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Bitter Clingers

Dec 19, 2012|

Last night Pierce Morgan of Great Britain on CNN rudely ripped into guest Larry Pratt, the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, calling him "an unbelievably stupid man" who's "dangerous," concluding the interview by saying, "You shame your country" Howie asked who the hell is Morgan to rip into any american....Howie did not believe that guns were really the issue.

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Grew -- back to talking about got a little bit here today were cut that down slowly is as time goes on by. I eat you got to hear this just this piers Morgan -- last night from I know nobody watches piers Morgan and legacy distracts me not because he's. He's such a fraud in the huge piece. He east pretending to be some kind of -- moral by example our you know -- -- a great white father from across the seat to to lead us. Lead us wild west -- cowboys. Here in the United States. It's from our. From our degraded in the barbarian ways when in fact this guy should be discussion be in the in the dock next to war -- back. -- The redheaded gal who was is gonna stand trial for phone hacking this guy was a phone hacker to when he worked -- were back brock's. He ought to be he he he ought to be back in England by preparing for his defense and preparing to go to jail it's that he's lecturing all of us. So anyway he's a he's he's one of these guys who's figured out that you know. You can really be you can really bond with the beautiful people if you come down hard on guns so this is what he was doing last night he's with eighties with some guy yeah. He's with some -- one of the Harry Pratt he's Larry Pratt he's -- NRA. Or something like the NRA at something like the NRA. -- is here's. Piers Morgan on on the Clinton news network with a. Think we need to ban gun control laws that keep people from being able to protect themselves today the problem it is not going to go away if we. Ban this or that gun we've tried that that doesn't work doesn't even work in England you've had. Mass murders there all over Europe there have been mass murders of two solution is for people to be able to find themselves feel at what point of the crime and -- slate for twenty minutes for the police to come what she -- everybody's debt at Pratt was an absolute lie. They don't murder rates in countries like Britain or Germany or Australia who will soften massacres. Many years ago similar nature have a then fell 35 people killed or -- cure for murderer Wayne had -- your murder rate is lower than ours that is true -- violent -- against your health popular violet hill Friday they had cameras violent I don't -- higher than ours. As is a violent crime rate in Australia. America is not the vehicle while the -- that you're depicting we only have the problem in our cities and and and unhappily in our schools. Where people like you have been able to get good laws put on the books that keep people from being able to defend themselves. I honestly don't understand why you who would rather have people be victims of a crime then be able to defend themselves it's incomprehensible. You know believed to be stupid man onto it. It seems to me that your morally obtuse you seem to prefer being a victim to being able to prevail over the criminal element. And I don't know why you wanna be the criminals friend. What a ridiculous argument you have absolutely no room. -- parent aren't once about the identity you -- I Buchanan I don't give a damn deal about the government right now America. He dashing cash or units constantly there's still a lot of them there mr. Morgan you would like I -- And let us don't -- that they bounced right off of them and -- it was your side you're speaking oblivious. Is an awesome save your lives I'm answering your question I wish you could understand it. Because you're in my decision would you like to cities we're glad to see. People be would you like to say -- is armed with don't wanna hear it that's why you keep an and a lot of money area I think it's complete nonsense what do monetary. You would like to see tend to do that dumb thing. Us so big so facetious. I just -- -- loss of this one question. Post what happened to sandy hook you'll onset. Of this problem. Of repeated use of this weapon -- these high capacity magazines. Is to continue letting Americans buy them -- impunity. And signaled concern yourself with these mass shootings is that right. The Second Amendment means what it says in meanwhile you want to continue laws against self defense laws that prohibit self defense laws that prohibit teachers and other faculty. Other members of the administration in schools from being able to defend themselves if they have a concealed carry permit. The laws prohibit them right now. We have been lobbying against those laws since they were put on we will continue to do so pointing out that that is where the problem is -- three if you -- support them means that you really blind to the role that that plays. And enabling murderers to operate with -- impunity. Yeah I know my -- -- sales of these weapons have been soaring in the last few days is down to idiots like you. Mr. -- cheese this -- is your. Level argument if you know exactly and understand the meaning of the phrase high level argument you are dangerous man espousing dangerous nonsense and just arraignment is dangerous as -- -- game military role model yeah show while I know a lot of role models known a lot of. I think Pratt handled him pretty pretty well. Realize that in the school to become an interviewer did Timothy class on how to insult your -- that really gets it that's really a nice touch you know we knew what you know when in -- issue an ad hominem attack when someone's that you -- trapped in the quarter. And this pummeling -- just it's called an idiot. In spite of the fact that your the one in the quarter being pummeled. Then. He refuses to listen to the fact that there isn't something. In this country. Key years. The country you've chosen to come to the country. That you should come to -- to. In the wake of the criminal for all of -- over you're edit or ships of the news of the world than the guests Sunday and Daily Mirror. You know there's something called the bill of rights in the Second Amendment the bill of rights talks about the the right by the United States citizenry. To bear arms. Why why did the one that was the one with a founding -- soul so interest that in the in protecting the right of these citizens to bear arms could it have been the fact that they at all lived through the American revolution. Against. Here's countryman. Be soft tyranny that that developed. And the and not so soft as the a year went by and they wanted and they knew that had the had a clone had the minutemen only had. Why don't know. Lawrence. To take with them to the Concord Lexington bridges and -- in -- they might not a prevailed in the some of these battles. Howling yes. I I just need to tell you something. Were on the air on the affiliates yes. But on the mother station in Boston. That station is off -- -- great. There's a technical issue Entercom happens doesn't it -- on an all the affiliates. Grow right station is off the -- whereas now when we've been GM Europe the air the eight. Right. 18774694322. Everyone -- why do I wanna leave and -- now. Why would I ever wanna leave this great -- Special -- a money AM radio even even on the best of days on a day like this but god well. 18774694322. 802 says he appears you bleep adult. High capacity magazines only matter in a firefight in a gun freeze on the shooter can just reload anyway because nobody is shooting back. 603 -- I thought this -- bleep bleep bleep was bad on America's Got Talent but he is gone completely off the charts. He disappears travel what armed security. Yeah getting lost signal in Walpole getting a signal from Toronto that's eight. Great. Hey pop up a -- back for me now. Shifts. Perfect example of a liberal and ignorant liberal. Facts don't matter emotions and name calling the only -- typical liberal defense when the facts are against you call them names. What -- -- Nino about gun ownership anyway. And now. If it's so great in England what the hell is he going here I'm telling these are no plan. They they made him testify before that the press inquiry. But they had awards elevenths -- -- just issued the report a couple of weeks ago about what they were gonna go about the these tabloids running amok. And he he couldn't come back to it. Ole -- -- TV you know because he's so darned important here and in in the colonies so he had to give his testimony. Via satellite from LA. At again what kind of person. Insults somebody else because he cares he can't come up with the idea thoughtful report. To their argument. Okay what kind of person does that an idiot and he's caught -- -- column this guy an idiot animal raw and takes one that no one. 1877469432. To a good knows I'm coming in loud and clear in San Diego. On the Internet. Boston. Not so much. 1877469432. To all the lets -- the Matthews they tell -- the map that now opposite. Here's another complete when we're talking about that the colonel and I were talking about this last night and you know the -- have a good point he said. He said Matthews. Is is it still wracked with guilt that he was in the piece for. It and and didn't go to Vietnam so somehow he's got to make up for DC he's got all this white guilt that he's the estimate -- -- somehow also. That's why he's become this twitching knee jerk liberal with the tingle up his way. It's at the kernel it's in but that doesn't explain that he lets on the other guy who is you know not not only didn't go to Vietnam but claimed he was in Vietnam. The guy from around here. The stolen valor. Columnist. And you know I mean I I would say that the you know if you Chris wanted to start making amends for and if he feels guilty about not having on the Vietnam. Then he should stop having a guy on who spent many years claiming it was a Reen when in fact it was not a green and he would never been to Paris island and he has never been to Vietnam. But chris' Chris is model air anyway as -- about this say. Well you know that is not hopeless thing you talked about the second man the good luck. Back in 1930 -- we had machine gun Kelly and all the guys on Chicago we had all prohibition are encouraging a certain kind of crime run run run running inside threat. Here's the question back then that congress had the guts to outlaw. Automatic weapons machine -- -- they did the editor heavily regulated heavily regular what's the point if you don't find round. Here's the question why can't congress did the same thing with semiautomatic say no we've got millions -- of whatever can't we start to regulate we don't the regular shotgun or regular pistol with a revolver anything. But if you go into the semi automatic level -- we -- that's like the automatic level. Just go and tell. Because in our reports are out tomorrow and price they approved the earlier one did nine is their president. They did and even after the Heller decision. The Supreme Court told us there were reasonable limits that congress could impose when it came to firearms they're two groups that I think are essential to listen to him that's enough of. There that Durbin that but it Durban is the guy who compared the united states army to watt. The red army of Joseph Stalin in the -- Khmer Rouge which -- commit genocide on their own people remember that. That's that's where his credibility is there a couple of a couple of moon bats. Mean but -- understand Yi so he wants the wherewithal all semi automatic weapons which that that would do -- -- most of hunting hunting rifles just about all right when the that's one poll. Where everybody says. What does he want everybody -- blocks. Wanna go back the Bunker Hill base. 1877469432. To talk your next with how we cargo ahead Todd. Merry Christmas. -- do good work good news and -- coming in loud and clear land go to our -- Connecticut I've heard -- I'll probably try and yeah. I saw me out. Interview I'm not going to be here -- at all. I happen to that interview and you know equipment. To wait -- you do -- -- -- -- the other. -- that I received when Doug -- part of this that's. Took the banks are important yeah they you know they used that's what they used to tell us they used with -- TV. If somebody's yelling that you don't yell back because if you yell back then it's 22. Bleep bleep bleep yelling at each right. That was that was perfectly on point he faxed it in -- prepared more apt to punish culprits open three I would like that. Which would be to just stay -- Obama are pointing out why didn't he attacks that they've gone. Force me to argue to make this stuff up by then it's -- you know can't stop at -- peace I'm the first to let a lot. Right well Biden didn't Biden there's a business -- can you give me the cut I think it's on broad job they have it they have at least a quote. Apparently. Biden said in 2008 no no way Obama's gonna take away my shotguns. I'd -- MI Beretta -- and yeah yeah yeah. Yeah edit and Feinstein Feinstein says she has a daughter had a god. Harry Reid has a gun. All the beautiful but. The op profit. And they have security guards -- guns right at that moment on -- but we got. Security yeah yeah he's -- get up and talk about god a sudden at all would about it. And I know I don't it's it's absurd I mean again. Let these people give up their -- first again you know. -- Barack Obama wants he wants do what wants everybody to be driving around in these -- lot to appease hearts are right Smart cards the couldn't -- -- couldn't survive a fender Bender and in a grocery store parking lot -- you know what maybe -- -- maybe if you start striving or if he replaces is that limos with those Smart cars. Maybe I'll start thinking about it in the same way -- would -- the same way with and remember they asked him. Will will your for your mobile -- be covered under obamacare and Eddie Eddie dodged the question remember that he doesn't ST these all these new all these rules take away the guns take away your good health care. Take away your arsenal protect Jordan that in the crash that's all for the little people pot that's. He would Barack Obama need to get myself being so -- don't -- Don't why yeah. Greens are so yeah he's got a problem. There's that word again Malarkey. He single handedly bring in our action. Thanks for the call pod one -- that loud and clear in Raleigh, North Carolina. One get yet clear Isabella in Denver how white. That's good work we're transitioning to the Internet ST this is that this is the future is what it is you know so soon. You know they always say soon you'll be able to get. Terrorist -- radio stations we've got to holds we've gone a step into the future you can't get the terrestrial radio station here in Boston. -- us on the Internet. 1877469432218774694322. Paul UPS guy call calls it. Paula I will send you -- have a Merry Christmas how we -- -- -- -- -- -- last might just send me your address. I know your rug don't don't try to be Paul -- the UPS guy that I know I've got his number here. So Paul just semi or just to me your your address and also it to Yeltsin to an extra large for your father in law. Atom you're next with how we cargo ahead atom. I had the distinct pleasure of watching an interview that morning and then the summary and outlook I don't know what. I watch the following interview with -- to let. It. And it was just beautiful we put them up on how to stolen. Cancer behind them. Just relished every word they accept after spending. Spree minutes or so insulting mr. Pratt. What you -- -- -- you know he you know he was loosened the bay when he started insulting right I mean what are what clearer sign could there be that he that he didn't have any arguments to come back. It was beautiful -- follow the chicken right now anyway Mary Chris. Merry Christmas to you too happy ones. 18774694322. Loud and clear and Sebastian Florida that the hamster died. Cindy this would be a tragedy of -- passed away at Christmas time like this woman in Britannia. It's. Krstic who -- they have spared the only times I have Italian affiliate that hamster every day. I was distracts our. You idiots. To quote piers Morgan. 18774694322. -- are next with Howie -- go ahead Andy. Erica Ali Mary is it true that you are accused it let's have a moment of silence for the camps. Oh. Thank you that's -- that without order that was one. I thought what's the network that depth and. -- Of well Paloma. Community. And liberal. Are. Why nobody in the duties that view -- that was what. They don't nobody seems to order date if you -- -- only laws that have gotten. The -- all of their responsible and he. Beat these. You know they block it. -- You don't you know -- you would think it was so self evident that you don't have to explain something like that right. All we talked about can vote -- Don't explain it to eat they don't get it. An envelope that despite our in the in Atlanta then yeah. It in the pocket -- again rather be adequate in the shop and got them a lot because they. Thanks for the call and they say this you know. All you know are we're gonna get that twenty so we're gonna get when he 6% more for fuel mileage when we go to these new -- these new cars these new lighter vehicles. Okay -- any at 26% more mileage how many more fatalities do you think you're gonna get in the east in the Smart cars. 18774694322. Let's take a break -- car. 1877. Or six iron or 322. Thanks everybody has listened to me in Iowa Michigan and Florida. California. Tennessee. It's great it's great to be on a national network. In. In your home base nobody can hear you unless there on the Internet it's in their problem happens. 18774. You know to a -- got a real good point here these -- never try to shoot up a police station do. You know what they haven't since the black Panthers tried a couple of times in nine in the very early 1970s. And you know what he can get for that no lead it. Our 187. How way Harrisburg PA chicken and hear you loud and clear terrestrial radio is Malarkey. Must be Joseph Biden listening to that showed today. Glad they welcome welcome to the program mr. vice president. One -- 1877469432218774694. Victory. 22. And auto load equates automatic weapons in and dams mines JFK was shot how fast with the -- action on auto gone a revolver automatically moves the -- -- fire. -- bill you're next with how we cargo ahead -- I don't regret -- Guess you know pro gun and I think that. -- market get bail out America -- the back home I -- second I had of the import. Come on out here and all of idol live. When that country is thinking debacle that full of guess what -- victims. And look at them but the people lost their firearms. And guess what guess what but -- of the hospitals -- overflowing they've got people out in the streets giving birth. You know. They've got people who they forget about in the -- in the -- who die of -- in this you know say what you will about the United States it's been a long time since someone and am an American hospital. Died of thirst. Long time since somebody gave birth outside of an -- American hospital. You know NI IE I'm with you I I'm tight you know it brings to mind Merle Haggard bill. If you don't lob it -- leave it. -- this song that I'm saying and BO Warner and you know how come odd to out score low. I like us. As part of north Lugo and adult cells that we'll let our level of armed action lever action bold action and so -- out some automatic but. That's not what we don't need them. Control incredible control of the year old time radio crying quietly gangbusters right. If they want things quickly. Back in the day or someone is convicted of Margaret Beckett got the chair -- you know. I don't hate it but you put. Now you're damn right yeah -- the if you covered -- chance to listen to details of the Texas Rangers are dragnet -- real those are true stories. And those people get convicted and they -- -- they get hot squat in about six or the gas chamber in California in about six months. No no you're right no -- mass -- around -- was I -- -- this point the that the the guy who shot. Who shot at president elect that Roosevelt in 1933. And also that the Chicago mayor in upon -- Mac most people now assume that. He was really aiming at serve Mac and -- us are Mac across the crossed the outfit in Chicago while components group. But anyway he in the killing -- Mac the mayor of Chicago. The guy he was was actually he went through way you know he withdrew the entire justice system complete with an appeal to US Supreme Court and he was actually -- it. 31. Days after the shot and killed the mayor of Chicago 31 day. That is swift justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. Tony you're next with how -- -- ahead Tony. Probably -- disturbed and they get two points. First of all. You know Israel -- looked at under violence to several decades. Of armed did teachers. And just about. Everybody in that population carries a firearm and is very. Well a -- acquitted what that's what sort of separate. I hope you have universal military service. Big big step. And second of all has anybody ever thought that we are currently in -- war. And don't think that this sleeper cells in this country are watching what's going on. Now that's exposed. A weakness in our ships them in our security. Not nondurable. Now it's just the wrong time to disarm. Because not aware that the American populace may be on the verge of getting disarm. So -- we understand the depth of it and then you can really grasp how dangerous these -- Well. They they are -- -- it's just it's just the total knee jerk reaction in and if they if the leftists were capable of thinking about anything for more than ten seconds in in a rational way. They would understand that disarming. The law abiding citizens is the exact opposite way. To prevent crime I mean it's a way to we encourage crime. You can. If you can't fight back and that's and that was the whole thing about the that the founding fathers that's what they understood the founding fathers had lived to a remarkable times they lift first -- The the depth of the the purity and I called the soft tyranny because they want to really like a police state. But at the tyranny of the British empire and then they lived through the anarchy of the articles of confederation. And they wanted to strike a balance and they did that's what constitutes tennis. Look just a very quickly that don't think that the fact that Americans are armed. Does not have an impact on its terrorist decides to do something in a mall or in. Any other venue. Where all of a sudden they may have gotten. But it's extra point. So you know we are at war which we don't have elements in this country. There are there we have -- -- -- the wrong track to become disarmed we should look towards Israel's example. And put start to familiarize. Our professionals that are in charge by children. In proper firearms. They just that that's not gonna happen -- to -- you know that use the the days of gun clubs at the local high school are not coming back. Matt your next -- powered car go -- -- Yet so I don't. Excellent couple points comic right through yesterday. One. Guess you had gone a little bit ago debris on I think he that is set up -- Our -- that we. And on top of that you know the whole concept of video -- TV. Playing -- -- I currently we -- you. Well. It certainly says. It desensitized -- -- I I played call of duty hours hours and hours and hours. -- -- -- -- I'm not say look I don't think anybody is saying outlawed these games they just say you know it's kind of ironic overall these liberals and again a lot of these. A lot of these games are are are put out by companies that are owned by -- very politically correct. Liberal limousine Democrats. You know big money Obama people. And yet you know day it's okay for their heroes in these games to be using automatic rifle -- automatic weapons they don't. Even though you can't even though there they're very difficult by -- in in real light thanks for the call -- -- -- --