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Dec 14, 2012|

President Obama addressed the nation this afternoon on the Newtown shootings saying these children who were killed were all of our children. Howie was happy the President did not polticize the shootings and asked what should we do to protect our kids.

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I will be talking about the the the terrible like shooting him in Connecticut today 20s26. 272829. Dead. Depending on now how you watch I count it there's this the bodies and in at least one other body in New Jersey. Of the shooters father and according to some stories his girlfriend and his another friend of visitors are missing. Is not a Bonnie time Connecticut Tim. There's another body in Newtown gases and bodies as a body in and their police state police of their two crime scenes in Newtown Connecticut once school ones that teacher's home. While so so the teachers social you kill someone it his mother's home -- and then that he and he's also killed the mother I guess in the school along with most of her class. And it's Vegas the the gun control people are rowing and crew are starting to go crazy here. I'm told with a piers Morgan wannabe who would be more concerned about hacking phones in -- England which something he knows more about the guns. But he's see he's tweeting madly that you know one American meets gun controls the all the usual suspects Michael Moore. Governor Andrew Cuomo. Probably Kennedy Hurtado there there were all it's -- I'm sure that's what -- MSNBC is just going to be yeah. India in -- gotten. Fast once -- once once the bodies have assumed room temperature. Anyway we've got something here text supply. To 68680. Right now for your chance to win a 100 dollar gifts this 100 dollar certificate to wall -- supply companies five locations. Get great gifts for the holidays including brand name tools like the wall -- GOP for half price. Visit get my perks dot com now where you can get your 100 dollar certificate to wall -- supply company for just fifty dollars. You only have ten minutes text then so text supply. To 68680. Right now. Brought you -- get my perks and Boston's fox station AM 680 WRKO. Right if you like to what listen to the show on on line you can -- go to our website though Howie Carr. Dot US how we card by the US. Did you can also listen to the show how we cart dot com click on the live audio streaming also you can go to -- and listen. You can also take part our daily Internet poll question how we cart dot com CNB what is today's poll question what are the results thus far. Should an armed police and be stationed at all schools. -- yes 62%. Insane you know. OK I got I don't know I don't know what you do mean we will we'll talk about this all day but you know every people have all all these different suggestions and you know one somebody somebody one of the techsters wants to -- make sure that they can no idea they can give the give the anti depressant drugs or Madd says to people like Brian Lanza. On a monthly basis get it just give you put in some kind of up pump I guess under his skin so that we keep the keep the drugs pumping and if you decided to on Medicaid himself now in -- -- I don't know you know how's that how -- really is that going to work you know you can't you can't make people take methadone to -- the Montero. Of the error heroin addiction and it's and methadone is another addiction -- see it there there're all sorts say you know it would be nice to know what -- I was on another was -- when another text wanted to sing hepa. -- hip spot where the that's the patient privacy act. It would will make it impossible for us to know what this guy that was on. I would like to know that what he's on obviously so when you -- Miles says. How we car at all back back yourselves into a corner with Bob Costas you pointed out how stupid Kostis was for making Belcher -- gun issue. How stupid you said Belcher could've used the night for baseball bat would you suggest that Newtown shooter could have used night for bath. Yeah -- miles I mean again miles you have to you have to look at reality here I mean there was -- killing a mass killing in China just recently. At a school like this school. Where the killer used a knife and he'd he'd killed about an equal number people with a knife in again the the the worst. Atrocity of all time in -- in an American school history. Was in Michigan. Where a bomb was used -- I think it was 1927. A should you don't. She is -- should be and find a Astoria on the Internet about that bad incidents were worthy where the school was bombed and and in. Dozens if not hundreds of kids were killed in that incidents. 18774694322. I mean the you know. You could make you could make bombs out of just about anything. If you know if you know -- going. And and it's even easier now because you have the Internet to explain it -- to explain I mean just you just Google I mean after. You're they always do now is when they when they go to these crimes scenes they find out that the guy was going to have. How do you make via how do you make a bomb for us. Question. And many made -- and he can make a bomb and you know if I mean if there were no guns are known ally -- it's I I don't know I don't know what to do was in this kind of case I mean you you have a country full of 300 million people you're gonna have nots. 18774694322. We're ready to get the three guns Connecticut has strict gun laws. Already twenty years twenty years old with handguns I don't know what -- good looks like you lived in Newark, New Jersey may be got maybe the guns are from New Jersey. 1877. Foresee for all the hand -- out there what was the last time criminal -- gun free zone -- sign and walk the way. How many guns that McVeigh use you use non. 186 Drudge Report. Available now 22 children slash my knife wielding at all that elementary school with China that's John from Hyannis. Psych drugs called this 45 dead in Michigan at that -- 45 dead. All right back to calls -- your next with how we cargo ahead Kyle and. -- -- -- Wait it out about out there would be two and -- How the endorsement out block -- but there. And then. -- -- -- Banks 187746943221877. What happens when -- Leo wise -- David your next with how we cargo ahead David. Good afternoon rally stick Michael. All -- I couldn't I couldn't -- at Rhode Island and every single school. I'll have magnetic locks on the doors that you can only people do yeah and in high school secondary like the middle school or not our school. There aren't we saw as Warner -- school. It every stated that includes elementary schools. You know mark I accept the elementary school in the atop the police are our yeah. And he's not gonna see -- it like it's approaching noses an armed guard in the building. Two bit so so what's likely to try to. What searchable delegate vote in this school and my son my son my my -- the second oldest son worked in a story out brought etiquette. So we'll need to get my age might he wanted to have his younger Brothers were went on one -- seventy what was sixteen. And read ago register had to go through bucks. I'd school a lot. Now -- did this I just walked in the door. I can walk walked in the door I blocked the door by my kids my school actually. And I said to myself but it didn't lock the -- yes I mean yeah -- -- I know it's bound. I don't wanna make it sound like I'm I'm putting light to this -- this issue. But there are some hundred million people who have -- -- the country yeah. How would that number two with 325. Million residents in the United States. Good numbers -- and number of this happening they'll all -- so similar it's like shooting back in the 1940. -- might wanna try looking that up where there was -- some people killed. Yeah. This guy is so it was a mop with you on the read I got that I got the story on the Michigan what happened in Michigan but go ahead with what you are saying. And what that was way -- population was 13 lifts the curtain pull that off. A double -- the president say you know we've really got to do something to stop this from happening again. And you know in -- matter -- across political lines I don't speak about the -- Yeah. He said he would sign the UN Smart street came across is that. Which Hillary Clinton helpless but the point is you remove content yet they're criminals will go chaotic because I know what he's fighting back. Right that's why that's why they're never going to be able to ban -- in this country I mean even even the Democrats or even a large percentage of the Democrats in congress understand that they've today you know even if the even if the president of the United States as I understand it. He is and you know some people would say well he wants to disarm the citizenry so that. That's that's the goal he's that he uses these kinds of tragedies too wise to soften people up. So they don't defend -- the Second Amendment was such great. -- -- But I I don't I don't think anybody is going to war is point to try to they might try to outlaw guns to they may dream of outlawing guns but it's pocket it's just like -- Thanks for the call it. Okay. On May. Eighteenth 192745. People mostly children were killed and 58 were injured. When disgruntled and demand that its. School board member Andrew Keogh dynamited the new school building and -- Michigan out of revenge over his foreclosed farm. Due in part to the taxes required to pay for the new school. 45. No guns -- It's no god it's just a bomb. 45 dead and and I'm 58 injured nineteen. 27. 18774694322603. Last ten years gun ownership way up national primary way down. FaceBook pages already up and running and attacking Brian and animal Lanza. 18774694322. Let's see. This is becoming an epidemic the war and this happens the more obvious it has nothing to do with guns we've gone off the social -- club. But we but again I mean this hat this this always. Happens. Now I mean this is this is this happens in in human society -- down through the ages. Joseph your next with Howie -- go ahead Joseph. -- in orchestra. We're Wikipedia. Most reliable source for. In China in the past two years longer than 23 murders. It's schooled in China all with axes and it's. We clippers. Single a single firearm involved. And that it was talking to a friend about this -- really good point which is. Indeed gun laws. Don't work for the same reasons. Laws against marijuana -- worker. For that matter. You know taxes on oil if you wanna -- or something you're gonna figure a way to do it. And is somebody's sick enough to know what -- children and yeah I don't think a lot of you know. Given to -- you're -- imprisoned for illegal guns. Is going to stop the. Now I don't either. I think it's only get it's it's only going to discourage the law abiding citizen who might be able to put an end to one of these Rampage just -- it's getting underway. Think certainly don't have it in again as good as the cops are somebody said earlier today. These incidents usually take place that they they -- their average length is eight minutes. That doesn't give the cops much time to get their doesn't. Nobody can teleport -- and have a cup and every single school house in America with -- possible. Right right on -- every swat -- every you can ever every swat team and in America drug rushing to the scene and by the time they got there everybody would be everybody is that the carnage would have already been committed. Thanks for the call -- Beat the six caller and it's 6179311680. And you will win only in the -- main themed gift basket with more than fifty dollars of -- confections. Plus qualify for a chance to win how which Cadillac at the Kowloon restaurant in sawgrass on December 20. For more details go to W war -- dot com holiday slash holiday shall be the six caller and it's 6179311680. Now. -- Yeah that 1927. Killing was about taxes Tea Party tonight people. Mean you know what I wouldn't be surprised to see him say that tonight on MSNBC. Chris your next with how we cargo ahead -- -- up your knowledge I McCall sure I'll beat you last week up here how much. Up from Vernon Connecticut 24 years old drove out to Montana. Shot her father was -- in a classroom. Through that it would and. All right I did yeah. -- -- -- -- Go to that story repel any alternate shot girlfriend laughter an entire. Yeah OK okay any particular color and I expect our recap of folks. Thank you. Yeah that was a crossbow more crossed while violence. Where when is Michael Morgan the Meehan a you know ban on cross -- and in peers Morgan and Andrew Cuomo and all the rest of the beautiful people. Bob your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. I now. -- this is not a good date you know it's not a good day Atlanta -- I'm not receiving bad. Any reason to -- Please stop the year. -- this is the fault of the Google cannot tell you why the crippled well. I grew up under the -- Kennedy gave me situation. I was one of the sons and two was a as in house okay we -- things free. So everything was free. And and and now what age -- kids can call 911. In turn yet average in for anything so parents ST that the death. This is look at what my mother did my lousy -- Was so the only -- she wasn't supposed to do and my mother for who came -- of the house in quick and we get to wreak economic yield of the got three kids like don't kid could be -- -- Okay. That anti spam and -- -- the right stick windows go back to those kids homeless and show. Well without a doubt what about nine when when opted to its call and the cops. They got stationed there and it will inject a note to get my mother can admire boom and well that's going to in my room. And he totally did that deal. If bite bite one collecting and it will -- how that is how it could get to -- -- kids and I don't want my kids to be taken away my mother was Irish it was birdies. -- -- -- and I worked and I age axis and I'd get that was supposed. -- and I -- does it basically legalized in this state Bob. And I wanna no I'd like to know what. Why people like district which put on the. Again I would so I you know what I'll Bob I would too when I just I just said earlier quarry attacks there we're never gonna find out because of -- -- -- Perhaps -- hip or whatever they call it. You know they the they can't there's a -- see this of federal law saying that they use your ride your your drug use in -- in in -- prescribed drug use can't be released. It's it's private totally private -- we're never gonna -- are given no. How we got control just gonna take the guns and I don't have McDonald get up on it -- it I don't wanna get net sunlight and you'd think I'd get it done I don't I don't walk. I don't want one. But -- -- did you take that got away from the people they do it the right. Is gonna meet their. Police and let sidestep the guns and we got a bead of victims. Get comfortable in this country we're kind of go to countries that did this country that people about what this country. Don't think they don't look at that question did it look we are right it is just like -- right right -- -- Thanks for the call Bob I don't -- help 18774694322. REP season there reporting it was the younger brother who is twenty years old who was to shooter. So the younger brother so that there was so the BD shooter is in custody. Knowledge based issued at the other and the shooters dad but you're saying and it's dad. As the younger brother well the one that's dead is the younger okay that's what they're saying who knows that's correct not to so much misinformation -- around and down. 1877469432218774694322. It's not guns it's mental illness that's right -- so what do you do about mental illness. -- the worst massacre why so little outrage every year a year about the Everett about 90000 deaths each year from medical blood negligence -- you know that this is the addition the fact is it's little kids I mean that's in a trade before Christmas. Mean just think about the what I've been thinking about -- you know a lot of these parents lately you know their their their their five year old kid is dead they of these big. They got a closets buffalo -- Christmas tours further for these kids in the dead. Mean just so sad to me what they I mean I don't I can I can imagine how heartbroken and mostly. Scott your next what power cargo at Scott. For that for that time Ali. I just so a couple of comments and opening up and listen to your response. -- sadly I think this incident is. The epitome of our nation's used. Our nation's -- are hurting. And premier appointing the other day that it's funny how we encourage. I think chuck Colson and the prison fellowship -- reading the Bible imprisoned. But it's you can't even mention god in school. I think that. Back to be part of part of our nation's problem. -- and what was your comment and give. Well and so -- tells me that this does this mean. When you see the kids are hurting I mean. There is you know the economy is terrible obviously and you know and torture saying that there there's -- the spiritual -- the moral rot. And yeah there there is bearer of terrorism moral decay I mean obviously but I I don't I don't know why it's it's so easy to ward to just. Pontificating. On -- days like this site. Tried to avoid it it's just I I think this these this this kid was crazy or whoever did this challenge saying yes. -- law enforcement sources are saying that the shooter was at a -- thought he was carrying his brother Ryan's idea. And Ryan is in custody. Okay sorts sorts. Animal animal Lanza is dead. He was issued has that guarantees thrashers went IP he's twenty right is he twenty. Yes he was on the list whining and crying as Tony for Ryan is 24. What why was a -- with his brother when they were on our after the who who killed who kill bad domino Hoboken again we don't know. 1877469432218774694322. Will Governor Christie beat him speaking on the master -- way Obama handle this tragedy now no we won't be I don't think I don't think you'll be saying anything about this. Drunk drivers kill people on the roads every single day -- at white where's the outcry at a -- cars or -- well exactly I mean billion. Again the he would be you would be well advised to wise to keep your blood pressure down tonight not watching anything on CNN error or. MSNBC because it's school it's going to be an. A and Ali an anti gun fast if it isn't already on most most channels. Mike you're next with Howie -- or have Mike. They are all right good. -- -- Potential damage awards and probably should pages that. It's gonna roll and everybody's. Quality human and it can be more important that local local buckle up. And but like everybody in the -- But. The computer called -- -- a single seat what happens when good people who carried out. Debbie the armed citizen in and then it then then national. Rifle association. Magazine I think it's probably on line now is is online now Mike -- you know. -- got a lot out of problem Apatow. And appeared -- -- -- operated out of Florida and being sort of send somebody in the back of the kept very. And chasing them out of it two up very well done. But -- talking about is there's only there's a they they used imported used to be in print I assume it's still in print but it's probably on the Internet as well it's called the armed -- citizen. And it's the national and rifle association collect stories of -- of citizens legally using guns to stop crime. And every every -- month there's a whole page. A bunch of of the incidents and they could they could fill up to a three more pages I'm sure whip other incidents he's just the best ones. Probably -- one notable being a little bit. That you undergo right. Corporate Iraq. That's too bad that's a real shame they should facial -- call -- 18774694322. 413 whatever mad she was on I bet they find he was off his Mets I bet they do -- The answer is long acting here it is this the answers long acting injectable and -- like products that are mandated by the state my subway pusher at NYC subway pusher or shooter Virginia Tech bone -- guy shall I go on. I just don't I don't -- how he could make make people take drugs that they don't wanna take drugs mean unless priority in prison. And mostly party done something that somebody. Bob your necks were powered car. -- Go to go to -- Old Toby Toby Euronext with how we cargo go ahead Toby. I don't know let me show -- all and normally I don't think one thing. A -- majority at once you know we cannot walk out and I agree. And you say what few people achieve -- we -- civic and achieve remote capture -- -- you -- -- just in -- adjusted. It's it's quite horrific -- sure -- -- in the apple yes but you look at. -- -- -- -- -- -- No I understand I understand my point well like you're right thanks. Bob Bob your next with how we cargo ahead Bob. Yes. Research this one. I believe that the worst mass killing in the United States history other than to use an airplane. Was at a social club in Harlem and somewhere like 87 people were killed and the weapon of choice was gasoline. Are we going to outlawed gasoline coming up. That went -- to get mentioned much of the time but that's the worst example and there's no way you could stop people from using gasoline and in any of these situations and to -- well again that would. And night for an act like that. Look at the coconut girl I mean that coconut grove by the right -- the 400 people killed in the coconut grove and not what 1942. Right about that twenty -- about seven years ago from from right now. And you know what you know what caused that it was it was a it -- it was bad design. They had they had to -- A guy actually transferring elect Obama dark corner where it is girlfriend and he used a match and we -- Africa on the snow right -- but the the problem was that they had to nailed the doors shot all the doors that people could be used to get out the back because people. To beat the cover charge. We're sneak NN the side in the back door it's right. But those -- accident but that same kind of thing could be done on purpose like somebody who doesn't have a gun doesn't -- public still wants to it. -- -- Yeah right and the other thing is true that some of these are some of these tragedies have been a used to occur because the the doors. The doors open in ports rather than out ports so you know they opened in words people would bump up against them -- that be trampled to death and nobody could get out and everybody would die enough enough fire both smoke inhalation. Or be trampled to death so now now you have don't. Re zoning regulations which every gore. He in a in a large area has the war opened outward so that everybody can can get out theoretically get out. One -- yes CNBC during give me that that that story about that that fire in Harlem where the guy it was a Disco. It was in the guy just poured gasoline in the on the entrance I believe and set the whole place on fire. 18774694432218774694322. Right. -- -- -- Bill Ayers kill with his Weather Underground he guilt if you only he didn't Bill Ayers didn't kill if you but the that they did kill they did kill some people the Weather Underground it's as some of the people killed were themselves. They had a townhouse in Greenwich Village blew up on Obama. He was there was Leon. There was a book written about don't shoot we are your children. 18774694322. Point guard. 187746943. 22. Interstate any hints as I know not only going to sound like an old -- by a model for -- others rant about guns I'd like to know what type of video games the murderer favored and if you took prescribed Mets. I'm gonna say definitely took prescribed Mets I don't know video games he -- I'd like to know that too. All right here it is Happy -- fire wasn't in parliament was in the Bronx. Was in March 25 1990. Killed 87 people. Trapped in an unlicensed social club called Happy Land. The evening of -- fire Julio Gonzalez and unemployed Cuban refugee -- argued with his former girlfriend. Lydia shall we see on our hat coat check girl with the club urging her quit she claimed she had had just about enough of him on one of nothing to do with him anymore. He tried to fight back into the club was rejected by the bouncer he was -- to scream drunken threats in the process. He later returned to the establishment with a plastic container of -- gasoline which you found on the ground and had filled at a gas station he spread the fuel on the only staircase in the club two matches were being used to ignite the gasoline. The fire exits had been blocked to prevent people from entering without paying the cover charge and like the coconut growth. In the panic that ensued a few people escaped by breaking a metal gate over one door. He was found guilty on August 19. 1991 about a 174. Counts of murder. For each count or what do the whole the whole field he received the maximum sentence of 25 years a total 4350. Years. It was the most substantial prison term ever imposed in the State of New York. 4350. Years I wonder when he'll be eligible for -- March 2015. He's got two more years to do little over two years to go before it will be eligible for parole. New York lost states multiple murders occurring during one act will be served concurrently rather than consecutively. Isn't that right. May be Governor Cuomo ought to introduce some legislation to watch fixed that'll loophole in the New York State criminal statutes rather than pontificating about gun control -- -- -- this year or shall I say. Bush is is warns. Him it did mess advanced. Talking about the need for gun control how. Isn't android bands. All these people from England. Wanna they wanna tell us what to do they they you know England doesn't. It's a lot harder to get a gun and England and guess what guess what's been happening in England. Gun violence has been going up. But they get to come over here and they get paid big money to tell us about how we should be. Steve your next what how we cargo ahead Steve. Yeah I can't. I that this thinking that possibly if the principle and that's what school in Connecticut yeah that they had a pistol in the locked. Droid in his desk -- at some basic training. I wonder how much difference that would. Well I was saying to what you know and people been laughing at me and saying you don't know teacher Sally. That and let -- one other thing you have a lot of influence would you give words to the NRA. That weekly in this country there are many positive. Tolerances with guns. That they never talk about they don't publish a list. Where big that they don't Steve will species and it would be a bit this month's this -- armed the armed citizen from the RA. I don't Abbott in the employ and you wanna be the armed citizen. It's say it's over it's the month it's the monthly RA call about people who do good deeds with guns. I'll just -- -- few Steve -- they've done that they've done the armed citizen for -- for years. I'm gonna get a -- try to get a copy alcohol level. We'll see just all do you know if your computer to -- will be armed citizen NRA the armed citizen a better job at that pop up oh -- -- moment. You know -- there's the Betsy it's a great it's a great column they pick the best of the month. Thanks for the call Robert your next with how we are going at Robert. It is safe to say myself. Completely discussion is always different directions so well we're still about controlling guns and banning guns and long list. It is committed the effort should be made. Again a little surge in the background of these people they have had been radicalized on the computer by somebody if they've been. Are there Ritalin. You know. It's more I'm -- Latter is more the latter is more likely than the former. Yeah the -- saying. Thing is that means we look at the fact the -- indecision. Seems impossible. There's at least one other person wasn't involved. And they were there were reports that there was a second person in the shopping center things recently so. I mean spender effort check out the backgrounds of these things and as far as I'm concerned. They should not be any legal rights for the background of the -- is dead you're dead. We're confidentiality. Should be out the windows question he would die -- somebody. I agree I agree that should the do we should die via full list of the Mets that this guy I was on. And register just you know just -- will -- with a win if they're prescribed for us whether or not. We wanna take amend yeah you know what when how they've affected other people. Met your next with how we cargo had Mac. I have all the information and I haven't been able to listen to you'll although at that time this afternoon I've had my kids in the car and it's really -- -- got a a little once or an elementary school I've got a couple of middle school nor and one in high school and in you talked before it. Who wouldn't cities parents and and you know how devastated they going to be didn't do anything that you know since -- huge gets back to the adult thing they're you know they're gonna wanna take our guidance. -- You know not for nothing you say earlier when we need to stop their minutes away and thereby some -- yet. There are some that it might front door or whatever -- up closer towards them I don't understand others guy got access to the school. Yeah I mean I -- You know not bad for our -- And you can't get into the kids' schools. You've got to be invited been so somebody's gotta know yeah I don't know what this guy it was Kerry Edwards you know what -- huge issue to these kids. Mean suppose it if they -- Obama and his mother worked there. It may be any handguns in the ground. I don't know Bob -- and admittedly get buzzed into the schools may be some of the mic but I I did do one group deliver something to warm my youngest daughter at a high school a couple of weeks ago. I just I just opened the door walked right in. Nobody nobody nobody even said anything to be to light -- the front office and I just kept walking down the hall why I went and I just -- I figured I'd better check and so I checked then. How we got a brand new -- -- I know is that. I mean that they've got it figured Albania ultimate electronic surveillance they don't have the wedding but it. My -- I don't want my kid with a report you'll score -- -- look local school and -- I don't know what level -- elementary school -- I think it but then all of. You know. I I don't I don't know I thought I was I was very surprised that that -- -- just open the door and walk right in. 18774694322. On our car.