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Jim Stergios ,Pioneer Institute Executive Director, responds to Deval's crazy train proposal

Jan 17, 2013|

We Must Address Serious Transportation Needs In Massachusetts, But the Governor’s Proposal Is Not Serious

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This is Jeff co owner of Boston's bulldozer. Cleaning up the liberal -- 8666868. You can also that this 68680. We are now joined by Jim Sturgis. He is the executive director of the pioneer. Institute. Which focuses on the transportation needs of Massachusetts. Last night mr. Sturgis in the pioneer. A judge Jim Sturgis and eat a pioneer institute and I released a public statement. Saying we must address serious transportation needs in Massachusetts. But the governor's proposal is not serious. Yeah we're having some technical difficulties we'll have a -- am very shortly. But I gotta tell you you read this blog in this statement. And it is some very powerful stuff and what he's basically arguing is. That the governor's proposals. Are essentially. Often base any giant boondoggle. He now joins us mr. Sturgis. Last night you wrote that we must address serious transportation needs in Massachusetts. But the governor's proposal is not serious. Welcome to the corner report and tell us why they're not serious. Good morning Jeff remarked. Within -- PBR the couple learned through -- four probably it never freedom for the -- -- -- short list. Well first and foremost. When he thinks a boat with in his report talks about. Well the economic benefits that would be these projects. The number he is using are all good short. Oh they're probably somewhere around 5060%. Beyond look and -- the national -- is but beyond that computer -- -- -- consideration and negative impact. Of raising taxes. You know you can talk about all the benefits of putting a real into the ground between Springfield and also argue that really gotten any real merit. Part I don't -- taxes and clear the economic literature is very clear as a real Big Ten negative impact especially when you're talking about sales taxes. And you're talking about income taxes. All right you going to draw who got beat up the second thing is a product she's talking about he keeps talking about how. What we need with these -- transportation needs. Looked really cared about three billion dollars backlog of the work you need to do to the -- we connection get on the train. It'll run. We don't have to worry your return we get on Katrina in New York. In the winter -- it's still LeRoy C we know that when the skills to train probably two or three -- -- -- -- -- social breakdown. Yes he wants to build a real and from Springfield to Boston will be probably took -- dog and -- -- it. Other people the researcher on that is clearly does not look ridership. In fact Peter -- and is headquartered -- in the bus service. The fifth -- in Springfield still not running a total loans to Boston this is not a -- they're shipping -- true -- and -- New Bedford. -- same thing is true of the proposed. Rail link from -- -- Berkshire's into Connecticut so -- -- -- going -- New York. Think it is true the real he's proposing troops for the -- and these are not needs it's sort of wake. And so when it comes to complete book I I have all the stuff broke an all around me. And what I want to do is you know -- territory but it -- -- -- and wanna buy -- stuff -- it just doesn't work is an argument. So it'll probably the two biggest ones are many others we can get into people like. We're talking with Jim Sturgis -- he's the executive director of the pioneer institute. Jim we know that mean mean mean Governor Deval Patrick has a nice home in the Berkshire's. Is there a self interest for him to have a rail link. To go across the state from the Burke shares I mean would that raise property values let's say for Governor Deval Patrick house. I don't think so I don't think that's -- that's motivating because the governor has always had a difference of being a transformational. Governor and he is used that term and so. In private and sometimes in public. Well if you is that. We can and that spur economic welcome all of these regions. But people here are a real work. Just to put it the clearest point I've looked New Bedford and Fall River in other cities. Do you need to do some work to change the way they do their business. They need to streamline the way they make their payments they need to get police on the streets they need to fix the schools. But the governor will propose putting for a couple more or schools or people education reforms -- -- It would make it much more truck pushed ago. But I would submit to you. If the governor wants to build a real and what's -- to do that for Lisa don't wanna do because a -- 600 all the money in Boston. An Olympic book people in the -- -- wanna bring them what you have in Boston two problems without. What's good Boston is not -- sure which could for conduct for this is incredible kubert. But by linking New Bedford to Boston so I -- -- could be some kind of great -- it is clear from traffic patterns. That New -- took much more prisons were -- So why would mean the first was what do the streets I can think. But John Mitchell entered the mayor of New Bedford keynote to describe it will cost two billion dollars plus maintenance repair over the years. If you want to John Mitchell and you said. A -- two billion dollars for New Bedford. Q what looks to build a rail link to Boston which got some other -- the local level I'm sure he would not say. Let's build a rail links to both conditions -- could be the kind of ridership. Economic benefits for governor is promising he's essentially making the case. Which is one that's based upon lubricant. Says look we -- the Big -- now we're gonna quote can do projects in each of the areas military and the mavericks. But there are few merit to these projects. So let me ask you this Jim -- kind of hinted that it he's he sees himself like Obama as a transformational. Leader. He wants to transform this state. Why is he pushing them for rail links. Two New Bedford. To Cape Cod to. To Springfield if there's no demand they're still being no ridership. What's ultimately his agenda is it to make this -- -- European social democracy. Where they have high speed rail -- rail everywhere. But I think I think it is sort of romantic notion that every won't go to train will be happy. That somehow because we we link New Bedford abortion Uga would would become a -- their computers some sort. For the feed people and labor market. I think brought -- in comparison to President Obama to correct comparison here is too -- respect deeply. But some -- working controller and the broad issues and that's governor to cut. Governor Dukakis had a similar ideas about the -- of rail in people. Our economy here in Massachusetts. And the governor has this idea that somehow magically putting these rail links in declaring. Or is going to do it and and voting -- for an older people conclude that because so -- some resentment or. What you think I'm looking increased. All use less and less well they're used quite steep losses. Luxury boxes between. Metropolitan areas. If there was demand for that. Look at governor could do. It is take a look at all the moderate regulations prohibit -- be very very difficult for new book purposes to -- from the private market. And their army and because below the credit markets first approved this writer. But it -- its first -- to them until this critical level of demand there's no reason for Pope even think about. Putting a restriction without starting the structure which costs a lot of money local time to time. Especially when -- -- -- and the regional transit police are in such deep if you will to do in terms of taking care what they already own. So Jim basically this is what you're saying and nutshell is this is one massive boondoggle. It's -- as a boondoggle -- absolutely a look we we have -- a -- institute. That this is up for political reason -- posture and stuff it's not what I do what I try to do mystical look at fact and and -- -- convinced what's best for the York. Could it become a walk about should we do believe that's been very modest six cent gas tax increase -- -- if it touched. To infrastructure which -- power status bar or basic five to ten year period to repair what we have. I think god is good that's a good idea for and represents one of which is. If you -- the stuff to keep falling apart it's the cost more later to -- Sony can be numbers there may have had some veteran a straight. Look absolutist no no no when people have to -- grange repeatedly. When people have potholes. All over the place and digital falling down. We do have to think about how the fuel that's extremely -- -- think about pension liabilities. Or health care promises that the government aid without a repeat of other people we have to if this stuff. But they one point nine billion dollar attracting. -- shoveled into new projects we can't keep the water future will we are proud to be shoveling troop who knows -- yet. In education here didn't truly define -- he wants to do I wanna keep he's got a penny. For big fingers. They all have to go into the specifics. We're talking with Jim Sturgis. The executive director of the pioneer institute. Jam dynamite stuff thanks for coming on the corner report. -- Thank you Jim. So you heard it right here an expert on transportation policy. Telling us were built our -- Governor Deval Patrick meany mean. Wants to build railway lines and railway links to places all across the state where there's no demand. It's gonna be one massive boondoggle. And we're gonna have the highest increase in state history to pay for it he you're gonna pay for -- Do you agree do you disagree. 61720666868. Should we play. For new rail lines to New Bedford the Cape Cod to Springfield. From the -- shears is that what we need him in the Massachusetts. Yeah and the great Commonwealth of Massachusetts. 6172666868. I'll take your calls right after this break the only place and.