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Bruce Friedrich and Tofurkey

Nov 20, 2012|

Former PETA (People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals) spokesperson and current Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives for Farm Sanctuary Bruce Friedrich joined us for our annual Why You Should Not Eat Turkey Fest.

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Every Thanksgiving we liked chicken with Bruce Friedrich he is a he's a vegan -- vegetarian and you know he's against -- eating meat and of course Thanksgiving is one where. Great meet holidays here in the United States and we like to check in with him and he could make his pitch forum for -- vegetarianism. And we can kind of -- on animal -- Is what it boils down to. So if you wanna call and -- talked to Bruce Friedrich get on board now at that 1877469432218774694322. You know me -- some mom how much of a Turkey guy and I liked her Alex smoked Turkey a sandwich or something like that but. You know you give me a choice between idea filet mignon and a Turkey -- -- with the appointment on any day so that's what I'm happen for a Thanksgiving after -- sutra -- by the way. -- -- well will be as saying shepherds and stuffing cranberry. And. Sherri shepherd I would that without the good the stuff that make shepherd's pie good which is what -- am. On nine billion got these -- will -- and Merrimack it is -- Nothing says Thanksgiving like they'll only get our. And also recommend -- perky. Yeah. -- you told me that you're one time you gave me some fake -- in New York element that the fake you told me that the fake lobster was as good as regular lobster and that was not troopers. I'm not sure that I have represented the pick lobsters is that -- be asked. It has deadlock here that bit of veggie burgers are spectacular and got pizza place -- a -- so I that would ban. Kind of who. Hook up the link between you and the proprietor and I think he can be blown away by how could he -- this is -- Boston I think they added the dot and I think they haven't made yet haven't quite made the connection with lobster yet but it got. Things like burgers and nuggets and Sochi on -- sense sausage like the -- persons of all that stuff every bit as good as the dead animal. -- WA if you if you do get in touch with them just -- to send over a meat lover's pizza. -- -- He well you'll -- over a meat lover's pizza and you will let it just like my relatives my uncle and my not my cousins and Boston or meat lovers and despite the fact that it -- begin may -- That's it's peace opine and I I guarantee. It will last you'll satisfy your cravings. Well I I'm just gonna mention this very briefly to -- a lot of people wanna talk to you but you know Bruce what did you have for breakfast that I. Planned we my wife and I had some movies we have oatmeal with nuts and so in the top ten reasons. You know at those who choose to be alive -- There's -- -- those special look at it. There I know that's strip that you're concerned about that it takes ten times as many calories from if you feed them to animals first. -- if you -- them directly itself the innocent is not about perception and it's about lessening. Our support -- also and now finally your your read your -- you agreeing with me that you know that the reasons. Used to be alive and that you know and that blueberries used to be alive and. -- us Japan Alley which is -- have. Animal this and so that's that's scientific unanimity and that's why we have laws against cruelty to animals but not lies against -- -- to crackling. I like animals feel -- correctly doesn't. I told you this before Bruce but I put broccoli and put broccoli and the video in to the panned you know into -- in and in the hot water. And I've heard the broccoli on. -- -- Ali I know Oprah I know for a fact. That you would not -- -- dog's head man or set a cap on fire that is a lead it would but that you would mow your lawn -- trim the branches Romania summitry. There's the difference between he does not have interceptors are central nervous system -- brain all of which are required to feel pain. But dogs and cats and cows and pigs and chickens they have the exact same capacity to feel pain -- you're an ideal. I don't. C'mon Bruce you know -- you know get next for you to tell me that the I've that we talked about this before to lobsters for instance I mean who who was who was the main creditor lobsters. When when baby lobsters are -- a rather rags you know hand. It to other blunders I know it's a -- the big should that -- how about the law of the jungle -- red in tooth and claw but that's not how we have a our morality we pattern on morality on the basis of -- on the basis of mercy. And for the same -- somebody wouldn't eat a dog or cat. There is no corruption argument for how it's different between -- their daughter picnic aperture and he wouldn't dogs and -- shouldn't be eating chickens and pigs. You're from farm -- worried but year old year old employer has got the picture of the dog the dogs have bought Turkey sub Thanksgiving. -- that the I hate kids that you would mean the doctor Anita Turkey. I think so yes -- I'm gonna -- I think chemical defense. I'm good luck coming up with a Cogent ethical argument for how there's a difference. Turkeys -- Smart. I mean it -- to live and an awful -- awful lot of -- -- work with turkeys and chickens at least you better on both tests of cognitive and behavioral complexity. And dogs or cats do you know what claimed that the capture you know -- the tests that refusing to participate -- the -- -- -- are trying. And there -- there's no reason to believe that Turkey's. I'm in my -- as somebody who I do have experience of this having your own chickens and both both chickens and dogs and I don't Ahmad biometric. Smart of them of the law. Well we got defiant we've got the science that if you go to someone projects dot org or just the education section of -- sanctuary dot org and look at someone not something. Which -- scientific proof they're in the chicken blank. A lot of chickens have the same problems of lobsters do with the same the same. Advice that a lobster doesn't mean that you are used of a chicken that would be its own -- I was pretty disgusting. Yeah that that that doesn't it sound particularly appetizing but it's not like I think it's a little different than from from what lobsters do -- look at -- almost forced to -- the chicken. But look at look at it look at -- waging war in committing rape and committing murder and human beings when we are. Falling below what is ethical we do an awful lot of tawdry stuff and and that is true also an animal kingdom by. That's not how we pattern on morality if we have the choice between doing something kind of doing something choral we should choose kindness we can do something -- merciful -- something that -- that level of mystery in the world which -- mercy. That's the to a clinic every time we sit down to eight. I invite to a -- and I prefer pasting that's -- Aniston were Wallace. And in my book. All right let's take some let's take some calls for a Bruce Friedrich confirmed sanctuary and that we have your. It's ready. Absolutely great thank you senators and actually get bigger head at the farm sanctuary gig and what that the -- did I don't really think pretty big hit at the. Well what a couple of Bruce Bruce the the the owner rob Bob -- exports were coroner Manger sinister I'll hold the back -- if you like a couple for your friends for Christmas well was send him -- -- you're just LC -- the just LC and the citation eight. Thank you yeah I would love that OK it's the way to suck up to your boss right. I -- I have other people and I spoke to a professor George her next with how we card Bruce Friedrich go ahead professor George. -- I like to suggest here into your -- there that you talk more about health benefits of being about it -- there was it was just -- newspaper yesterday that. -- just held that the day of red meat will increase your. Change of heart simply by 15%. And cancer -- 10% of -- the day. Well you know you know what professor George sooner or later guess what's gonna happen you're gonna die you know I mean you mean you might as he can't you can't go through life always worrying about what -- -- in Kenya. I don't know but I mean what why your risks for heart disease and cancer you don't have. -- roast beef pace really really good. Yeah I mean bill that Bill Clinton since he went to be in about a year and a half ago that he's now back to its high school weight he has never felt better needlessly because more energy. So he's he's an example of the help. You know Timothy Bradley the welterweight champion of the world talks about how he does beacon for the three months leading up to each site. The that they get and so much energy and he's able to -- keep its lightweight. So there's a lot to be said for unit from both from a short term standpoint as well as the long term. Beating back things like that cancer and heart disease but I think how -- rate most people are not going to make choices on the basis that helped somebody like Bill Clinton welcome he's had multiple heart attacks. But for most people I think it's -- when I sit down to eat who in my in the world. Don't wanna do something that involves paying people to quit animal spirits open are doing now wanna do that. And for most people they don't wanna do. But most people don't ask themselves that question either Bruce they say do what I want something that's gonna taste good and fill me up like like a piece of like a piece nice piece of white meat Turkey was so -- stopping oyster stuffing and what give budget give -- gravy on it. Or why I want. Told food Turkey what -- -- might be. But it took Turkey is actually pretty good bet that that's our challenge our challenges had to convince anybody. To change the ethical paradigm charity hole that our challenge is to get people thinking about the fact. And that when they're eating meat there entering into relationship they're paying people that keeping animals that they are morally opposed to. So if we want to be consistent and our compassion for animals and Simon yeah percent of Americans are compassion toward animals that we wanna be consistent there we shouldn't be paying people you abuse of things to them. Holly your next with how we card Bruce Friedrich from farm sanctuary go ahead Ali. I've -- -- -- hey. You know but it wasn't like that IQ is that you're big and we did not elect that the other. I I have a right to do what big and about a year and went insane. Cop. Yeah I know you're never. I know I don't like that to law and or exactly what you mean. Go ahead. I tried it but it suddenly had that the only -- -- about what I look at find what are robbed but. And one. That I called on the back picked up a -- was. In one parent you it's pretty much -- -- the all of the big and -- Ballmer guy about balled beach bar and bought meat grinder. And saying no wild that night you know that only god what you did the animals. And then the next very next I don't keep up about how compassionate -- back. Yeah there's certainly a degree to which oftentimes we met these enemies and it is. That's a -- that. And I mean one of the things that I encourage people to care about animals to do -- not set a bad example but they're bad examples and every movement. For the most part people are compassionate about animals. Got this way because we were compassionate about human beings itself. I taught an inner city Baltimore for two years Iran the largest soup kitchen in Washington DC it's well homeless shelter for families six years. I continue to be deeply concerned about compassion for humans and compassion for animals. And that tends to be true across the spectrum although obviously there are some counter examples. You you know -- by you know what I you know I -- I have dogs and you're right I wouldn't do anything bad from my dogs but that you know what might you know my dog's favorite food is. I can guess. I can get to -- one of its commercial dog foods which is obviously going to involve me. Well today they they prefer cold cuts I'm remark cold cut type diet and boy they've been loved despite -- well they would bush have me on this -- for the rest of my life and their lives. And how should really should really check out this move before super nine and it's a documentary about the two positions that -- Bill Clinton on his feet and I had an FB earlier caller mentioned that they had used it -- that began I had. To actually unclog people's arteries than what they find find is that people. Lose weight they have more energy they need less sleep there's sexual performance simply improves because their arteries are on Clark. What got laid testosterone for you go to Google and get a prescription for testosterone -- if he got a problem no more problem. Well you ate and talked up the Viagra and the testosterone if you just eat your fruits and vegetables and scrapped the -- OK doctor Friedrich yeah Tom your next with how we card Bruce Friedrich go ahead -- we don't have much time left. I think. Give us -- -- Bill Clinton so much problem but why -- I -- yeah exactly. Anyhow we don't like nothing to do that drop and a lot you're in jail first little shallow water -- Yeah I I know I know I feel real bad I am it's on public can't sleep at night after -- do it Bruce thanks for your -- -- instead stay on the line for CNB OK Joseph give you a couple of -- of our repeated teacher Tom how far.