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Charles Krauthammer follows Jeff on the Petraeus sex scandal

Nov 14, 2012|

The sex scandal that will bring down the Obama administration? Jeff Kuhner said it first.

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And radio. From Boston or Boston. 617. 666868. Last night on Fox News. Columnist. Commentator. And analyst. Charles -- primer. Said this about the Petraeus gamble -- -- baby. I think that really shocking news today. Was that. General Petraeus. Thought and hoped he could keep his job. He thought that it might in would be kept secret and is he should stay in his position. I think what that tells us is really important it meant that he understood. That the FBI obviously knew what was going on he was hoping that those administration officials would not. Disclose what it happen. And therefore hoping that he would keep his job and that meant that he understood. That his job. He is the reputation his legacy is -- celebrated life. Was in the hands of the administration. And he expected they would protect him by keeping it quiet. And that brings us to the ultimate issue. And that is his testimony in September 13. That's the thing that connects it to scandals and that's the only thing that -- makes the sex scandal. Relevant otherwise it would be an exercise in sensationalism. And -- your resume and nothing else. The reason it's important -- here's a man who knows administration holds his faith in his hands and he gives testimony completely had a variance. With what the secretary of defense had said the day before. Had the variance with what you've heard from station chief in Tripoli and -- everything that we had heard what she influenced by the fact that he knew his fate. It was handled by people in the administration at that time. Charlie. Not c'mon now Charlie. EG's near the truth. He's dancing around the truth he's skirting around the truth. I have been leading the way on this. Investor's business daily he's been following -- other talk show hosts have been following me and now. Primer himself Charlie is now following me. But. They're following me but they don't want to quite say the truth the way I'm saying the truth. Remember what I said just a few days ago cook's. Early baby. Next week -- -- this week but last week. You've got to testify under -- Now here is what you gonna say. You're gonna say that you and the evidence shown to you was it wasn't a terrorist attack. Evidence shown to you was that mom home this had everything to do with the video when protesters. You're gonna bone now and you're gonna lie on Capitol Hill. And he said no I'm -- normal life I'm a military man I may be fooling around on my wife. But I'm not gonna -- -- under Roche and potentially perjure myself and go to prison I'm not gonna go to prison for you gangsters and criminals. Really you're not gonna go to prison for us there's a couple of emails with you and -- abroad well. -- pretty kinky stuff there. Not all you're still not gonna go low OK here's here's a picture review with Paul abroad well she's done a lot. I'm very friendly. All we know you're still what do you still don't want to testify. How -- this here's the two immune all under the desk at the CIA. -- porno here -- -- old porn no porn stuff here you sure you don't want to testify. He said known. And they say you know -- buddy. We're not even gonna say that you left for family reasons. He -- resignation letter and you -- was because of an extramarital affair and that's exactly what happened. And my friends and that's exactly now with the media is starting to conclude or at least those honest enough in the media to admit reality. -- -- -- It's following me. The key is this. Two days after the terrorist attack in -- Gaza. It was General David Petraeus this then CIA. Director who went on Capitol Hill and said not all this everything to do we -- with the anti Muslim video. This was a spontaneous protest this was all about riots -- this was all about a video. In fact. It's very easy to fire mortar or rocket propelled grenades it's easy is what shorting -- -- anybody can do it. And anybody can -- Yet lawmakers were saying but I don't get it. The FBI called it a terrorist attack your own station chief CIA station chief in Libya called it a terrorist attack within 24 hours. That National Counterterrorism Center said it was a terrorist attack the State Department was seeing this in real time they saw was a terrorist attack from all. Mall -- was all about an anti Muslim video. Was he being blackmailed. Whereas the Justice Department through air colder. Through the dear leader where they -- saying you know what. We got raunchy bit emails. Our view and all abroad well you were having an affair we got you. Now you better told the administration line. You better go up on Capitol Hill and -- to lawmakers and tell them our spin or else we're gonna expose this. Because clearly Petraeus wanted to keep his job. Brand -- about it the counterterrorism advisor he knew about it months ago. Holder knew about it months ago now we're finding out even Republican lawmakers knew about it months ago. Everybody knew about this affair. So clearly Petraeus was aware. The Obama people knew about this yet he didn't resign then. He was hoping to keep his job. And clearly. To me the obvious is the evidence is now so overwhelming it's obvious he was being blackmailed. And this is why they forced him after the election. To say hey if you go up on Capitol Hill and -- law and you perjured yourself. And you fall on your sort of signal is generated with the video I was the one who told the president it was about the video. That's why they sent out Susan Rice. And Jay Carney and Hillary Clinton and a dear leader did the view and sixteen minutes because that was what my intelligence was telling me. And he said no. He said I'm not -- perjure myself under oath I'm not gonna go to prison for you. And so instead they said okay and you resign. But you're gonna resign admitting to extramarital affair. We're not gonna say it's for personal reasons -- family reasons. If like -- and I were just talking about this half an hour ago when his office were just chatting and I said have you noticed in Washington DC. Where and an ever anybody resigns it's always for family reasons. Now they could've said to him this. They had known about this months ago if they were so concerned about a national security breach of tourists all concerned that. Petraeus was having an affair with Paul abroad well and all the security implications. Could have said this storm. You led the counterinsurgency. Any rock you've served as faithfully for a year at the CIA. You're an American hero. Look burger I keep this under wraps second terms gonna come around. Hillary will be leaving Tim Geithner will be leaving it. You're just gonna say what they say you wanna spend more time with your family. You wanna spend more time with your wife if you wanna enjoy your grand kids. It's time for a change. They didn't do that. They had a camera resign. And admit to an extramarital affair to humiliate him. -- to cutter his reputation. To smear his reputation. Well now. Story is breaking right now. Now the general is saying enough is enough he resigned. He fell on his sword. But now he has agreed to testify this Friday. Behind closed doors to the Senate Intelligence Committee. And he is now working out an arrangement with the house intelligence committee to testify for them about everything he knew about Libya. And what he found out in his own personal trip where he interviewed people. In the last week of October. So you're gonna see Petraeus he's gonna go and testify. And I think when you start hearing what he's gonna have to say this Friday and next week this thing could blow wide. Open. He's now standing up to this regime. He's now gonna speak. And now the only question is this. They are holding a possible prison term jail sentence over him. For allegedly violating article 134. Of the military court of justice. So are they going to be able to intimidate them. For fear that he may go to prison because Jimmy arbitrarily say you know what yeah that's a ninety Anke. That's not allowed in the military you know that article 134. Were gonna prosecute. We're gonna put you in the slammer and throw away the key for awhile. That is now going to be the question. But now Petraeus will testify. And I believe if he tells the truth under -- what he will say is I was blackmailed. They were blackmailing me exactly what Charlie was -- out exactly what crop farmer was intimating that. That I was this was being used against me to told the administration line. And so they had me go up on Capitol Hill talked to lawmakers on September 13 two days after the attack. And say -- it was all about the video. Low about the video. It's all about protests. All terrorism here -- terrorism to seek no terrorist attack on normal jihadist -- jihadist. Now. Here's what else were starting to find out I mean this thing is like literally -- as the world turns. It's it's as the Pentagon turns. This second general general John Allen our commander in Afghanistan. Now it's looks like there wasn't just emails raunchy emails between him and Joseph Kelly. The woman who started this whole investigation by saying she was being. A cyber assault did or cyber harassed from Petraeus his mistress ball abroad well. It looks like John Allen wasn't just having emails referring exchanging raunchy emails now it looks like phone sex was involved. Apparently she likes to talk dirty on before on the general's. And so now apparent are all sorts of phone messages being left behind. Now also through emails. Where there was a lot of a dirty raunchy talk going on. I gotta tell you this Jill Kelly. I mean I talked about on the morning show today. She's got some hold on man I don't know what it is I don't know what they see an hour but FBI agents are sending her shirtless -- us. She's a feeling off generals underneath the table now she's got another general basically yet having phone sex with her. They can't seem to get enough of this Jill Kelly. She's becoming like a modern day Cleopatra. Have you noticed our military is becoming a joke on the world stage. Can you imagine what the Chinese must be thinking. Can you imagine. Look at look at these these these perverted generals they're in the United States that can't seem to get their hands -- women. It's affairs. Its -- sex it's cyber sex it's emails. It's and they're going over this Jill Kelly. I mean they must be laughing at us he nor sing in front of -- -- A military pooch. You were seeing Petraeus urged John Allen is going to be next it's like it's it's it's a purge. Our military our leadership is being decimated right in front of our ice. And all of this is going on. In a desperate attempt to cover up what happened in Benghazi. And in particular the president's. Criminal complicity. And leaving our members twisting in the wind. Denying them protection for months leading up to the terrorist attack. And then on that fateful date abandoning our men and not defending them. And now they're basically now this Jill Kelly I mean they're gonna. You're gonna see endless credit -- I'm telling you you mark my words somebody and administration is gonna call up you have to -- Playboy or. -- Hustler Magazine and say you know what you got to get her notes. Get her north and spread them because I'm telling you. You're gonna see even more generals fall because of this and you're gonna forget about being Gaza. Make it as scintillating. As salacious as possible. And so. Petraeus. Is now gonna testify on Friday. -- sometime next week on the House Intelligence Committee. Is he being made a scapegoat. Is -- being made a fall guy. Do you think he will blow the whistle on Benghazi. And one final question. Notice every liberal now is coming out and saying what Petraeus did was wrong. Petraeus had to resign betrays disgraced himself and disgraced the uniform and disgraced the military. Yet these very same liberals. From the Boston Globe to the New York Times to CNN. Stood up and defended Bill Clinton. When he was being -- -- say this serviced in the Oval Office would -- 21 year old and Andy when he was having sex under his vest. That was -- problem. When Petraeus is having sex under his -- big problem national security. The fate of the world is at -- yes the go. Is there a double standard in the media 61720666868. Julie thanks for holding welcome to the coroner report. What -- -- ask -- Judy I just wondering if it the possibility exists that these two women. Captain to be priced -- or else. You know I'm hearing a lot of that Judy a lot of people are very very suspicious because well first of all. Jill Kelly. Is I always say this she's she's a debutante. She's a socialite. She's no formal role in the military she's a glorified party planner. What she did issue went in Tampa Bay were special operations command is based she basically through high class parties for generals. That's what she did. Wrestler -- that's what she did and I got to tell you Judy she knew how to stroke there he -- She knew how to make them fall in love with her. She knew how to make them feel good she knew how to fill up their drinks put an ice and their drinks and there's something about this women who this woman on the Internet. This woman can get guys sending followed shirtless photos of themselves. A raunchy emails. A phone sex. For whatever reason this woman is a cyber goddess. What better way to bring down the military. You know it shouldn't you know you look -- this is a very interesting point I mean if I'm the Chinese. If I'm the Russians. If -- the islamists if I'm the Iranians. If she wasn't a spot right she should be a spot. 6170666868. Kurt thanks for holding welcome to the corner report. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- There has been just sort of wildlife fund. What the media as a socialist. -- access media Bill Clinton is the second thing. I think -- some glad he's coming up element true. Because it needs to be set and talk about -- well I'll -- what works well let -- get all these things go out there because as what effect that's going -- on. He's try and their role in the fiber of this country. And you've got to stay on probable. It's just that simple. He's got to get rid of this republic he's got to get rid of the constitution. And that's what communism dilemma let my. Either completely right -- I hear -- that I -- -- because we are now becoming a socialist empire. We are no longer a constitutional republic were becoming a socialist empire. And I'm saying this for over a year now. This man is a wanna be dictator everybody says old shaft that's right wing extremism no. The constitution. Means nothing to this man this man is willing to kill people to stay in power look what he did in Libya. As a classic an illegal war look what he did in Benghazi with our people there look we did with fast and furious. It has been one scandal after another. Jeff corner on the corner report right back after this break.