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Ann Coulter On Obama Inauguration Part Deux

Jan 21, 2013|

TV maven and best selling author Ann Coulter joined us for our weekly round up of politics, news and sarcasm. Today she and Howie focused on the Inauguration of President Obama to his second term and what that bodes for the country.

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Well joining us now is in colder. Via author. And she's a this year she's she thinks she doesn't want spots just like just like Barack Obama has -- you -- -- -- want slots. Was we didn't know people used the -- -- wants any more must we were trying to like make a -- something. Now I know and that didn't about well he's a professor at the -- and very complex just. Just like the way people defend their hats it's sons who are utterly. Back -- it and refused to follow orders. -- -- cabinet no independent. Outlets not a dog dog they're friendly and follow orders and bowl pick up your newspaper. Maybe he's just an Indy -- complected -- -- And how about -- -- down with the and I know you know Marines get up there in age now you know maybe it's you know their -- there are some hot flashes involved in it but. -- that was what Maureen Dowd said here this is an amazing thing though. And this woman won a Nobel the warm up to surprise once thought that should not that it's hard to win a Pulitzer Prize senior on the New York Times but here it is. I can visualize on the show and about five years from now you guys are going to be hearing you're going to be discussing. Obama's memoir which she will have written and it's going to be the most brilliant political memoir. Outside of Ulysses grant and -- -- going to be fans love down then your house cat you're going to be saying. We still don't we're still trying to figure out who this -- years and -- have these amazing insights why couldn't he applied that super brain to Washington and gotten it. To work better. Maureen -- thinks that Obama has a super brain. Yet in almost whereas. Had yet I don't think -- encourage the expert almost as bad as the the Kennedy charming machine they can take any story about Kennedy you know we around -- -- boards in the pool it's bother ordering it. Food ordering that is other Gandhi made attorney general after he told me you know you can't do that. And it just goes through the Kennedy cuteness scale. Machines through the media and it's reported back -- it isn't that the most adorable thing. I said last hour Hannity if if the -- in five years were talking about his memoirs it's like going to be hell broke brilliant -- that we talk about how brilliant they are they are brilliant we're gonna be asking yourself who wrote he's memoirs. Now a -- Bill Ayers wrote the first book Ted Sorensen wrote Ted K Jack Kennedy's book -- wrote this guy's latest brilliant ma'am we -- and item that's one thing well -- for sure. A -- we've got -- yeah we've got a group we're gonna article back in time here in we decided it was having used this as I'm 52 years ago today only this is the way this is the way Jack Kennedy. His his most famous. Wind from the inaugural address of 1961 would come out if you were trying to appeal to today's Democrats. And so my fellow Americans. Ask what your country can do for you pop up like you can do -- -- countries. Big -- nuclear. Power -- Follow it very depressed thing it is the pressing. I -- avoiding this whole thing Cali I I thought the one who played like it out. You know all of the net and and begin I want to come from deep second inauguration. Was the Howie -- show enough. I know we we went to his workout -- -- we're kind that -- doing -- though in a in we're trying to do -- and humorous fashion and I -- mean this is I mean how how else can you do wanna meet again. Comrade Chris Matthews has found yet another speech of Barack Obama's that he's compared to guess what speeches compared to two and this is a good trivia question. Which which of Abraham Lincoln's speeches. Has -- has Chris Matthews compared today's. Today's speech to. That he's the only 13 of the Gettysburg address. Of course. At least the sixth or seventh speech of his -- compared to the Gettysburg address. I don't know if you got a tingle up his laggard down today -- -- the most preached. It was a it was another incredible winner as far as as far as Chris Matthews is concerned. The -- only that no no it's not a lot but. I was in an -- on tender hooks wondering I want people not beautiful like a -- I've got to -- me today. I know I I don't know it's just edited it they just they they can't help themselves. Here's another. You know why don't Stephanopoulos write you know us that George Stephanopoulos he's from Massachusetts. -- as you know from these from New Bedford. So there's some people when he should know it as it being in the you know easy considering that he's probably over fifty years old -- some people should not listen listen to this. All they all lookalike writer -- Morgan Freeman. The greatest that the greatest Celtic of all time. You don't eat every. Every year for the first probably ten years of George Stephanopoulos is life Bill Russell let him for the NBA championship but he -- still can't -- part for mom Morgan Freeman. He's been on when Democrats do -- -- I know what that's unfair but I don't care they would they would do it posture. Always get -- yet a Celtics have a problem everything else. All your. And and of course you know the other day it is that say it -- today a with a great civil rights leader as a as our mayor client as our mayor calls them. -- -- -- -- -- A great American. Both McCain -- yeah. That was from the Democratic Convention last summer. About -- time -- now know that what that was good was well what do I mean what. What is -- -- and we will take note we'll take some calls to 1 o'clock -- what I mean what is rather than to avoid the to avoid talking about this but. What is next I mean this is this is a low point that I mean. I just read a story on Drudge they -- unemployment rate is the same today as it was four years ago seven point 8%. But they don't tell you why it's the same and that's because there's -- -- for the exact number how many how many people have banished from the work. Now is gonna say actually it's much higher a lot of people would just completely drop out now with a complete disaster. These the only the only thing I think everyone needs to pay attention to including people like me or refusing to pay attention to politics and marching through -- -- eight. Issue is immigration and whether they're going to grant amnesty to what they claim. The pro amnesty side or eleven million illegal I don't know. Found they claim to know how many there are considered in the shadows right. But that will mean Republicans will never win another national election we'll. The entire country look on the way of California and I mean he served for the first time it doesn't crazy during the election away. Romney kept being described as a staff fortunately you know he's he's pro life anti Obama Gary wants to cut our taxes he's certainly going to. Or would have slashed the size of government not like he's a Rockefeller Republican anymore both were running and go. Reason I mention that at this day. That one out there actually isn't establishment on one single issue when America. With the that we are totally against not only a majority of the American people but certainly concerned as an out of on immigration you know the Wall Street Journal. Rupert Murdoch an awful lot of Fox News. That are heavily on the amnesty died and I think he's not a surprise that the that we are so. Are so pro pro illegal immigration -- -- get their servants. But for the rest of us who care about the future of the country. That's going to be a big problem for Republicans but as an awful lot of all the immigrants from the Third World more than native Americans -- up going on. On collecting government services which makes them automatic democrats' -- Right now there's a story in the little item today -- get to a later on local power at the the and our apparently. People -- just coming over the border teenagers are just coming over the border well parents or anything else. And they just come and they go on welfare and they get all these they get all these advocates services and they just come over here and they at age seventeen they they're on welfare in the United States -- the everything has everything is provided for is not nice. Yeah could -- have a lot of money. We don't have any sort of deficit problems we may -- spread around to the poor of the entire world. And nobody had seen the immigrant I want I'm all for. You know increasing legal immigration but I want the ones -- -- going to be competing. For Chris Matthews job and Maureen Dowd Jones and not the job of Barry is nannies that held. Right right and then the and then of course the unions -- support supporting this to -- again that they're cutting the throats of of their of their own members. -- -- shaking down to provide money to elect more Democrats were for more illegal aliens we're gonna cost more jobs of the people. Or forced to pay union dues to have some to a -- -- Yes that their very union that would where you'll hear about because the people on most news outlets are very happy with their. -- below minimum wage and nannies joke heard Gardiner. An -- I mean it really is veal beef importing -- servant class which you know. Okay that would be bad enough but then they're going to become committed to add that they that they aren't paid enough to do we have on the wages that pain they collect government services. And then -- become citizens that vote for the Democrats and that's an awful lot of what explains that once the election. It is again this rule and I have to admit Mendez insults now attend afternoon classes of Lynn English high school learning how to read speak and write English with -- about 20 more Merrick Central American -- sweet story just like -- that came from Guatemala. They swam across the border. Another forty your soul -- need you felt like that I'm accompanied you. Also known as illegal aliens study at -- classical high school during the day all the students range in age from fourteen to 21. The sudden presence is unlike anything the public school system is ever dealt with what they better learn how to deal with the -- is that there are going to be come over here. Friday night and then you know and you can't really blame would be at the illegal immigrants and now so they are violating US law but. Yeah if you know so many of them are such hard workers. That's not the point the point is that -- -- are getting a servant class that are going to vote democratic for the rest of their lives and countries -- and other -- at California in California gave us. -- governor Ronald Reagan and under Richard Nixon gave us. You know the anti tax initiatives. And no Republican is ever going to be elected in California again. And that is because of the changing population. From the illegal immigration from Mexico. And that is that not even though. At that they've been saying here in the story am -- giving credit to write the story but I I want who's supporting these people but there have been I don't see anything here you know. -- -- I know supporting them it's. But I I just want to -- I want to control. I confirmed it I can yeah I confirm via its. The citizens of Massachusetts. Good citizens of -- who were not exactly rolling in cash or 1877469432218774694322. -- -- with this gun thing is -- -- -- I don't I don't think they're gonna get I'm I'm I'm like you are more worried about the immigration and I -- about the guns I don't think they're gonna get anywhere with guns. We know when I don't think they want kill my name my new theory is this is all bluster from the Democrats they have absolutely no intention of happening anything's. I'm -- -- well on explain why the only good thing you could be out there against. But they don't wanna get their Democrats on the record voting for another that we get all ripe old -- on. Because because they'll lose seats all they wanna do is raise the issue. And demagogue Republicans. But they have no intention of helping anything on guns and felt. The only thing you could do I mean there is one -- not a gun show loophole where background checks have to be warmed up like gun pulled anyplace else. That's just -- down. But the real -- it will -- but President Bush already I think it was bush signed into law background checks that would include. On the psychological problems and and and you know you're under psychiatric care. Well -- that isn't being promoted the battle of the fault of the donors that's the fault of the mental health community know we have privacy issues began anyone. -- Yeah and the and the ACLU know. I mean this is the the ACL UVs those same people wanna ward got -- you know they have all these laws to Wada report who the sex offenders are living in your hometown. In the BAC LU was -- got like -- permanent but a series of lawsuits going to war so that they they don't identify sex offenders on the -- are gonna play sex offenders how relevant and identify the -- don't. There's no that's but I know what the owners can bet that they're using our. I mean there's background check on on whether we have a criminal record but whether you have. Whether you have any issues with being mentally disturbed -- schizophrenic nope sorry the on the golf community won't provide it. And that's something that would actually be useful in addition to I mean forget the specific non issue. Told -- how it's. Involuntarily committing dangerous schizophrenic about the Bob I have. Now good blocking that is not the NRA again if you feel you with a mental health community. There that the reason why there roared their roam the streets now that the reason why you have to watch where you step in parts of New York City that yeah reps are extremely high -- Yeah. Lot of spin violent schizophrenic. And can commit without a -- the biggest school. Not a shooting but that that the most schoolchildren were killed and one in incidents in the US. In Michigan back in 1927. On it was a bomb and it was a mentally disturbed me. Right and he was tight -- had been bankrupted by higher taxes to build the schools were decided to destroy the school -- -- You know what I don't get many good proposals out of this comeback -- now you know you can still involuntary commitment more and more -- from. From being a mental health community we need to -- acceptance. No I stepped on -- will be mentally unstable. Yes well you you know we -- we have this enough Massachusetts the the idea. The governor Massachusetts. Deval Patrick has excited to be he's decided he wants to go -- issue of Chavez. And sort of the -- -- the point to build the going -- big point to build a they wanna spend one point eight billion dollars that's what they say that's a claim I mean to be more than that obviously. On in light rail line. From Boston to New Bedford and Fall River -- already have buses running in and nobody's on the buses. So why so naturally we -- wanna spend five billion dollars to have some trains that nobody can be ought. One and oh yeah. And listen here's another thing another another hours of his plans -- you're Pittsfield Massachusetts have you ever been there. It's a very small place. It's it's kind of like it's almost like suburban Albany and New York it's in the same general area it's it's a very isolated part of Massachusetts. They wanna build the train line from Pittsfield to New York City. Again because we've got so much. I mean yeah it. I mean it's the week we don't -- you know we don't need to while worry about that it's gonna provide job -- every declaring that a bit sloppy -- why. That's right and he's gonna he's gonna raise the taxes to 15 point 25% from five point 25% to six point 25%. Because -- nobody wants to cut the sales tax because. The sales tax you know it unfortunately falls on people who don't pay taxes like illegal aliens BBT card recipient. So so we just have to raise the taxes on people who are working. As law abiding citizens that are paying their fair share if we can cut this sales tax now than that'll give more money to what to. To our EBP recipients that are illegal aliens. It's only fair. And only. It's good and prince you know hospital in Connecticut I loved the north east but they are just killing known -- all of these can be no point them in the northeast -- anyone can win. No and Michigan another beautiful stated. It's it's in rage. I don't look at look at Maine with what's happening and remain there all consultants. He. You know these conservationists. With trust funds are buying Dwayne end up in the northern part of the state and they're turning it over to the state. So they can never be -- sort can be conservation land forever but of course the -- -- you have for conservation. The last -- and you have the -- actually going to be tax. So and you and their last best places to actually work at the land can't be developed a so so you have so the taxes keep going up and up and up. On a smaller and smaller group of people. Before being driven out of the state who didn't sell they away amber who did sell literally until the rich people with trust funds and they give more money to the state. Not be used -- taxes have to go up further and more people for its. And it just. CNN higher things that like him very expensive man hasn't. How often write it -- we and then the the only place and they'll be anybody left will be on the seashore that's the only place will be -- -- what will be left in Maine is honesty issue. And then they -- where where -- it will cost two or three million bucks yeah. It's just -- You know I don't know it's with. Happening in New York City Eminem basically is no middle class in New York City now with. It's they hedge funds and investment banker guys the media. And the people who serve them that New York City -- They're Pilates instructors their dog walkers there are we does but there is no bid you know that there used to be big. Paper manufacturers. Around York and and and plopped manufacturers then at another all they've all. That article used that technical high schools you know where you could learn to be a technician -- similar dubious secretary. You could learn to be well there. Most of those high schools are on now to mean it's just it's it's mostly on it's it's very sad. I've tried not to be depressed here and what wouldn't. What I know I don't know if we look forward to. No wind albeit are back in two years and had bruised and is all or. While I hope he's got no skeletons in his closet because things he say in mandate they got to be load loading up up. Posse east to go after him you know. He's he's good on immigration unlike Marco Rubio who has adopted Obama's -- I think mark out. It is spending a lot of time in Iowa through Marco. He had. No. No I'm sorry guy I am I. I hate to let the intellectual -- side coming out of me but in this case. -- of the community college sender is. The one pushing amnesty I'm going to let her rip. Marco Rubio went to community college pit crews went to Princeton and Harvard Law School keys are Hispanic. All right let's see in asking an individual can congress members should be passed. Should be pushed for the position on gun control that would put them in opposition -- that the party of the constituents. It would be you know what they've got away your writing and that they're not gonna have a vote that you know Harry -- that let them have a vote on a budget which is -- one thing they're supposed to -- -- -- -- right so he's he's definitely -- on the bottom level on gun control. So they can just say I'm for I I you know I'm for the second remember how. Lol yeah yeah they have people in in congress who write these absolutely put it in letters. Only slightly different for the -- side -- an -- as go to the anti side of an issue. But they -- so beautifully formula it had been said that a team of MIT scientist could not -- -- the senator's position. That's a deputy regional. All right. Richard you're next with how we -- and called the go ahead Richard he's. -- -- but I doubt if I had heard of a Mexican political scientist named Fred arias skating. Who is formed memorable. Amnesty. And believes that the majority of people who are here undocumented should return to Mexico. But that there should also be investment in Mexico. You see out wrote a piece for the center for immigration will -- -- -- Richard we're investing in Mexico go to a total local -- western union and you concede. A -- happened that mean there's so. I wanna put attack that's what one tax -- favorably and I wanna put a tax on all south of the border Monday cash transactions on the western union heard the other companies like that. If they -- very important point that no one ever mentioned I hope your listeners don't just so what. Think this is funny which -- -- -- move on I mean part of the idea of bringing more people win and why humans generally aren't investment in an economy. Is that they're spending money in addition to earning money and paying taxes. We completely lose that with illegal aliens from Mexico but they've they've they did it live out I mean that very hard workers they leave and hand them -- They of the government support and other -- and then they then you know -- what they make back in Mexico up and helping our economy. Right. Exactly yeah exactly right and most people don't that never comes up. I know it's it's just you know again Heidi you know I was a you know it used to be -- liberals were conservative was someone was liberal -- been -- now conservative liberal who's been to the emergency room. -- it is that -- issued you that they're not paying for anything Indy beware of date. Bit like what I mean why wouldn't these kids come come to live in the Lynn Massachusetts out of that it's the most wonderful place in the world especially at this time a year. But still I mean everything's very. Yes yes yes and actually you remind me of another proposal I have not directly related. You illegal -- not related to emergency room but -- I hear this from my emergency room doctor brand building at the unit. You know drug dealers suiting up cop they're all brought into the same emergency room. And and the drug pig king -- will be wearing 30000 dollars worth of gold chains around his neck and then says no -- -- and happening com. This is getting out of your charity cases can we -- -- your goal came -- Maybe I would as a down payment to him. Part of to a doctor doctor I know DC when he got called a couple of weeks ago a couple of weeks ago to go to the emergency room at 2 o'clock on Saturday morning it's easy he's specialist. And the doctor was filmed him on and he said look out the emergencies have looked out into the room there and there were like twenty people there and he said he's the doctor -- to the other doctor were the only two speak English. Yeah. This is and this is in an upscale suburb of Boston. Yeah. Yeah. Oh yeah. It's it's where they mean it's there it's there were they're primary care physician is the emergency room and it does so and that was that that's why that's why Romney passed on meet here because we were supposed to get the illegal aliens to the finally give something back. Of course I had no it had no impact on that whatsoever you know it just. All of a sudden that there -- -- to make it 25000. Couldn't afford to buy insurance we're now being find 750. Box which would then go which was then being used to provide more health care for more illegal aliens and the Americans still didn't have his health care but he. But it been fine. -- -- more than a single governor can handle which is why we really need to win the presidency and we have a we have a pretty good candidates out there are just died and I'm gonna say this every comment on cue from now on to the next presidential election no members of congress. No business men at least only a businessman you must have -- -- call eight senator or governor preferably governor preferably from a big it's blue or purple thing. But Odom merely trapped for. This -- bruises from attacks have been a. Already am so why you're your book -- your book is mugs that your current book and -- -- you're writing you're you're trying to write about the non politics. Right now but you -- and I see adrift and back into politics. I think I'm going to attack jetBlue -- told us that. It certainly going to be a list of consumer complaints the way I see my column writing for the future for the next few months that's what I thought. T get over it. All right okay thanks for -- weapons we appreciate it looked like you next week like OK yeah outside Bubba. 1877469432218774694322. On our car.