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Public Sector Entitlement

Nov 30, 2012|

Detroit Mayor Dave Bing in an interview with CNN declared “We are in an environment, I think, of entitlement, we’ve got a lot of people who are city workers, who for years and years, 20, 30 years, think they are entitled to a job and all that comes with it. Howie could not have agreed more and asked are public sector workers the new entitled class.

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I wanna talk about the about what that Dave Bing says he had the mayor of Detroit now that you many of a sudden no mayor my mayor Dave Bing. From his days in the NBA him before it was in the NBA he was a you he was -- play for Syracuse he was a great a great shooting guard. And he get when he got out of the when he got when he. You got to Walton play basketball anymore and went back to Detroit that the the car dealership will be -- -- a successful businessman. It and he decided to run for mayor in -- it he said it's the second toughest job in America after being president of the United States -- A much sure about that but it's not it's all fun being being the mayor of Detroit. Yeah and one of the big problems that we got is that that India infrastructure of the city is built for I don't know million and half two million people because that's how many people used to live there in Detroit maybe more than two million people. And now they've got less than 700000. Government Detroit and they have so they have these huge huge. Parts of the city are totally Binghamton. And the the kick they can't even if they think there was a picture today in the Wall Street Journal. Of Albania public housing project it's totally abandoned -- -- -- around that that it looks like it could be it looks like it's in the middle of Montana. There's nothing around. Everything everything in this neighborhood is is gone in they don't even have the money in the city to war to implode this beat these. The -- abandon. Highrise. Public housing projects swing I have to get six point five million from the feds to implode the moment and then take away all the all the rubble. And so. So paying of course sees him being from Detroit PC -- liberal he's -- now. But he he -- yeah -- something really controversial on it's it's ironic that this that this is controversial because it's it's so war. It's so common sense what he's saying too weak do we have the Dave did the they've been quote this is he said the two with a CBS affiliate. I believe. People feel the mayor. In a particular city. And solve all the problems. That's not really true that's probably is the most difficult thing -- it manages. We are in an environment. I think open title. We've got a lot of people what city workers. Who for years and years. 130 you think you're entitled to a job and all that comes with. And nobody wants to go back. But in order for us to move this city forward we're going to have to take its effort to backward and then I think all of us. Have to participate and pain that's. And. And again he's he's being he's being pilloried. By by the -- some some elements of the moon -- community and insomnia. It's some of the of the unions some of the municipal workers unions to cops are giving out you know when they when people come in for the yeah. -- World Series when the human effort for the the games these tigers were in the World Series they want the American league championship. The Arab cops were passing out. Fliers -- to all the all the cancel common and -- got so you know it's not like the Super Bowl but -- got -- pyro was common for World Series. And they they were saying you're you're not safe in Detroit because have been so many cutbacks separates our. But I just want -- distorted out here just you you know. Even if you know even if the you don't with the Detroit I mean that the B. State. The the public sector. Workers at all. But huge percentage of public sector workers I do think I think being his right about it they feel entitled. They think that that the that that -- -- have a a god given right. To a job that they don't that they should not have to ever. Cut back on -- -- On any of their pennies but David is that there's no way that they should have the way have a higher co -- I mean I know that the god the government is -- it is slowly. Clawing back this -- say some of the benefits the that these people get on you know low co pays and you know new new new employees are some the one point -- anyway error or are going to -- yeah. Are going to the yeah. 41 K type of in your retirement plans. But that they are just so many there to so many people but the the public sector people have these. Incredibly incredible entitlement we talked about the other day firemen ahead. -- we fire firemen -- that New York Jets and he was in the Indy which he walked out of halftime and look likes someone it's up on his -- is somebody said you know one when the jets were getting creamed. He was east 53 years old he's retired he's a retired firefighter. In all these these people get to retire when there and there are early fifties a lot of them. And they get full pensions they -- for health care. Now they're talking about -- putting a tax on those of us India. The India MBTA district one payroll tax on us. That's the rapid transit so call Massachusetts Bay transit authority they wanna -- attacks Hamas. They have over -- they have over 600 people making over a 100000 dollars a year at the MBTA over 600 people make for a hundred grand. They until very recently yeah you can only you you have to work 23 years. And you could retire after 23 years it to -- BT. And with a full pension so I mean you could you could go out if you -- repeated and feud you didn't finish college you know you could you can go to work the MBTA it nineteen or twenty and be retired before pension and H forty and then you can get it that you can get another rock. You start working on another pension like like what one Billy Bulger silence it. He he worked at the MBTA for 23 years retired in the got a job for his brother at the brother and a longer employed at the Probation Department was fired but that he got a job so you know a lot of people will walk around to pensions. -- and you know bing is right I mean we you know the -- the taxpayers can't afford this mean that the the he didn't he didn't get into this but you know but I mean the that the middle but productive. Dreaded private sector is a shrinking. And as the dreaded private sector shrinks. The benefits to war with the workers in the dreaded private sector also country. And at the same time those benefits are contracting in the wages are going down and there's there's there's a story today that the the average American family has has less money now. Less less savings there's not a new study out that the average American family now is less savings they did at any time since 1969. All the advances of the last forty years. Have been. Shot help in the under basically Obama and to a lesser degree porch. But. You know it. But the the municipal workers like the ones being is talking about -- are making the big money and you know there's only one there's 11 way out there's only going to be one way out. That's going to be chapter or not. Which is bankruptcy exit bankruptcy for public public agency. And -- he says you know we're gonna. You know we're not the ruling it out. You know he -- that there's a there's a state senator and Detroit Hussein who wants the still wants this distant city of Detroit to just go out of business. I don't know what would take its place I don't before just become part of Wayne county I think that's where Detroit is but. He says would be tough for awhile but you know down the road could it be better Ferrari for everybody in Detroit if it went out of business. 18774694322. -- -- public work Hearst do they feel we're in titled do they had the they have a did do they have that to the have a better Barack. Deal than most private sector workers I think they obviously do a better deal -- most private sector workers you don't you know the that's another reason that the you know Obama was crazy when he said that the -- the private sector's doing just fine it's a public sector that's hurting I mean it. You know there's a guy who obviously does not have. He hasn't a clue what he's talking about there have been nearly the layoffs in the private in the public. Sector that there have been in the private sector and those layoffs continue. Up to this moment. 1877469432218. They put the last cannery in and in the California business just -- story got -- in the stack here today. Where is it yours can just read it anyway it's they they assign their baseline bigger. Property over the government waste a form. The last -- that slap these last -- in California. And the government said if you sign it over -- protected and you cannot sign sign new leases at forty year intervals and in perpetuity. And that's our promised DO and so they finish up the first forty year lease and guess what the government says the when a given you know the police get got out of here. Thirty people thirty more -- thirty just thirty people. But it's -- but it's an industry it's an industry gone -- gone small and street but it's gone. Now. Nobody ever heard of a government agency going out of business one -- 71 or guy retired from -- at 43 and now works for commuter rail doing the same job exclamation point. 71 letter carrier 26 years got five more years ago ten years is in title. 1877469432271. If I get disability can I also get my marijuana card in if they make brownies with them can quite by the what my food stamps from. 18774694322. Joseph your next with how we cargo ahead Joseph. Almost to try out well it got little -- what it says that now almost certain employees I start like that 38. But I did what here's Marine Corps and I did and I -- pay credit -- tax Angel street taxes. -- -- -- I don't mind people in the military pension W guys you you guys are row are literally taken your lights in the hands I've talked to people like. Talking about like the Department of Energy you know the assistant associate deputy commissioner now. It the idea that they don't be they don't really put their lives on the line and they get the government car remember going to I had make a speech somewhere and he and -- edit. I did a lot of -- had a government that. Government office on an obscure government agency. No no place for me to park close to the building because all of the go all the government employees. What their government chevys were were there where -- were were parking in the group's bassist and let me tell you these people -- not have a lot of emergencies they had to get them. 187746943221877. Public workers here feel they have the security that they don't believe that the government will ever go out of business. How we public workers have zero fiscal awareness because they've been feeding from the public trough they are clued in to any of the fiscal accountability hence they feel entitled. Yeah I I know I I I tend to -- to do route that we see so many of these these even state legislators you know. BC there or people that work that it in the in the the DA's office we get our law school to go to work as a prosecutor. And that then you know they get to be a certain age and they said I can make some money in the private sector be in a -- -- a lawyer. In the -- get -- the get they get in the private practice and they immediately. Start going hungry. And they have to close up the office and Cohen with a three or four other lawyers that have one secretary may be now one just of voice mail system. That are also starting and then that's when they start raising money team to get judgeships because they can't they can't cut it they can't cut it a lot of people get and I'm not everybody but. A lot of people where in the public sector can't cut and outside. Janet your next with how we cargo ahead Janet. I am just let's talk about the on the federal level. Much. Has happened and he thanked teachers. So mean -- federal court. Black and tan attorneys -- me. Now take issue -- it to -- security. Take issue with any -- me that it's an. Issue certainly in there. A -- -- -- at which they only had two delegates and machine to keeper so they had about ten look at it like she. Ten guards to work -- achievements. On -- like to note that many did yeah. But the added more than may -- it -- -- you know hey did you go to -- -- book -- -- today. Thanks -- you know you know what's funny they even they they even put that they have these things -- look under the cars -- at least suggested they look like the -- VO Bob. Mine detectors that they used to have in the did then you know them the mine detectors all of weekly Q war circles of people got him to take on beaches so -- -- points -- jewelry. Now they have these things they look under the car and Agassi got mirrors on and off -- mirrors on camera there looking for earth they got something where there are -- are the mine detectors but they stick them under every car. The goes into the federal courthouse parking lot including the judges. -- -- -- I mean if if a judge is bringing in a ball. I mean that the you know you. Just forget just forget it because it's over a -- but not even have the judges have to go through one after every day they they -- that they stick that. They stick that I guess it's a mirror under the under the but that the car to make sure there's Obama there -- your next with how we cargo ahead Jimmy. -- -- All -- these are all very. I got a sad story about the American worker. He has not he don't know article about -- back in order to graduate school 601965. My brother got -- out right away industry. Yeah about three dollars an hour. -- wouldn't be closed. -- of foreign competition. Back in 1980. At it and this is old or thirty years ago. I was making -- eleven dollars an hour thirty years ago that this thing is that good money now. A lot of people. -- it's awful I mean the American worker -- little anywhere Ollie. I'm Daryn back into it gave it everything medical and we at all. And over the job that are not on our air Springfield and we elk and -- in the year. We don't -- when I was a kid. That went to an open a great job and made middle class America and that's -- -- yeah. And I can't see it coming back. Now I know and and you know people who were raised in you know to what work in the private sector mean. They they kind of got caught flat footed you know. Appeared you know where's the people who worked in government I mean they've just they've just made more and more and more money as the years have gone by. And now there is you know in the in the in the middle class Lieberman's those people make and the most make in the most money that people working government. A car. 18 cents. It we -- to avoid that's how we did twenty years a local police department had PP ST. Post traumatic stress syndrome and retired at 45 yeah I have a good -- 72% would love to have no problems at work sucks being on disability. May suck for you but I think a lot of people blood don't you know. Like being on this and I'm sorry not at all. But some people like being on disability and that's why that that's why we have so many more you don't do we it is safe to say we don't have. 34 times as many people were disabled now that we did go up four years ago I mean really disabled so why is that -- that this ability. -- three or four times as high as they work ten years ago. 802 how we I just got a job today but now works it's made for eleven bucks and our economic citing made more than out as a sophomore in high school. Seven I -- I'm self employed and can't believe the total disconnect between the public sector in the dreaded private they haven't a clue what's going on in the real economy. 18774694322. Seven they won the port doc -- due to disability forms for the -- driver who just reported the idea archery I do think that the driver. He just he was the one who crashed his. Trolley into the back of the other trolley that was already in the station do you think he'll he'll be going out on -- disability. Just asking the question. 71 now I'm a primary care -- I get so ticked off -- the Stater MBTA workers want a day off. -- to that we pay for their paid sick days and he asked me to -- a lot of crap load of paperwork just want to say just suck it up you could work. Well I mean spirited if you say that. By the way we're talking about the play that put you put Dave -- cut again this is the mayor of mayor of Detroit in the -- argue about that one of the problems he spacing and Travis. Who wouldn't that revealed the mayor. In a particular city. And solve all the problems. That's not really true that's probably is the most difficult thing it was just managing. We are in an environment. I think open title. We've got a lot of people what city workers. Who for years and years. 130 you think you're entitled to a and all that comes with it. Nobody wants to go back. But in order for us to move this city forward we're going to have -- its effort to backward and then I think all of us. Have to participate and pain that. Nobody wants to go back ports that's that's a key phrase to you know remember that's this woman's -- Burgess the one that the that the state that traffic highway safety director who had that the 34 rush citations and moving violations. When that when that was exposed and she was making 87000 was the first thing they said what to get her new job. -- -- The you know if you expose data in the dreaded private sector they won't be talked about get your new jobs to be talking about firing knew you'd be out the door immediately. 18774694322. Washington the median net worth of American councils is dropped to 43% low whistle lower and middle classes appear pour less stable when they have been since 1969. This is a recent study by NYU. But again I mean this so the -- that these are the people that are over the pay the higher and higher the ever higher taxes. For the ever higher salaries of the of the the public -- Cynthia you're next with how we cargo ahead Cynthia. How -- from Detroit Michigan asks. And I would -- into the represent Detroit when you're talking about the Wall Street Journal story and really. It's half the -- ball. Yeah. I mean how I mean when you think about the fact that they need they need federal aid to blow up the buildings that haven't -- the -- abandon I mean you know you're in deep trouble right. Right well my my house was a 170000. Dollars in 1990 history. If I could get 101000 floor right now I'd be lucky. What happened I mean did what I mean everybody just moved out is that what happened. Well I'm an historic neighborhood you know it was worth more that still gets to -- it. Armed -- -- -- are I can pay 121000 dollars. So right 101000 dollar home in taxes -- here. We have the highest taxes in the country. So. Pretty bad and you're right about that the city workers thinking we owe them living to be eight years to get it dead tree cut down. I think 2000 dollar fine I had to tell myself. But -- -- the unions are all bent out of shape I would -- -- aren't I. Yes they are yet and nothing can get done in the city because the City Council. Almost gets more power. Doesn't let me out in the air and we're always -- oxygen a polished. There's always a lot of their murderous -- as any City Council board Alderman in the country I mean that to John Conyers wife is in the camp right. -- -- In the immediately that the trial until Patrick who stole. -- India a former mayor wasn't his wife his wife are not his wife his mother worship she was a congressman -- -- on the City Council surge was some kind of big politician -- NG. -- the congresswoman. And I ran against her first congress I didn't win. But we try. What is it when you get an outside the. Com. Well I thought I'd be getting out is not anyone's but now who you know it's. You know my how to play off. I don't know all. I I was in tears during the election and I try to claim repairs because I was so excited that Romney was winning the 9190. I went to bed and woke up to disasters so. I can I have a lot of hope for future. You say you that your your house is all paid off and it's worth 101000 box. A lot of us think of that bit when we would we buy a car you know. -- how our house is worth half of a new car half of a new car that's mop up and special I'm sorry to put it that -- sent via but it. Well okay I live in a beautiful home that we're not itself. I. Looking a bit. Give my best to mayor -- Levy's thought -- buddies make good sense of what's going on even though he isn't liberal Democrat thanks for the call sent via. Now we --