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Police Blotter Fax Friday November 30, 2012 - Fish Swallower And Penis Attack

Nov 30, 2012|

The two winners from this week's police blotter contest were a fisherman who choked to death on a fish he caught while holding it between his teeth and a man who hit his wife with his penis.

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Friday my name's -- Police -- thanks Friday. Story is true. A lot of people that they can -- since it's shaving. But the way it was Warren can word for -- next. 603 if you want your loved one to be a blogger path of dogs get the bacon shaving cream otherwise it's gross. They can Cologne and bear hunting go the other -- and somebody else then. 18774694322. Point eight someone else's it smells like hot dogs I have no idea there was no concern to us. He just came out on Wednesday. Maybe they've reviewed by instrument bacon popcorn. No matter how you look at it it's just so it's pretty humorous I think. 1877469432218774694322. That's the toll free number of how we Carr showing you just heard the media dragnet. Notes -- the that means it's time for police blotter fax Friday all week long we ask you to send in your funny stories from the police blotter of the police slog. You couldn't -- you were a standalone story in your local daily or weekly newspaper or on the Internet. You can enough facts from committee at that 61777934676177793467. Or you can email to media Howie Carr. At W war Kerio dot com Howie -- at W work -- dot com. And that we may. We may read your -- your entry here and that it's and if it's one of the -- ones and it's one of the two funniest ones of the week will give you Wear nice prize what's the price this week's and the. They're gonna win one of our collector items. Collector collector's item T shirts we kept our friend of Bob -- happened crane maintenance for exports where. I'm not sure which sponsored an -- we are expecting new ones and then all of the police more facts ones -- -- still some gusts up yes well done well used those guys. Which you can only camp by by the way you have to only win them yes these the runners up. Police received a 10 a 3 air am report that it Tenet has threatened issued his landlord after being informed this from Salem by the way. An exterminator was coming later in the day. Police spoke to -- he said he said soon not shoot he didn't have his teeth it. If Iran says its -- who's gonna sue I'm not shoot him he didn't have his teeth and that's what do you assume for him in what exterminator and his department. You'd prefer roaches. Either to -- around wonderfully able roach roach said okay I'm just getting really creation and our. And easy to stop the righteous Salem Salem police Anna Lindh Marion over his own leg with his own track. After his brakes failed how -- is it. Hey the guy told police that he was driving on -- on -- when his brakes failed and as he was headed downhill just before the entrance to Mack park as result he opened his driver's door. And put his left foot out trying to stop his track. Reynolds attendants -- run off to their right shoulder up on it and bank funded this incidents occur cause seemed to fall out of his truck onto the roadway the -- -- over his left leg and proceeded down to Fremont street. I'm not seeing -- About 1:42 PM when the early afternoon. Little early for for. My theory to be an operation -- the car -- cross the road and struck a fire -- and according to like I don't think that this was alcohol much is just sheer stupidity. Was involved in this one. Amanda describes -- as a professional hobo was arrested Wednesday morning after a Spartanburg county sheriff's deputies spotted him on a CSX. Railroad car. The train car was stopped at the racetrack -- highway two to anyone when adapting estimated did not appear to -- railway employees on the train. According to news reports deputy asked to speak with a man as he was getting off the train. He told the deputy -- is a professional hobo who was trying to get to California he was then arrested. It used and Allison is being homeless -- from Davenport Iowa. So we know who's a professional he said he was a professional I mean how we knew it was in the semi pro or an amateur. I think in this case they results would have been the same. -- guy is gonna get arrested. It's called trespassing. As -- from the Hartford current. A state trooper has been arrested for taking jewelry from a person who -- honest -- -- shall. Trooper -- Huntsman an eighteen year veteran of the state police faces two counts. A third degree larceny is also charged with interfering with police and tampering with evidence. His police powers have been suspended the ball to -- crash happened on route fifty in Fairfield. Huntsman and other emergency personnel went to the crash and conduct of the investigation after the accident. Family members tell police take could account for some jewelry clothing cash. They later found the clothing at the hospital but the other items are still missing. State police investigated. Found the missing jury which had not been logged in to evidenced by the trooper who led the investigation. They also found a large amount of cash that your -- police car. Hospital was a vice president of the state police union for more than two years his resignation has at his position is -- allegations came to light. If the allegations of misconduct a proven true we wish that it not reflect perception of the police or its union. Wow. Mike -- always used to say that the corners in Chicago were better at figuring out how much the rings on the corpses found lord and on determining the cause of death. That's cats so there most popular CC Andy because they always willing to stick their finger through -- The where the bullet -- and stuff I thought well now -- could picture in the papers. Well. Speaking of you know bloody gross things. Blood dripping from an suvs led to -- -- this from south Lake Tahoe California life. What blood dripping has led the -- -- yes -- blood dripping from the back of an SUV led to the rest of two Sacramento terrorist. Men who are accused of illegally shooting a deer and stabbing to death their vehicle and is suddenly came to and began to struggle. And blood apparently was coming out of seeping out of the SUV in the police were called in and they found that they found it to do here. They Kingston Ontario -- I was so busy watching TV cop show while he was driving his suvs failed to notice a police officer trying to get him to -- over. In south front -- account name they tended to pull over the driver of the SUV and highway fifteen and after getting a report of a man watching TV while driving. It appeared the driver was having a typical times staying in his plane. When a police car pulled alongside the vehicle on officer concede there was a phone mounts on the dash for the driver was so intent on watching a police trauma. Rookie blue he didn't notice to crews are actually opposite turned on the vehicles emergency lights -- mask on him. Speaking of -- masses. I've never been tempted to watch TV's -- car. Bush when I was driving -- aside and interpret to mean there is from Grand Rapids. It would be rappers burgeoning musical career hit a snag last week I'm always -- him over in this always police that are trying to stop these people missed these people from having -- cultural legacy when police pulled him over in the school bus he had stolen from the west side of the -- -- he could drive to Detroit to record music. Washed and not county sheriff's departments arrested Joshua Daniel Curtis of Grand Rapids. After receiving a car porn -- I was driving a school bus erratically on -- 94. Which -- turning -- late for a. I don't believe so here. You tell me those -- for as much shots he's a good boy every good boy. Nice here now it's different in each picture to. Yes it is. Joshua Daniel Curtis 25. You know. And -- -- color photos by the lake is there's turquoise and one of those pictures a snares turquoise. Speaking of you know. Idiots. Two Belgian bank robbers have been in the Darwin award winners this year after killing themselves while trying to crack open a cash machine yes a pair you so much dynamite that they managed to destroy the entire bank building and themselves where that. Now it is the season you know you'd be seeing Santa Claus gone around town. While police say a holiday ceremony was marred when a horse is pulling a -- were spooked injuring the driver and forcing Santa and mrs. Claus to jump to safety. The incident happened at the omni Bedford spring resorts about ninety miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Of course is were apparently spooked by band music vaulted causing a -- slay their plane to crash the driver. Fell under the -- was taken at a hospital for cuts on his face to resort's general manager. Said that the clauses who are not being identified you know where -- come from. -- -- -- forces like they used mrs. Claus by the way twisted her ankle on and the procedure. Mount desert Maine is that it. Yeah where is it responds doesn't it it's of the Bar Harbor. A local fisherman is looking for help from the public in locating a large plastic tub of scallop guts. He mistakenly put in Iran via com. The preserves -- -- report in a blue Chevy sedan at the University of Maine plates around 3 PM on Monday. That's that sums fell one stop according to the fisherman's life. Andy -- is based southwest harbor fish lobster and has been collecting scouts for the past six months. As part of her research projects through darling Marines -- are you -- -- marine research facility in lop off he guided the by valves isolated different organs and store them in formaldehyde. Monday he was supposed to deliver their research material to grad student agreed to meet him as sound as though once stopped. He saw a vehicle with humane plates put the scalp got in and watched and thought expecting to meet the student in Reno's. When he went there went back outside of the car was gone. But they're afraid is somebody you know realizes this fish stuff is in the back to discuss thrown away in six months of work we'll go down to news. So if you're the guy. All know and now. -- so our ideas the two winners the first one. A Brazilian anger at angler died after officiate just -- swim down his throat and choked him to death. The man with some friends on a beach -- while the fishermen reported. And partly made of bizarre about the difference that he be able to hold the slippery fish between his teeth permanent but no car. They put the station petitioners and operatives escaped and slammed down his throat. Getting lodged in his windpipe in Michigan and hospital but they could not get to him in time this was at its assault finish asylum. Yeah and I got hundreds of these guys said the winner is. Was the Dover sole error graceful. I don't now Rockland Maine a 62 year old are -- and we'll spend five day isn't -- after pleading guilty to assaulting his estranged wife. He is wife and he hated America 39 years and they are currently estranged. He offered her twenty dollars for sacks which she refused to to -- his penis and struck her with nets. He was tremendously upset that his marriage of 39 years was ending his his estranged wife has planned to go to Pakistan naming a man she met online met Pakistan where she from. I don't know where she's from Richmond the skyline she's gonna Pakistan to meet him. -- yeah it was a good move through the president to Munich I met online absolutely positively I never heard of a dangerous weapon to it. You know -- -- before perhaps it was a deadly weapons to -- it could be. You may have a point. All right. Thank you see how that car right today for another exciting -- -- the police -- thanks for -- this case. 617 says I missed something here why is -- Warren using vacant senate.