meet again though it's it's bad it's bad in the UK.