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Chump Line Friday November 9, 2012 - Liz Stammered

Nov 9, 2012|

Our favorite message from today's chump line was a comment on Senator-elect Granny Warren's first press conference in which she stammered and tried to pass off questions to Gov. Deval Patrick.

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The top line. Heading south for the winter albeit job all American I don't transporters enables -- car for you. Go to -- card dot com. -- -- -- I am not enamored. When questioned because kind of step forward and not what it's done when he's in Washington and I'm afraid -- All won't be -- We all are getting hammered already including. Petraeus. Who is getting hammered in a different way when reportedly with a Barney if you know what I mean. Yet Michelle -- -- that you got cold hand in the cold note. It's angry old white guys doesn't -- -- let me correct myself. That's right that angry old white guy at least he can't check the box. Like -- Native American eskimo at a person to to get this -- Alaska. You know like if it -- Director. Yeah you know why I did I heard that possible answer -- 100% right. Yet -- -- little -- -- thought about it say that anyway. Stay away from the white if you get back called to do that does it what and as. -- about -- people felt appropriate point. The business -- There are probably like 44 was ours now that the White House. Now I I was busy rejecting how he's name on the list of the zimbalist that we do have. Want to make sure his game was redacted. The quiet move to the coming out. How he's taken the day that something's rotten in Denmark. I know -- affected how we took today off when zimbalist was being releases about as believable. As a White House official actually resigning because of an extramarital affair. Senator reed let me be clear and perfectly for. No idea what how. The police. Let me be perfectly clear. Governor. Between the two of them I don't know. The president has the teleprompter. Our new senator elect has the -- Patrick. Patrick answers all her questions for her. The president I think parents do that as well as the that the experience. Than the Vietnam. When. Well didn't. Right in a note I'd just say do you know I am quite a bit. You don't think it's just a coincidence that Hillary Clinton by the way is out of the country won't be available to testify. And now there are several putts and that General David Petraeus will not be available testify. That's the most ridiculous thing I ever heard. I hear here is that does not in the senate. -- would all -- fruit and the reported. They couldn't get any worse of the state honestly you tell me and look where the rapists were taken place and I believe it in this day. Yeah out of Obama won election. However we do want to medicinal marijuana and that the suicide electable GAAP. I completely concur they have a script that medical marijuana. I think you need to calm guy but it's precedent that would take me now on the election. Definitely well. To quote this thing to do about doing about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Pro American troops he can be good if you enter the Bay Buchanan -- because about it. Forward -- -- You know let me big bird could take General Petraeus is new job. Because it's a -- to pointed out what kind of spy can't keep his affair secret hello. Wanna stay with -- got a piece played by Peter Morgan about Kate took a beating. I don't think it was Mitt Romney they used the word -- and. Yeah I don't think it was Mitt Romney that it's revenge. Hailed the hut -- Russia just wait a few days until after the election. Six I'm here and make it in bad mouth at all. The haters stop Koppel haters -- AA air air piers Morgan how that. That was your last -- line message thank you for calling have a car you. Heading south of the wind energy albeit not all American Idol transporters naval shipyard car for you go to ship car. Dot com. With -- -- water I am not enamored. When Quentin couldn't could kind of hammered. And now they've done when he's in Washington. I'm afraid -- All will be hammered. You --