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Ann Coulter On the SHooting Spree And Reaction

Dec 18, 2012|

TV maven and best selling author Ann Coulter joined us for our weekly round up of politics, news and sarcasm. This week Ann and Howie focused on the Newtown shooting spree and the politicizing that is now occurring. ...check out Ann's newest best seller Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama.

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All right joining us now on the line is Ian called for noted author of the latest book. In available at bookstores everywhere is mud -- And it's a story about racial demagoguery. Three of these since the 1970s. And America and thanks for being with us today here about our show. Good did not get Helena. Well listen what do you think about I'm sure you you're not cynical about the Hillary Clinton's alleged consent concussion. That's going to prevent her from what I. Running for weeks that he's going to avoid that. I'm nearly go to -- belated -- -- I was and you know that I the you know with -- -- always passing she's third in line to the presidency of the United States should think someone wouldn't suggest that somebody -- this close. For the presidency. Would wanna get some kind of cap skin or something a hospital. -- if he's had a concussion. Now. I don't -- it or if something bad happened should be the president we don't even know what condition she's that. Yes that much because by taking questions. Yes I think it was it was Brahma I was a faint it was a fainting spell you know I mean that you know she. If she was playing in the NFL they would letter play next week. By the way just to tell both of you know she's not third she's still fourth because senator Patrick leahey is now -- -- oh my god so this is what's an automatic thing so it's just about a couple of hours after senator -- died they voted down -- and is part him. -- Yup that's yes they did the with the news gets worse by the man -- and our -- open. Or put that in with Vice President -- tell him that's. Almighty god okay. Well anyway so wise so here we had so now -- YouTube and I'm sure you've been following today all the all the great celebrating diversity liberals are rock out tweeting them posting on their FaceBook pages that. They they would like to kill all the NRA members that's that's there right there of but do we something that gun problem. And -- They have a lot of ideas on the gun problem none of which involve using. What the board did to -- words to describe what is they want which is gun control. Johns and all that was on MSNBC last night actually advising liberal. On never ever -- gun control what we need to say is reasonable gun safety law. So I'm now going to refer to bill they outlawed abortion has -- pregnant we think the law -- I mean everything they are proposing to do with guns like -- tax -- extra tax on guns huge part of Detroit taxes on ammunition. Are you look at the -- abortion collects and I don't know what they're not important part in the constitution. There is there right device. They're -- -- But this one of those rare occasion and plan. I am so thankful for our judiciary because basically everything they're talking about on MSNBC. Is a lot globally -- constitutes a. Yeah be the what what I don't understand is that the they don't seem -- -- this issue rationally I mean. They -- no place that has the stricter gun control laws of war crime areas I mean that's that's across the board there there are no exceptions. The more places where people have gotten in that little town in Georgia where there. Required under a lot of us have gods there's no crime whatsoever so where what exactly -- they think that. What exactly do they hope to accomplish other than just you know having an excuse to beat up people who -- Who -- God's. It really is just ruled by the that they are a couple. We reliving. It if we let say it these you know it's hysterical people decide everything they have like mandatory. -- in hospitals courts if you get the noble idea but it's -- specific purpose. We did not like we don't have the evidence also has been studied. A million times but -- of course most famously by. I'm -- first name land of the famous economist that at university to god Owen John Lott. And they've done these long complicated series of 1977. To 1995. All pick the effect of the concealed carry laws that they contrasted other things and and and how did they were compared to kill more rapid implementation of the -- probably I'd tell the outlawed that out on five years -- -- or whatever number of years. We're committing a crime we've had gone through everything else -- had no affect. Only concealed carry a concealed carry haven't we want -- back. Not just on murder generally but specifically on public multiple including what the obvious we hadn't. But if you really in -- ball and I noticed have -- been -- That was it until we had and -- but did indicate anything do you have when I'm -- I'm if he had any thought that there would be. Well I would say an armed male -- and armed and you had the army Molly Wood and if you can't going to school or regular or aren't shopping mall. And not know what that any of those people you don't know which one has been done. I mean that's the problem whether it's not that I'm I'm against armed guards at the school but. But one thing's pretty easy to take out that one person you know what do you think. And I gotta I gotta love revenue on the show but please you gotta watch your language will but we're not done at the club at the billboard you know. I have FCC problems of if you use some bad. -- about. I don't know what I was talking about it you know why it listened and -- though wouldn't it. It would -- just doesn't quite happy birthday he killed women and children what was he looking like I'm going to do. Cartel uprooting themselves apparently wasn't going into -- didn't -- did feel it. I'm gonna know you know the result would be them look good and amp up studies by liberal trying to disprove a lot and -- and came to the name included. Do you want public policy that within the Republican candidate. He is and then he'll carry laws because they don't know who that the government. What you know I I spread something yesterday I didn't Reuters this about the war shooting was that they this -- that the war shooter there were seven. Theaters in it within easy driving distance of where he was the show in the Batman movie that he was -- way. He picked to go one theater. Where they had a policy that even -- Colorado has a conceal carry law he picked the one theater where they where they BM concealed carry that. Us. -- out of main thing I mean I think. The theaters. Don't go to print it but but. Just about what we know about that case that looked like it may be the first games and haven't heard out or you have someone who actually typical legally insane. Classification you know after everyone made it all. I don't know how much concealed carry it would help his case anyway it could have been wearing body armor every single part of it would protect -- But the most important thing about that -- it's. I needed to do that you want out of the parking lot and you -- casually taking off -- body armor standing by its car and the reports were when the police showed up people look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- sometimes I was just reading some stories today about illegal aliens like killing cops and it would -- the cops sometimes so a lot of cops -- body -- you know what sometimes they get shot through the arm that's that that's a that's a weakness in the -- -- you know focus they have that they have to be able to move their arms so there's no body -- right character arm -- and they get shot in the -- and it goes into -- long -- I think yeah. You do about a -- I'm probably not gonna surprise you would definitely. But -- we don't really realm remarking a couple of weeks ago. When there was that shooting at a shopping mall. Out -- -- by the Portland on how depriving it wasn't that only ten people were -- -- -- this big markets you know. He stopped the ram Robinson out of don't look at don't want a guy with a concealed carry out his gun and had it aimed at him. He didn't do -- only -- he was afraid he'd he'd hit bystander. Putting up at gunpoint about it. The commuter rail confident they'll only two dead so concealed carry not only Britain and -- -- -- a public map of the -- executing the but when you wonder I wonder why is it. But the concealed carry is going to limit the number of -- Yeah I. You know they Rick Perry mean it was a terrible candidate for president be at a press conference today at the school in the panhandle where they've been carry that teachers have been encouraged to wide get -- Mets and I -- -- the gun range invest a stay up today with their target practice since 2008. Ever and of course I don't have to tell you there have been any incidents at that school. Brought right. No quit I mean not only did an example logically through at least -- -- big. Even if it didn't bat in what the evidence -- You know the thing is that we can we talk about Barack Obama you know we never learned anything from history whether it's you know socialized medicine -- to socialism socialism in general. Now in out political today on Drudge there reporting that he he wants to be in so called assault weapons which are these. You know that's like -- unicorn for our. I get help. But but -- -- and -- on how they -- that's like banning bidding bidding women from beauty contest they have blond hair. You know it's it's ridiculous they invent this -- Hope they do it that it doesn't really accomplish anything I'm sorry -- war for people who haven't. Common assault weapons that they enjoy going to the range and shooting but they're they're not automatic weapons they're semi automatic I eat. I had gotten -- -- on TV. The strangest thing whenever there's negotiating how how the good news readers to people who don't have on TV. No absolutely nothing about -- I would girl I'm not you know that some gun fanatic so I like them I'd rather have them raise my taxes -- take my guns away. I'm still. Not know what happened to that automatic weapons are virtually impossible to get they've been pretty much of made a debacle logged in as the thirty can get the federal department there about a hundred people in the country who have an automatic weapon they're very hard. Good fun isn't semi automatic like that kind of weapon in the semi automatic weapons -- yeah. Yeah here's definition command and all that. Well let's that is definitely big I guess that we're going around -- 1994 when he passed this legislation they were just like a short. They were showing people like Dianne Feinstein against. Well that looks -- Well let's put that one on the list. Ya Ed and Ed -- big edit they had after ten years nothing changed. Nothing was affected so they they let the law -- It's right ninety in 2004. In here it is eight years later. I think that's within living memory right. Eight years. And at Obama's comes back and he wants to reinstate these so called. Assault weapon ban that's his that's his idea I mean it's. It's it's so absurd it's just feel good legislation for these people who are talking about how they want Wayne appears to have honest -- MM there'd been -- weeding out what was misunderstood. What I -- I wanted to win copiers have -- -- I wanna -- jail for the rest of his life for -- Of support. For exercising his First Amendment right. No I didn't realize it reminds me that is -- -- you've got to have -- shall issue concealed carry laws. I mean I didn't think separately and independently we we need to get these psychological profession until. We everybody's got to give a little something here are no more hiding people with Michael about they've had nothing to do with this particular -- but. If so what would happen Arora Colorado they're need to be a little -- hearing that the maintenance. And they don't pocket the lawyers will balk -- but. They're the big guns are right. They are a lot but somebody was saying to the -- don't worry he was about to be evicted right several of these people most recent people were about to be a victim I mean maybe maybe we should halt evictions. You know that cut down on them. All the whole point young penguins Stanley -- another it's. Suggestion that he did not put it real wide body was doing wrong even just out of its mind on the competitive front I don't think. But the game went -- issue where you -- discretion in the hands of the government sold. Is that if you can get these -- like the ones that you're describing to be tweeting today. Good to say well it's it's a good thing to wanna have a dog I've really UN tonight. And more Obama being the main issue gun permits. Whereas typically used to keep guns out of the hands of the black and now you could not give government have been told people discretionary power to decide to get the gone. Otherwise only Michael Bloomberg you know security guards don't get gone through the O'Donnell security guard bill get done -- Personal regard they don't -- gone. Don't forget Bob de Niro. Don't forget Bobby de -- another greatly. What are my favorite actors but again a bit of hypocrites you know they want to why they would wanna take away everybody else's gotten adopt art or not they're not their guards now. -- there they just that it and then and then these guys you know I don't know why the people of West Virginia elected Joseph mansion I mean that guy EE Issa he's a snake in the grass you know. I'd imagine that can read statements and the voters out there yeah. That you Ricky bragging about well a lot of these members of congress about some of the beyond the coming out redundant and all that. Single one of them of the demographic but never against gun control labor just running in the little purple paper they knew they couldn't get elected a safe bet. I'm not I'm a member of handgun control and only until Mark Warner. We -- they're going to that the legend. They don't know about what that the Sony twelve. Yes the phony pro lifer the guy who wanted to crack down on the illegal immigration. The Mormon that no one will ever mention is a Mormon because she's a good Democrats -- wanna embarrass him. You know but but mansion mansion is one of these guys they always throw him but there he's Matt are of the NR today. -- -- You kind -- on the Barack Obama -- Yeah no problem. And it was a member of the NRA India a life member when he started running for president he joined that he quadrupled the gotten fees and here in Massachusetts when he was governor that was one of the ways he dealt with a budget that deficit. Yeah and patriotic Americans never got the Democrat they are also not going to work. And if they're afraid they can't get your vote stay but if they want to act and talk like -- -- -- over the able pretend to date. But he mr. NRA pro -- you could not talk to Democrats they're also -- Yeah so -- says to a seven what was this what we've been talking about an assault weapon what exactly is that. A pencil could be a weapon that assaults. Who controls the wind which controls the argument where it is I mean again so that -- on the tonight the lead story on the network newscasts is most likely going to be. President Obama was. Sources the White House say that he is now in favor of -- restoring the assault weapon ban. The was allowed to lapse in 2004. Then of course that didn't be logical next senses it was allowed collapsed because. It was an absurd piece of legislation that had no -- no effect whatsoever on anyone except law abiding citizens. He has. Been on what if we don't we let arm picnic area -- -- -- the -- to. The two titans own -- gun manufacturers. About my understanding is they. They in the water declined an assault weapons and they -- that they actually -- is a specific models my life more than a hundred tons I think. But I -- passionate. As we've been going over this segment -- wait. Knew nothing about it -- an assault weapon is based semi automatic that was scary it'll have like an -- on the and there are some that it looked -- out. And and the government united that you didn't change -- don't likely contains many -- not on the list with 200. And anybody banning it all happened -- If what they would only defined by I got it makes them in the real world. And M today that the ability of Billick could say in any any any gun that looks like anything I've seen in a really cool movie -- the -- A shoot out at the hat. Yes good that you might have another point I'm telling me utter it literacy people want to see they don't want their big suggestions -- -- that -- isn't -- not be able to carry the kind of firearm the military had. I think that you know what we're dividing line we can all agree on. Don't know if I believe the weapons that are cut that open I -- there are. There are a little bend and implicitly referred to by the Second Amendment would have been -- -- -- putting in the Second Amendment but they really like deer -- It would protect against the government any hand held firearm would be -- firearm not. I hit a rocket -- -- gonna get prior art that is specifically what you were allowed to carry under our constitution but if you want to change it. Bob came into the constitution that you ought to we don't want her -- think they're gonna be a lot more murders and he dealt. Yeah they you know -- -- remembered to you have a guy diving catch I think it was an Emory university in Atlanta remember that guy the guy that that the guy that made up all the statistics about how nobody in the yellow. -- America yeah. Yeah and and then it's a -- big you know everybody else all these other scholars -- -- -- stuff makes sense and they went back to these California. County seats where he would -- claimed to have done his research they couldn't find any records being set. All they were destroyed an awful lot. There are at least once in these county courthouses but then they -- that would be the county commit after the rehearsal provides just warn any flight you may I. Out all the stops he may -- in any any got all. Don't we all like forget the name of god in my book Lander. Yeah. He. Heard -- were important to the prince that's like I'm recommended prop beat here. I think it led to the conclusion of the week. And I remember before that would typically the bong. I have a friend were really into genealogy. And called me. Maybe perhaps -- you know. I've been in it one bit. Points like that it went up on that -- American people that really about YouTube people will hold back from colonial a year in Iraq. -- Being -- down I mean it's quite different to anyone who's looked into colonial history it couldn't have been true and that was approved. To be on. Why I -- Thomas Seoul's call today used he talked about this and he said that. He said it was this it was he was so discredited he resigned from the university this column meeting -- -- predicted at the time that this discredited study. Would continue to be cited by gun control advocates but I had no idea here it would happen the very next week in the ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Oh that's put -- says I'm sure is that I'll still being site it. You know him. I'm surprised he didn't get a profiles in courage award for having the courage to make up almost. Make a gun owners. Now it really -- -- by the hysterical -- If I mean that that you don't put people in the beginning of the interview one of them what I'm saying -- act -- -- How it can be the conservative base is worried about the murder of our ambassador let's not care about the water of the twenty children. We didn't put good people that we do care what you stop throwing out epithets like bad. I'm quite I think we can't be concerned how to reduce the number of public -- and the number of casualties that each one of those shootings. Therefore. Based on the data -- only one policy does that concealed carry. You can't just say that's ridiculous I've got to look Larry I think on TV last -- Alex it would Allison Wagner I think without slacker award Jonathan Alter. Responding to kill. Congressman -- -- it's fantastic point that in the very -- -- I it's good to god that teacher who won that the one -- the Souter had been armed with its. An embryo or I don't know what he said that some sort of gone under the plane after the MSNBC channel I believe with Alex Wagner hit bad. That's that's ridiculous that's like saying in response to this new bomber every one on the point kidnapping -- -- I didn't like about what's -- ball -- over there. So there we need to explain begun to go to a specific personal Pablo that the entire point. Well it's just you out there. -- well. The difference that bomb had gone now. Does it does -- -- I mean -- this strikes me -- used to work for Rupert Murdoch and I still keep up with the British papers all this stuff but does it bug you as much of bugs me to -- piers Morgan was tweeting endlessly about the guns in America. When this guy this guy should be. About ready to stand trial in Britain. Hacking dead girl's phones. It you know what he and he just he has these stones to come over here and lecture us about any thing. Yet the very day they have a horrible crime rate in Britain that night that they are. The the gone but certainly it was just. We just you know ball had been found and that nothing you can do that there's nothing you can do to protect your -- and you know I do not want -- world besides the fact that the great thought experiment. But the idea I hope we could get all dog got the three point one you can't. Appointed coo Don protective -- week. The female. The -- Knowingly eat it may not understand and speaking as -- -- we got -- email. You know why I would rather have every one beyond that no one beyond -- the only thing that given publicly fighting tech. There's a reason why Damon Runyon called them the equalizer. -- they why. And on unemployment it and that's and now word although I don't think that has -- Kelly. This -- Howard who is cool and killed and in the end. And. I I know six years old sick or didn't eat out they were because we want to cancel this. Yeah. They were defenseless let's take a call to -- -- -- heard the title of her newest book is -- Brian you're next with how we Carney and call or go ahead Brian. -- A lot of people upper -- -- because -- -- very. And you know if he -- control we're on aren't certain web site and I talk about the mental all only a year when a liberal assured Kabul. Yeah okay. Yeah as Connecticut especially has a powerful. Law. Bill so called bill of rights for the mentally -- that was a ram through the legislature by the ACLU. And you know what I mean what could they they got. You don't even if even if -- known known what was going on with this guy even if that had a better idea there was very little they could do without his own you know one agreement to be institutionalized. Right whether or not it would help this case it's sure what would it help in the Aurora. You are hitting I'd say I'm a quote in my in my current book -- -- Norman Siegel at the head of the New York Civil Liberties Union. Depending act crazy woman in July to create your family would. Take their engines gone out of -- mental -- she called herself delete bog exhibit on the street deprecating and -- -- people into traffic and smoking crack all the rights and neighbors and people who are concerned kept calling the police got a better -- home. And Norman Siegel ahead of the new York civil union. Defended her saying. So you have those same as any member of the board of the new York civil -- kids. We don't know whether -- statement and -- What I love to how ironic is that that they the only the only thing the cops can do is take them into PC. PC protective custody whether they. Understand you know it could stand for something else could it. Yeah they are next with Howie Carr in and -- go ahead them. Yeah I I don't. I don't know exactly what what about the -- in in in Colorado the focus on the family church. Where's that guy came as torture that was actually a lady there who had a gun and she took the guy out. It was hard she would they had a guard and she was a female and yes she -- she she's a hero yes she won't that I think but cheat sheet yelled out yeah. And -- app that are confident that I've written about them. I think they're all how to pocket the liberal if you look at least about point there that morning and then like I navy's ball shooting. Out in part on the content only to be dead but. I would you concealed carry permit. Pulled out of gunning to hiding behind the pillar and directed at the shooters -- com. We ought to providing -- and it also if you remember the Appalachian law school case. And what was particularly type what about -- on. I'm dumb not to start executing is that it is -- talented but I think we got -- would three of them maybe even fewer than Matt. And and thank god they were an apple wake up a lot of them had gone. And they adopt them one of them pulled out of the dotted and help to win it with -- -- another guy tackled this -- -- that the people who stopped him. Were interviewed on the today -- I didn't they got to the park are where one of them pulled the gun out Katie Couric what happened on the and that segment and. -- -- -- You lost about a. I wonder if Katie has any security is she as she walks along the streets of the upper east side. I'm gonna say yes Josh your next with how we Carney and -- go ahead Josh if. They've basically like our Ali and maybe you can help -- -- I think I got away or can turn the tables against these anti gun blockers. How come we don't just told them that -- This has mostly. Your fault because you have sat there and you let people. Remain defenseless you have stripped them on the right. I think that they can not carry concealed or. Or open or whatever it is they can't have it done within a thousand it was cool so you stripped them from their. -- and to tell. Josh I in -- I can either tell you what they're gonna say we did it for your own good. You don't know what -- -- doing so we had to do this for you wouldn't believe believe me you're better you may not think so Josh but you're better off for what we did for you. No amber and you know I mean I definitely agree with you abide. Even if it would probably going to refuse to read the studies on one of the one public policy either reduce the Republican unity and the number of casualties each one only on the -- Eric. They -- to prosecute people -- -- their -- -- started humming that you can't problem. You would it would distract them. On again but the killer goes to a point where are probably women and children. Who that he played in states that have concealed scary. These public -- in time as possible is going to be expensive point total. You know public school. Into it is important that we aren't. That even have been killed scary not allowed to -- -- -- kind of I mean -- -- -- -- admit they're plotting to kill people don't wanna be shot after the don't want my doubt. Right there wanna read the headlines in the paper the next morning you know they wanna I wanna light bask in their variety in. In their publicity pay ended 209 says when what's your next book about. I'm ruling to right now. I'm -- I'm not a -- I have a few ideas but I'm telling me why it from the election. And doing your radio show I've completely withdrawn from politic kind of. And when it went something like it happened an idea about to take her down the way my ears perk up -- down. But I'd be a little lined the ball one political. Okay they will let you go in but we appreciate your being with us and you know actually I I am off next week I hope -- hope to see you next week. About would be glad I didn't -- you when -- when her Merry Christmas and a happy Kwanzaa to yeah. -- -- -- -- --