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Notable Qoutables of 2012

Dec 19, 2012|

The Media Research Center’s Best Notable Quotables of 2012 list is out. Among them Jamie Foxx at the BET Awards on November 25: “First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior, Barack Obama!” Howie asked what other great quotes to you remember from this year.

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All right the year of our savior Obama this is by Brent Bozell. From the Media Research Center. And I he's got the the the in an obvious to moon bat media quotes of the year we've got some of these here. The year when he twelve was defined by the calculator re emergence of Obama worship no matter how obvious his failures in office after reelection the actor Jamie -- let it all hang out in a tribute. At the BET awards on November the 25. And over -- the as a. Thought it was not a good god. And our lord very -- -- -- But fox wasn't alone in the idolatry category naturally MSNBC's Chris Matthews won the -- Obama again has them award by failing to find a single flaw. In his idol and a hard ball tribute on July 17. This is the one from yesterday. Remember this when. This guy's done everything right he's raised his family -- what is -- all the way in the top of the Harvard Law Review in a blind test becomes head of the review the top editor there. Everything he's done is clean as a whistle he's never not only broken any law he's never done anything wrong he's the perfect father the perfect husband. The perfect American and all they do is trash the guy. And. Did -- give up his law license in the state of Illinois. You wouldn't think he would have given up his law license if he'd never broken any law never done anything wrong. But he did. I guess that's I guess that's a dog whistle. -- -- Chris comrade Chris is concerned. Chicago Chicago Chicago. Apartment apartment apartment. Those are more dog whistles remember. Now we come back the piers Morgan. CNN's piers Morgan won in the media hero award for his fawning over Bill Clinton. At the annual Clinton Global Initiative meeting on September 25. We don't have this month that -- gonna have to Iowa. I'm gonna have to want to read this one I'll read but thoughts OK you'll -- tell a difference because I have -- I have a spot on English accent. Cold -- might. People say you put Melissa meant they could you at the convention Mike and abroad aged woman despite an incredible speech -- -- was -- might. You were electric Ford applauds and they all site why don't we have this blog -- 22 amendment. Governor why -- Bill Clinton just run again and be president for the next study is. Was emir was that piers Morgan I know your mystified. A primetime CNN personality announces Clinton should be president of life even as CNN and its media fans keep declaring that nonsense that this network abhors and rejects. Political partnership. Partisanship. Okay. But journalist. Proclaiming their -- objectivity no matter how ridiculous is a daily event the denying the obvious award for refusing to acknowledge liberal bias went to New York Times editorial page editor Andrew Rosenthal. Who grew angry on February 16 when his newspaper was compared to Fox News and it's partisan take on the news. The word I want to use here begins with ball and NC and yet you can figure out what comes in between I think it's absolute pernicious nonsense. Fox News presents the way the news in a way that is deliberately skewed to promote political causes in the -- New York Times simply does not. -- good -- Sam Donaldson wasn't letting that guy drive the car that night and Delaware. He was obviously on something himself. The Romney family would disagree perhaps were calling items like the 2300 -- front page or bike trip Gabriel school sporting mrs. Romney's enthusiasm for -- -- Where courses costing up seven figures execute pure way that's another dance like moves to writers wearing tails and top. Were times columnist. Charles below. Who won the politics of personal destruction award for denying Romney's humanity on MSNBC on July 17. This man does not have a soul if you open up you know she is she is -- chest is probably a goal -- want to admit I'm not the heart this is not a person. This is just a robot who will do whatever it takes whatever he's told to do to make it to the White House. But see they're not partisan at the New York Times staff are very they're very objective. Former news ABC news director David H tally of lost his job -- -- Washington bureau chief of Yahoo! note news for being caught on an open microphone on August 28 during the GOP convention in Tampa. Talking -- a picture of Mitt and and Romney. We have about one. That we used to that when they are happy that there had to -- the party with people dread coming. And anyway I don't you ever the terminal yes character yes actually they are happy you know it's -- -- In the middle. They they they pretend to be discussed that it shocked and then they say it and then they laugh. Obama is our savior and Romney is happy with blacks drowning get it. Okay and now the last one this is MSNBC weekend host Melissa Harris Perry. She won the the quote of the year from media research center for offering her unique happy birthday. To America on her July 1 show. The land on which they formed this union was stolen. The hand with which he built this nation were enslaved the women who birth to the citizens of the nation are second class specific imperfect fabric of our nation. At times we've torn and stained it and at other moments we mend and repairing it. But it's ours all of -- the imperialism the genocide the slavery. Also deliberation in the hope that deeply American belief that our best days still lie ahead of us. America that beat -- fact. You know as long as we can just defer to our lord and our lord. And savior. Well rock Obama. Oh by the way he's been named man of the year by time magazine I know that's shocked yes. Well it was not a good god. And -- lord save fuel for Rockwell. I hear a day. Okay how about Karen Finney now that no you know we we know. Martin Luther King said he wanted to get to a they were we we that we judgment on the color of their skin but on the character and quality of course the content of their character. And so now here's Karen Finney she's she's judging men on the on the color of their skin and. They wells played out. Look I agree with you John Kerry honorable man. Do a great job I do think that the White House has been a little bit careful about you know the other name that's out there -- Chuck Hagel for defense I think -- two white men. In him we when you've just sought an African American woman has. Well qualified overly qualified get treated that way and a cabinet that -- say he's a more diversity anyway. Telling not a Smart strategic decision so it may be a little while before you get that those names console battle -- That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. Whether we would that be it tactical decision to turn rather -- strategic decision immunity to it. -- hate to admit it here you know with someone loose so intelligent still has to be on months. On MSNBC. Okay now one here right I wanna hear right MS speaking of MSNBC is a big MSNBC today. Thomas Roberts. Thomas Roberts this is say this a guy who's you know he does in the -- -- -- he doesn't wanna going to rhetorical overkill or anything like that here. Now there's nothing we only do so tongue is that we need I'm just dominated W willingly so as far as I -- we can send our charter school to be assassin you know. Some people say. Talk to people all the time to watch MSNBC they say they wanna know what the other side is thinking number one the other side is not thinking I mean that doesn't this prove that I mean every day we give you that we give -- -- bunch of these sound cuts I mean what. This this is just. Aaron nonsense. That they're peddling this is this is Wayne BS. 1877469432218774694322. I'm now car.