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Police Blotter Fax Friday January 4, 2013 - Sharing

Jan 4, 2013|

Our 2 winners from this week's contest were twin brothers who were arrested after a fight as to who was going to have sex with their shared girlfriend and 2 California teenagers arrested for drugging their parents milkshakes with knockout drops so they could use the internet.

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Friday -- -- Police -- thanks Friday. Story is true. It's that time of the week. Friday evening time for police blotter story all week long we ask -- and in your funny. Daily -- weekly newspaper accounts about the local police department some papers called the police law that was called the police blotter of the can be standalone stories but. You could -- to us at 6177793467. Or you can email to us. At Howie Carr at WRKO. One dot com and at this time every Friday night we've read. The best ones of the weakened our opinion and that the two. Best entries of the week in our opinions get a nice prize when they get this weekend's Indy. They're gonna get their police blotter fax Friday T shirt which is a collectors on them and only available if you -- police -- you can't buy them anywhere. OK so -- what are these other runners up they do not when the teacher. The first is from Louisville, Kentucky the weekly vice Tracy Browning a 38 year old Louisville woman. Which did jail that she tried to purchase several ipads with the food stamp card. And -- and now we're always out. It's a -- Louisiana. -- Louisville, Kentucky which. Allowed here. Well I am not -- went to police slug woman uses EBT for bar drinks cab reports subsequent stock. And in government who works at Woburn cop police report ongoing harassment issues according to police. Means that he's being stopped by a former neighbor the victim told the police to smear has visited his work although he's not seen him. And left signs that he was there. The victim believes the mile to cigarette but this general white line a parking lot as a sign he was there and also released the air out of the victim's car tires. He's informed the police that stalker has a night scope and his very stealthy. Why is east east. Mail -- talking and government yes. -- -- Stocking apparently like marriages and evolving paradigm. San Jose California police arrested a naked man wielding a large San all right soared after three hour New Year's Day standoff in Afghanistan. The Mercury news reports the police received a call about a mile an assault rifle in front of our residents near south San Jose. The man drive away when officers stopped his car he jumped out of the car naked brandishing a sword. During a standoff he shouted several times you're gonna have to kill me. The newspaper says officers used a flash bang device to distract him and rushed him. His name was between nine year old cocoa -- cool -- shoot the naked man get life on this card Cuba and I'm glad he asked to be shocked. Well I guess that suicide the customer's always right I thought. Richmond a woman using. Used a pair of toilet challengers to ward -- attack by her boyfriend. Toilet -- yes that's just a -- of port Allen who who has to toilet while president master under at -- -- of Blake's Angel in Richmond was arrested on charges of domestic violence. Batman and they found two plunger is one of which was broken in the bedroom the living room between an element hopefully she used them to defend herself from him. She said the fight broke out when she arrived come to find he'd broken into her apartment. He hit her strangled or one point shy of his fingers down her throat. Strangle her sandy what did I can't I import crazy with the misuse of the word strangled strangle me she killed so he attempted to strangle her eighth world -- -- he attempted to -- right exactly but he did not strangler. Police burned out headlights reveal a stolen car this is from the this from Brookline actually. My my hometown and officer observed a dark sedan where they burned out headlight in Washington street is the operas or follow the driver. He would -- the driver making -- lane violation as the vehicle -- Harvard and a driver veered left over -- small island and cut up another vehicle. As the officer filed a suspect he entered the league numbers leave the automobiles along -- PD and go after the bike and down there -- good player of the real -- -- the officer approaching its driver did not but the current parts. And the car began to roll forward the operas are shouted the driver and vehicle stopped -- after a closer again the vehicle forward again. -- officer reached the passenger side window until the driver to put the car park the driver didn't respond. The officer opened the passenger door and told the driver to put the car in park. Which is suspected the suspect did not have a license and told the officer. That a friend had let him are his car he was one Al Montel bias of Glenwood avenue in Dorchester. Yes I didn't. I got another one of those actually from JJ's sending me over every every day from the Chelsea record for the WTKK refugees. BN but it though Monte -- 52 was arrested for operating his own -- taxi -- business unlicensed and trespassing. Jose Laboy Cruz 23 was arrested 40 were driving with suspended. Revoke the license and several traffic violations. Why can't re quite the name but he was arrested for operating a motor vehicle -- license. Newton five Newton police officers have been punished for egging them home of the superior officer saw this. Framingham police respondents reported teenagers throwing eggs at a house on Griffin road the homeowner is a -- and police sergeant. Police stopped a car with two opted union police officers inside who admitted they and the house saying it was only a prank. A third off duty officer actually flagged down a -- in police officer a short time later near the scene according to the place -- The officer who appeared intoxicated. Said he had now -- -- a lot producers and he was governor Ryan home. I'll follow up investigations had a total of five officers were involved it was a botched joke you know what is wrong with these student cops. The they -- they had the they got rid of the chief of police right to it because he was making no supposedly lewd jokes about the about women in the department and kicking them. Nineties. Assessments on around. Belleville Illinois Belleville police chief Billy clay is ordering his officers to get their pink cakes from anywhere but -- Calling a restaurant politically stupid. The new orders come after New Year's Day clash between five detectives and one Denny's manager. The department says the detectives were out of uniform wearing badges when manager David Rice asked them to either -- put their guns in their vehicle. Rice told detectives that one of their weapons specifically at female detectives then was making -- diner feeling comfortable. At the opposite relieving without their food. He's got annoyed -- -- comfortable he's going to be from now on at least on this that the top general manager Michael -- locked up being corrected their manager and -- -- -- for them to say exactly. But the opposite said it would be too awkward and it left anyway. Wow I I'm I'm wondering what how long the our -- short to career Pappas of the assistant manager now Anthony's for running an app police officers. How many people going to be arrested at 1:30 AM leaving the leaving Denny's after last call and tours withdrawn if I'm a diner and -- group of five and they had their badges shine a feisty group of five cops armed. I'm kind of feel good about you know. -- that's gonna happen in this restaurant. You know I think it's a good thing about thing. Suit claims officer -- DUI cases. In New York Times. There was a time not long ago when Lisa -- stock as a corporal in the Utah Highway Patrol with soaring. Passionate about police work with a wide smile and notable member of driving under the influence arrest to show for her diligence. She was named trooper of the year in 2000 Simon. In November however the once promising officer was fired amid haze of misconduct and allegations EU's. The Highway Patrol would not discuss your dismissal but a lawsuit claims she also by dozens ever rest during her -- career how does she think she is -- duke and she made a career pulling over drivers who she claimed were driving drunk and under the influence there was only my own problems some of the driver she rested had not been drinking. Or senator crop or arrested by this or not enough to be reasonably impaired according to lawsuit in several cases those -- -- didn't drink alcohol she's a state senator crap -- yeah well -- they -- the -- -- -- -- this -- -- -- -- -- -- people -- -- -- -- lawyers who filed the complaint which names -- the -- -- -- were all separately getting calls about Lisa Steve from people saying half -- or wouldn't do anything wrong. She told me just like I hadn't been drinking. They would path to sobriety test with flying colors and she -- column appeared and arrest them anyway. Guy and says she's been apparently doing this for a long time good luck to them and you like he's coming up. In the future she's going to work the state state. Chemist chemist lab and your -- As a complaint -- Cleveland at 22 year old woman was seriously injured after a bizarre incidents at a local strip club. It happened at Christie's other incidents of the bizarre incidents at local clubs and never having been in one -- couldn't possibly tell you but now it's like is there any such thing as a good. Of course you got a flurry of a drift or saved Dennis Haynes blog last night for a male on -- isn't on the print. According to her report from Cleveland police to witness that he was getting a lap dance from the woman on the second floor of the club. When something terribly wrong they're reporting officer said this of the incidents that witness stated that the dancer. Grabbed the rail as he was facing away from. The latest -- the the dancer grab the -- as he would be the big guy who's gonna dance was facing away from the balcony and she tried to complete some sort of jumped dance move. And accidentally went head first over the -- she felt fifteen feet and suffered major head trauma. She's currently in critical condition. Now. Answers it's an attempt. Am I am I try to guess how many I would say no. Mind of the than it was you know which way to the hospital dream monster ever. A 76 year old man trapped himself an underground waste paper container in Amsterdam after he clambered into hunt for a lottery ticket. The elderly man managed -- open container and climbing because he feared he -- -- lottery ticket along with other used paper passers -- heard him calling for help and alerted the police -- -- him. With the help of firefighters by the way he did not find his lottery ticket. This is a police filed homicide and other charges against nineteen year old Benjamin Daniel Klinger. For the death of stemming -- on an interstate near Mannheim in south central Pennsylvania. Click here is a creep accused of crashing on purpose then killing her by sitting on her until she expects created. Apparently you went to Keller -- crashed in debt when it when firefighters arrived they found him sitting on her head. And it apparently -- much anyway. Comment doesn't take much when something's just been through and bank action isn't saying much leeway but few issues faced down and he was grinding her face into the dirt -- on her hand. There was -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Injustice some of these alcohol incidents may have been the toothpaste you know that that's what we are that's what brought that senator Dellucci environments -- Oregon house opera -- miracle. Police say two friends playing game a quick job icing -- -- thought it was in the global ultra bright. Police say to your friends playing game of quick job icing who could pull a gun or knife faster. Led to the accidental shooting of one mean -- -- was released on his own recognizance after pleading not guilt team. He was twice one for a security guard accidentally shot 24 year old Ryan Aldridge are shrewd -- in the abdomen. Before midnight and New Year's Eve here cry he required surgery but -- toothpaste have been involved in this incident I have no doubt. The toothpaste was in fact you since then OK these are the two winners. The first one is from Manchester. Twin Brothers were arrested on New Year's Eve after the fight over whose turn it was to have sex with a girlfriend that they shared. -- Ryan's on ski hail and Sean Peter hale Tony -- have an open dating relationship for the Tories seven year old woman they ball. She told police she is guilty or not guilty sexually no pictures sexually intimate with each brother depending on. Who's she chooses to be with that particular day that turning -- who's sober. The three were in a local hotel when Shaun Hill asked his brother to leave the room so he and the woman could have sex Ares can't refuse that you started throwing punches at each other. I'm trashing their room police said the Brothers who bomb. Arrest of the Brothers later at their residence area was charged with third degree is so out. Report did not indicate whether the Brothers are identical or fraternal plans. And the other on important -- there's no picture that's -- there's -- picture is there's no picture. So in the yes I got you okay the other one happened in in. And Rocklin California. Two teenage girls desperate to get around a curfew on surfing the web decided to drive the unsuspecting parents of one of the girls was sleeping pills. Frustrated by her mom and dad's insistence that the Internet be shut up at 10 PM a fifteen year old girl on her sixteen year old friend. -- a crafty plans offered a pick up milk shakes for her parents placing a chocolate Vanilla flavored drinks with sedatives. The Rocklin California teenager successfully caused the adults to pass up or turned over to the police on the -- parents realized what had occurred. Well how to do what's in the an audit to I don't mean usually you say bring the boring and the computers in -- to my bed okay is that what she did yes and then. They Lockett went sure I locked the door. -- it's very sad actually work yeah it works. It absolutely I am under the impression your kids to learn how to pick a -- by now -- an -- walk the of them followed in the follows footsteps. So those two winners to winners. We'll continue to rally car one week from today for another exciting and -- the police blotter thanks --