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Deval for President? Joe Battenfeld from the Boston Herald has the details

Dec 4, 2012|

All signs point to a run at the White House for Governor Deval Patrick. And what will happen to Mr. Kerry?

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Welcome back to the -- report this is Jeff Cohen our. Liberalism is -- worst nightmare. In Boston from Boston for Boston. We're now joined by the Boston herald's political columnist. Joseph Barton filed. Joseph how are you my friend. Ari can't complain and complain. Joseph I read your column in today's paper interest -- stuff. Apparently. Governor Deval Patrick's political action committee is not going anywhere. Right this is the political action committee he forms supposedly to detonate in the -- last election to help. Elect President Obama and Democrats -- on -- he basically raise -- bunch of money mostly from special interest health care executive. In order to find his travel around the country. So he did -- Obama but of course what the real goal of this you know to boost himself so heat. And what people form a political action committees Mitt Romney did a lot of other people good. It's really they used it to fund their travels so they get better known across the country now to the election's over of course. The governor is not going closed down the -- just because election's over he's gonna keep. Running it's unclear exactly. How much how active it's going to be or. How much travel he doing he's not doing traveler now obviously he's got big problems at all. So it would look bad to be got to California right now date traveling around. But I'm sure and the next here he's going to be accepting invitations to places like Iowa who is sort of the first step. Two getting your name out there and I think that's in the waters for presidential run in four years. Joseph I'm just curious. -- -- -- The nominee -- I think they're right I think your caller today was just dead on I think he is testing the waters I think he's got serious presidential ambitions I think he wants to run into 116. I'm just saying objectively. He's going to be up against obviously Joseph Biden potentially Hillary Clinton you have other major democratic heavy hitters. He's got the drug scandal he's got the probation departments Campbell he's got all sorts of problems potentially political minefields. What makes him think he can win the democratic nomination and when he sixteen. Well you know a lot of people come thinking -- where that's why they run they run for president so. I think is chip and don't what is good and they -- six months ago because of this state drug labs -- -- which is. A cryptic thousands of prisoners could be like ago because of this there's no absolutely didn't feel like there is any kind of regulation going on or. Oversight. Of this state drug lab and of course you have a compound in our embassy here in Massachusetts. Which really problems which is open of course and doesn't the people dot. So post is doing a pretty big. He handles I would say well. So if you've obviously got to trying to avoid blame and say well this is because of the previous administration or whatever but. It's it's -- or hurt his chances that they hand but. Also the biggest the biggest obstacle I think Governor Patrick and winning the nomination Hillary Clinton. See I believe is going to run probably going to get out there pretty soon after she leaves the secretary of state job. And it she's going to be the immediate front runner I think in. Head and shoulders of everybody else so. As long as she's out there in the -- for anybody else but thankfully it. And -- speaking of secretary of state. Susan Rice is now encountering more opposition on Capitol Hill her nomination is in serious trouble. Some people are already referring to Senator Kerry as mr. secretary. Yeah I mean do you think do you think do you honestly think John Kerry. From what your sources are telling you you think he's got a legitimate chance of becoming the next secretary of state. Yeah well -- this -- the right thing falls -- he does right now Obama is determined to nominate Susan writes. As secretary of state papers he thing at all these Republicans are going out there opposing rights and are now saying great things about errors. Why is that there in some cases they actually like Jerry comic -- get along with Jerry is nomination would breeze right -- But of course they're real behind the scenes lord also if he gets Gerri have a publicist Scott Brown can run again and get back in the senate. I can -- change anything this sentence are the numbers the majority go. But I think there -- only think you know that's. And because Republicans that think you know that this is actually hurting Kerry's chances to be secretary of state. Democrats in Obama administration -- not happy actuary at the dominates there you seen. Hannity of the republic of choice for Republicans. And this kind of climate as you know the Obama administration does not like to do things. Republicans like to do. So do any thing you know until he -- some kind of victory political victory so. I think it will all go ahead with Susan writes that looks like but Gary and I guess who gets secretary of defense but that seems pretty unlikely that means is that carried. You know doesn't seem registers and its so we'll see what happens maybe experience the fallback guy in case the right saying look like it's gonna get bogged down. I think the Republicans are trying to help -- they're actually hurting his chances right now. Hypothetically -- Let's just say there Machiavellian strategists on Capitol Hill pulled this thing off. They implode rice's candidacy. They get Kerry and it opens up -- seat here for Scott Brown. Do you think brown couldn't make a political comeback and win a special election to fill John Kerry's Senate seat. Yes sure I do think he could do I still going to get -- an uphill battle oriented market is up the old Luke warm race. But it's all Massachusetts. You know which you have to go. You'll receive the last election is it's it's. You know your chances of getting elected statewide -- Republican that are pretty remote no matter who you are. So this I mean let's let's turn out this time and but I do think brown wants to do it. The question is which Democrat Woody's based -- it's still unclear at this whole appointment thing. But it Democrats might try to change a lot of they can get a chance to win. I do think that stole a possibility even though they keep denying it. Or you know the governor appoint somebody else who appointed themselves so there's a lot of unknown doubt if I do know that opera awards brought against senator Larry. It's it's not. I'm not sure at this point. We've been talking to Joseph Barton felt political columnist at the Boston Herald Joseph thanks so much for coming on the -- and a report aren't yet -- slot. You know I think he's right.