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Chump Line Friday January 11, 2013 - Pistol Packin' Mama

Jan 11, 2013|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was a caller singing a song about the woman in Georgia who shot an intruder.

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There's tools it's. You bet -- right. This so that it bombs. And that surprised. Do it is -- -- issues in the news. It's still active. Shoot that -- I think patiently that down that that's good track. Beating Nashville should invite him that -- -- colleges and hit shelling ABC. You admit that I mutiny aboard red mole removed ended their regulations. -- -- caused. Us. On to talk. He has. You're supposed -- they have mandatory background -- before wanted to get behind the we will have a notebook BOC a outrageous he. That's right I think even a drunken Kennedy can register that'll mobile with a cellphone bill in Massachusetts. Now with the registrar just told us. House -- issues that I was voted father of the year. That's great -- to help -- Hoosiers. It's. So it's. I told him -- magic eyes of her. These days he's head chest staring her if you really is. I think the President Clinton would have felt about the Barney -- law. That we didn't he tracked down I just posted on the face of Shell's well head CT HEE. It is hilarious. The general statute. Be amended to establish. A classy. Fannie. Offense except for certain military and marvelous person now and certain gun clubs for any person or organization. Who purchases sells donates transport. Possesses. Any time except -- made to fire a single round so they -- the state senator in Connecticut. Who roto -- Senator Meyer wrote a law. That would outlaw. Any time. That carried -- held up fired more than one bullet 45 alarm anybody. Again don't cause violence I've played Mario how -- -- -- -- like jumping hurdles. I mean I played in eighteen mean pinball game. Was that bullying that little ball. Although you bet -- quieter than a mile. Well ladies and perhaps the opener how this doesn't help what they're trying to bill. Tape of guns away from me and you know they'd rather use the tragedy at -- -- these -- This time you'll probably went quiet about it for. Crazy. About this law the Barney -- proposed bill that went 22 that would outline any and that while the one well. Astray. Some gang banging MS thirteen member and that to me industry clarity EC. And I didn't. But I mess. That I have a bullet that why might I ask you all. Brian. I was I was a little -- equipment I was awful that's why they always need to capture. On a Little League team pretty can't I get a catcher you know our right field. And guess what position I played. All right field. And they -- what did people didn't realize there -- infected with -- -- the live at the way what who can both do. I -- that -- spoke to take out your musket. Which is what 71. Points out. Is begun the file is one bullet the musket. -- And give me an old weapon and -- What day Monday -- there -- according connect to get the things that we should get the musket. What is it about the lovely. That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Here -- the Big Ten tournament this. It's called gun control. And Chris sit up here. Fist pump. That 911 call. If you Kenya calm down on him on the phone calm down to him and well she shot -- she shot him a lot. -- -- not allowed back well and picked up at all the way at all. The biggest. There is -- true. Picture that -- what a truck or. -- I -- double that confident becoming trapped it and don't regret that and other. I don't want to bend this say could be a deal and I. I look for the good guys. -- -- that story is not a reminder of this country this week. And I can tell you what -- hate all sports a code won't hit thinking about it for a -- good jobs. And the that's right. Gets in the ink is -- Just like this morning naked intruder was tried to choke -- pet Rottweiler was shot by a homeowner in Miami Wednesday morning. The bizarre incident happened around 5 AM. But the occupants of the home were awoken. They're acknowledging dogs -- and a homeowner went to check out the noise he confronted the suspect who is completely sneaking it in trying to choke. One of the dogs it was totally got it. The whole owner opened fired twice hitting the suspect in the -- ones. A homeowner held the man until police are -- the intruder was speaking at Jackson memorial hospital where his condition -- unknown. Police said he tried to bite the homeowners. Yeah police. -- -- think. -- 72 Miami is ordinarily. I'm bath salts. Actress I did not come here to be needs Florida. Said he wanted I would give my one bullet on the fees vocal chords. Out. Imus now I was just thinking and that's all the reasons for gun control -- keep people safe and -- violence. It's illegal aliens kill more Americans and done so maybe we can make illegal aliens illegal. We illegal aliens illegal because not illegal be illegal dynastic technically it's not illegal -- be legal in Massachusetts. And don't get -- let me tell who registered. I track and legally extract that was used to murder MacKey Guinea's. Well he ST get out and a GPS monitoring device on the taxpayers by the way because he legally has to go to our what's the matter with you -- you know. -- immigration didn't kill. This person a drunk drivers kill this person and this person. It was illegal. To kill this person. It was illegal by the way has been locked up before for assaulting a police officer walked up again for assaulting a firefighter -- a locked -- a third time. For assaulting any anti lock up three times for driving without a license. On the -- seven years since he's. Arrived. Ran papadore. And what's going on the courts all he's plain -- and I. He can't be prosecuted he's mentally you know any key -- to court proceeding because detect different translator doesn't speak. Twenty that David -- language the so called dialect. I've no idea. What was the -- English or actually don't like about specific epic fail and the peak and it hailed. Rescued and went through Yale. See that there is a purpose of these vocal -- the -- I tell you. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling how tired you jumped. So that was the last job -- message we have the other without our favorite crystal clean -- favored again. It's still pack in my. Shoot that group right. -- in bombs. That group right there. You're again. I think if you -- here in the they're both active. Shoot that murder. You shelter.