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Polarized Public

Nov 7, 2012|

The results of last night's election are best summarized by Paul Fournier in the National Journal. He wrote "Barack Obama won a second term but no mandate. Thanks in part to his own small-bore and brutish campaign, victory guarantees the president nothing more than the headache of building consensus in a gridlocked capital on behalf of a polarized public". Howie asked everyone if they agreed.

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Would you promote that with Christine. Now at 67%. At this point and I don't hear animal and I don't hear -- CNB had nothing to do what have and yesterday and the fact that. It might have some new -- Monica -- about it. Our 1877. Or 694322. Marx line I just want to read some of this column here so these. Just talk about. Paola too pricey too about how this sort of sums up American way -- -- is now. Obama here to New Jersey wearing a bomber Jack rather than assume demonstrate that when the going gets popped up yet. Monogram Air Force One on what you. Announced that did it at his officials went to all all been through the minute as in the mirror. No one on. Doing this president shoes in years. Which is true when this incident in Gaza he was willing to leave -- be higher consulates that I did nobody had -- call to answer within 72. Because presumably. He didn't -- Meanwhile FEMA rumbles on the emergency management agency that manages emergencies very sensibly rather than Olympic. Late on the night CNB made landfall like heard from the local. Moves of my State's governor and asked -- that they can Wear federal emergency in every knew him for county so the federal funds could be on the quarter million people in the agreement they were out of power it was in order beyond our borders eight million people with a dozen states. But that's not an emergency no per game -- county and being no hurricane hit New Hampshire. Overcame a seventeen states the number eight supposedly affect the -- and be given me. Hurricane hit a few coastal counties of New Jersey New York a couple of others they -- that it. Everyone else at slightly would slightly windier than win usual win yet there were on how corporate needs. In a country in power elite in a county entirely touch by CNB my office manager had nowhere Christie for away. Because of an emergency but because of but the crowd -- invulnerable above the ground what a distribution system. Not to be and now -- national embarrassment to any develop society. Few weeks ago I happen to be NC here and mill in the one -- French colony of 6000 he -- a tree was rocks from north of women everywhere -- wind is underground. Indeed the role mademoiselle leads the wars of the island made a point of amusingly drawing America's American visitors tension that's what he. -- -- -- -- -- Your saying -- that sounds expensive. Well our government has worked pensive than any government in history. And we. You -- to show for. Imagine if Obama's. 2000 mines ambulance had been been burying everywhere for pole won the eastern seaboard. Instead just one. Obama builds a little shy of the trillion dollars in the one can we -- single thing it bill. A big storm players big government announced -- New York Times the Washington is so big hard with the government -- a 188 million dollars and I want it doesn't happen. 44 hours a day seven days a week including Thanksgiving Christmas and -- And he had mysteriously. Multi trillion dollar big government Obama's while he would do anything except. Shovel food stamps that the -- -- lavish benefits in early retirement packages on the bureau perhaps service them so all government investment. Obama pro -- So here you have big government bigger or anyway more expensive than any government has ever been in the white still allowed in nine he'd stay. Because who -- president and six trillion bucks and all the country got was -- lousy Air Force One armored jacket for him to Wear well well posing for a with answering the phone with his concern that pressure. Last week and any Bloomberg mayor of New York rival his own personal best worst male form since snowstorm. Here. This is a man who's been just days micromanaging the amount of -- New Yorkers are allowed to have been their beverage containers rather than say. The amount of ocean New Yorkers are allowed to have -- their subway systems. Just as in the previous crisis in this -- -- regulate salt out of your cheese burger proved. Utterly incapable of regulating any salt on the sixth album imagine if this greeting buffoon -- and that is much executive energy on what action -- the electrical grid transit system. As he goes on -- one of these carbonated beverage. That's leadership when he person to respond no. When the going gets popped the top in print -- this. You go back and -- and talks about says he's all blue jacket in -- while purchases. Obama. This too was an exam will Bode Miller is uniquely profligate and what is the point of unmanned drones of military bases around the planet of it will be special forces -- that he should president. And the vast bloated federal your your -- cannot -- themselves that action. What is the point about -- Russia. And China Germany and every middle -- military power line -- when it matters America cannot urgent for the year. One point 1000 commandos. And I -- al-Qaeda is wearing training camps in the Western Desert. In Afghanistan the Taliban are all but certain to return most of that country to a pre 9/11 Lawrence. But in Washington the head of the world's biggest Portland -- counter terrorism bureau should be -- present on what damage and downed trees. This is written before the election I don't know if Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan of the things I do know that Barack Obama and Joseph Biden tried -- appear for a vote for Obama. Is a vote for the certain -- national -- look at lower Manhattan in the dark try to imagine what America might look like the rest of when the sides of the longer needs the dollar's global currency reserve. For years we have had a president who -- and every thing but Bill -- nothing but yeah. -- -- -- Really set at the beginning in different ways the response to hurricane champion Ben Ghazi exemplify the fundamental and seriousness of some power wildly. Whether or not to get serious choice facing -- what -- going to. And now we know. And now we know what -- what we are diminished -- we are diminished who was behind serious level. No room. I'm just real way being Barack Obama. Robert your next -- we cart -- Robert. Ali yes -- victory in Dalton I thought that it. Community preservation act out and vote. No. No -- normal media we all went new media social video. What. -- sorry guys -- not tomorrow a lot of great great victory yet today one little battle. We know what the formula or not all the others got out. Got a new the new couple new project. Number one if they take on the health care for the young in the all leave them alone. Because that's coming down the road and going right into the pool and going out the mind the last. Battle -- going. Okay thanks Robert congratulations on your Big Three 121877. Forcing mine were -- too. Lizzy Warren took and that should give her state some. Where he -- and win when all was said than done it for country 41978. Is American but that pulled. 603 at the on the move to Greece for a few years and come back to the United States doesn't seem so bad. David your next with power -- go ahead David. I waited David is not moved back. I I've enjoyed watching us today and and listening to us about your your guess. We call it it was I don't wanna be is routed the earlier Davis is one of the offer. Three takeaways pieces of the site at the GOP. -- facility -- -- now that I like you know Iraq just song or Obama won't put as much as anybody. It is -- to a certain demographic in this same demographic if you he was doing this election. And if you hold strategy for winning mean you've got to win white -- a greater margin than it was when and minorities at -- for relevant. Well you know that the problem is that we have a we had a slight. We have a problem here we elect are David the problem is -- feel like or does not paying attention. They are they did this this electric has become fundamentally I'm serious. I'm sorry that's the way this. Which is if you're gonna -- Holder's view of the people are paying attention of the media bias and. You just take your -- channel because there's just no substitute for good ground game and say what you will about the Obama team. They ran a great round. I of this I understand I understand that they be that. Problem -- I think is larger than this the the problem it's the it's the old thing I forget who -- that originally but -- in the quarter million times and at the the hope bill I believe it is when the your days as a the -- receive our. Our our our number and I think that's what I mean would you deny that most of the Obama on our own work. I can deny it because well I personally think federal taxes that they pay taxes. But I I still thought that. Most of do you play do you work for the federal government -- -- government knowing about it. I'm in the credit by the editor or a bump Elliott David there aren't too many way to put them. Right so let's. Most of the beautiful on Wall Street and there are a lot fewer of them use I mean most of the people. Who vote for Obama are are in some way shape or form want to stay. -- it one more point -- in and I'll I'll I'll stop harassing him and that is it's an interesting. Phenomenon that this election cycle the -- point from the big donors didn't seem to work whether they you know there was. On the left or the right and a couple others and hundreds of millions of dollars and all the additional -- -- this. I mean you can say that Soros can't less. Oh excellent don't think that case but I'm just shot the big money didn't hold -- more than that we all thought it -- Well then that's more than and then let's not worry about Citizens United right now I am worried about that well I am not worried about it it's you know again corporations are you. I'm sorry they are people and you know that I'm -- at the unions in Michigan says -- he -- that's why they put -- -- whether what the referendum question on the ballot to say that that we put that people in Michigan couldn't have a right to -- a right to work. Shop they just they always have that closure of some people voted down. But I mean the basic argument that the unions will make -- -- that they -- they -- you know that they have that they had these inalienable rights to want more press real -- You know if if if a corporation. As a person that the unions -- okay and in of the union is an a if they operation is and it isn't a person and unions. It's actually yeah yeah and I agree with. That's got to hold I got a hold you right there 1877. Forcing mind. 43221877. Foresee mine were three to do any hope Obama you're good to deal no there's no Obama you get to deal were all gonna get room now. This is again I mean this is the tendency you got the only people are gonna gets by Obama here. Politicians. Who were gonna get the the free health care. War people who have enough money to go to the blue -- on virtual world but -- -- 222000. -- -- 503000. Year. And and buy into what these are there these these these crack misses and they'll get media venture. You know get referred the view there on her who he practiced it belonged to work for the other. You know it's going to be OK if you're right. If you get a if your middle class B they they are who they are going to destroy. It in the used it in the the interest of justice they're gonna destroy the best system middle class health system middle class however that. And there's no -- Mean recently said it was going to cut down. Costs -- -- What's it gonna -- nominal cost a few of the government involved in the cause health care. And adding tens of millions -- key role in moving illegal aliens who don't pay. It never will it. I was gonna be let them cut costs. And it's also gonna force a lot of blood on yours too early retirement or entities who he. This is or maybe even to offshore. In this who's going to be fewer doctors who wore 22 war. Served more -- And for which they will receive less money. And that's a formula get more by -- -- -- would it. But the good news is there will be one class he pulled it will be increased and eventually under. Obamacare that will be more revenue service to its. -- will look much at the open. -- -- your next with how we are going to burn. I'm sorry I've been very patient. Thank you are volatile you're going to your column in your comments as well thank you -- artillery -- Bear Bryant Mike Lowell had. I don't know what you can and change out the way people. Open -- that they that they -- On every I had union ironworker about Vietnam veteran out of Vietnam ever. I'm a veteran of the of the Vietnam War. I -- auto workers. And country and and it doesn't care and that is dwindling by the happier in my. All it about -- obviously right. On -- want to I want. If you know anything at all about what -- know why we're saying Obama is and I'm an advocate. Yes -- He claims he has yet he claims he has this birth certificate the groups that he is but that we also have the evidence. That you know we was trying to get a ball publish yes so that he had been born in Kenya. So I don't think we and there are many many people who don't -- -- that long form birth certificate of his that he recently produced is actually a real birth certificate. So I would say frank jury is allowed now. Let me out -- are I don't know. A thumbprint on the record. But I have a copy of it that it would indicate that he was born in portrait or in -- -- I worry about what I wouldn't I wouldn't put too much faith -- that that document for. Hardly a BB I think the odds are. Probably that he was born in Hawaii. And that he and the the the the mention of him being born in Kenya in the and in the a sales pitch that he made to get a book published that was just to mail him your more exotic. But the fact is frank out or I'll buy you what I there's no document in the world that says I was born outside the United States held by -- -- -- -- Now but but at what point and it replied I put it across. Neither could you play. You want I couldn't put it across that we were born outside the United States what does that say about the president of the United States that he it's he wouldn't Ross was. Born outside the court at -- once. All right. I well I'll -- a short period. I would I would -- all. I'll -- Romney although it went went a lot Obama. I -- Daddy did everything the way -- protect the consulate. The ambassador in Iraq in Vietnam is not only about a lot of it and why they are all in the white. And then deny boarding about. What we want whenever we Americans or America and they. -- -- WellPoint and al-Qaeda attack the united they. They kill him after its lifeblood the content and about maturity bond. All of this is considered US soil but yeah I understand the I'm yeah whatever see it's this it's the same it's the same thing. Thanks for the call for -- 18774694322. Public Connecticut Social Security number. -- -- -- when I'm understand that either I don't there's a lot of but this guy I don't understand. I don't understand why would releases. You -- why would releases a college. Transcript to get a five million dollars Donald Trump on -- does not about my demise will -- five million your favorite charity. Would come in handy in Jersey and New York -- -- -- -- Daniel your next with how we are go ahead Daniel. Right now guys on the matter of fact I'd love to see all the paperwork myself. I mean what we never will but I I did my -- around he's like yeah. With a half -- you. It's only public and not -- and she had things going on these days. And the -- is that these two point really number one it got perhaps the console -- stressed -- and -- Democrat. On the contrary. And or year leave you can be a lot works. That's number one put it. More importantly it and I talked to -- -- last night about this as a matter. Back into the real -- and in the little I was talking about. It's been real -- has been. Twenty years now. Ya know what happens I mean absolutely counts especially unmarried female vote. Young married value -- that area code I'll vote is. -- the married female vote is like the is is like the -- -- unmarried female vote is you're right it's it's an idea real drag on the public of their pets. I think -- -- -- Obama. I think even Bob Dole got a majority of the male vote and but he but Bill Clinton was so far ahead among females that was it was practically -- Williams -- In 1990 says. Thanks for the call -- -- 1877. -- -- mine were three to two women take the bomb while on his Alford now when you lose. The Donald is already on the offer they last week. -- your next -- powered car go ahead Jimmy. -- -- -- -- -- -- I would squadron would -- of one would be. Part or all. Ordered it would be an -- roll call. One ball was behind in the popular vote for most of the evening but you DO later came out. About 1 o'clock I think he he pulled out ahead on the the on the pot or vote as well. -- -- I'm I'm more intimate and I don't watch -- -- -- -- No it doesn't it doesn't popular vote doesn't matter anyway I mean it's yeah. Is so it's the Electoral College that matters to wonder you need 270 votes to win and he had that pretty early in the evening. Thanks for the call Jimmie -- you're next with how we are glad map. A gap we've got. We got out by. -- -- by our medical. The great. With them and I should he want to think -- -- out. And no matter and they. Let -- a country. Dateline we had a well. Well we woke up all of that well and educate you go to you know you're not getting quality. Alert out. And -- added that the whole. Article thank you know I think. They elect who got an. We you know -- -- -- -- -- what they are happy that it's going to be at all label -- There or an -- on net is did that we have we. I let you know rock band and I'll put down the river -- Russia me go ahead. It's I think that was Adamson said that you you know that the this is this is a government that is that is only for a moral people. There'll and that's you know -- and I never I never even thought about -- I I don't think I even read that we'll talk about 510 years ago but it's so true. It it really is true if you it abate. If you look for people like the Democrats are willing to steal votes and claim that if you try to stop he would stop them from kiwi -- to somehow racism. And voter suppression I mean how how could you how people have a a government that's run by these people they're not that they're not on the. What we're like that who -- you in person -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gotten through a lot of that all who know him and -- -- and -- -- a lot -- problems. Wake up realize at area and it felt it. -- -- Sheldon Adelson the the casino magnate who magnate who gave a lot of money from she's from Boston averaged more for the -- and the Jewish the Jewish or you know before four. And he he said he I was explaining why you all this money to rub it in the Wall Street Journal the other day. He said he said he couldn't he was there when -- fort -- but he said -- he said he couldn't believe it when I was watching the democratic convention on TV. And he saw them mud that they the delegates want what I mean they would they would they were not only we but they were -- Their their faces were ordered region he when they try to put in a reference to broad. To Jerusalem as the capital of Israel into the platform they actually they actually shouted down the -- -- -- would gavel. And I keep but he and he would be told me that obviously wasn't legislative veteran. Yet to be told the that just I hit the game that gavel went through would just playing the PA PA's had a but you you don't wasn't shocking. Shocking moment. You mean was he was the Democratic Party posted. In in all of its true nature you know that was remain about the law and they didn't want -- in the platform they didn't want to -- them and tell what is real. That's what they believe the majority of -- hour. An hour. 187746943221877. 469432. -- -- -- the facts. How we do you think Mitt Romney's campaign understands the concept of smash mouth. I think they do I think they don't quite mean I think they. They figure that surrogate do that like John Sununu seniors talked about Barack being lazy collings CNN the group B channel Mitt. Mitt has to be above the craziest of being he had to be mr. nice guy you think Mitt Romney knows the definition of who -- us. Again I think he's letting other people do what he's trying to be he's trying to be the nice nice fellow you know the -- grandfatherly type. 18774694322. This roar from the Wall Street Journal today. Lecture we talked about this -- when did you feel they let her carmaker fiscal automotive -- -- more than 300. Of karma plug in hybrids and other carmakers lost thousands of new cars as a result of flooding last we get a New Jersey or do with the super storms CNB. The cars are completely done said Roger or matures folks went for the Anaheim California based this Turkey said but what trees or are we sells sports cars were sold for about a 100000 dollars we weren't -- in the company doesn't. Lost. Who have a material impact on business. They are -- they are by the way made in Finland towards tone that it -- talked about who they were made in Delaware and not made in Delaware than maybe. Finley out what could hear the word. Manufactures out sourced to them via a source that -- and they. They were the original source and there were explosions. This you're issued a statement on -- -- -- saying the fire was caused icy waters were certainly. Twelve votes in hopes for a global standard car battery solution which in effect a terrible way over here. Heavy winds -- -- fire nearby ponds there were no. This. That's a load off my mind and one leg as long as I know that the cars are we going to catch fire. And the odds are I have a chance to. I'm fastened my seat belt to get out of there before burned alive in the car that's OK I was concerned when I read in the in the original accounts. That the cars in addition to catching fire world so it's looting. 18774694322187746. Mine were three to two. People are now hurting Christie. Fat men really hurt our effort to come on now -- in line with Obama to so 3413. That -- he's the oldest I was revenge for not doing it fortunately what we needed what. Just wouldn't. Like. 1877. We're 694322. C -- you know if everybody wants to second guess Mitt Romney today mama I'll put my second -- I think he should. More Mary -- Marco Rubio I think I think he would have been better. Paul Ryan's been turned out. I -- speech at the convention wasn't bad for. Rubio is much better. -- reducing. -- -- -- -- -- Before his except it's. And you know rubio might help out and so is some of these Hispanic hearings. Not not just Florida but in others as well 1877. Forcing mine were three to two. 603 I think Chris he's more concerned about both -- these. They were -- Fox exit polls -- 50% of America to -- Indian. -- -- Don't -- you know -- war. Right I mean the guidance is the guy goes there and immunity to it it's a disaster. It. Chris -- Giuliani is right. Then the relief host CNB. I think. Obama gets a pass and it GDP even get to boost in the hole by going in his bomber -- 18774694322. Out of your next what powered car go ahead Adam. They have the book I take my car. An earlier one you know you cause you're talking about hunkering down on our money. Two I try not to give the machine. I'm not -- I I just -- they bring a point you know my yeah they were aware oh when he Korea's bold enough. Yeah we that we rent all of that you ever get it to edit our. And we have -- you know what I. -- I -- that are where people when everything all the aura you know I don't have any thing that really hunkered down where you know I'm out. Trying to build that it -- yeah oh yeah. I don't know where you just gotta you gotta work hard via Adam you know that's probably one I was 24 I sure as hell that have anything either you know I mean you just gotta you've just got to keep working and and put money away and try to get the money in -- wise is in the real thing because you know you never know when. But the -- print money like this it's it's it it can't end well. By watching that. I can share remained a worry and they're it was all done and over where -- when I -- a long walk you know 98 in my belt. I just can't believe. -- -- I'll let down I was everything that was great believe about countries you know me always I I am just. They let that particular. All you got to do just keep you just keep you the blinders on atom and don't dog the weather. The weather -- ship. Mean we've been in puffs out before you know just just keep working and that things are worked out for the best. What sort thanks. 1877. -- -- mine where three to two -- picked Condoleezza Rice title so. And 1877. -- mine were three to two. Rubio wasn't ready needed more time Ryan was a great -- Right he didn't carry -- Kerry was on to. Mean did OK in the debate against Biden I think anyone would -- it they've -- like. Steve you're next with -- cargo that's the. I do know that. -- leave and leave -- New England. Forty mid forties haven't had a decent job is lousy part time job the last three years -- every day. And and now last night proved to me that that more than half of this country is actually New England either -- to know or doesn't care or bowl. And then the day or Obama get a leg hit the spot where they say so over 300 point. In the news media can't wait so you either of pop and all of this impending -- -- it. All -- or Ian vanity has reached my in point -- body here where you're gonna want to. I'm gone. There's all kinds of work and that. I have I have friends and family down there like. It's true that you can -- money together to drive out here come down here you have a job within within a week. A lot warmer to worry about -- well martyr in the U allies be. -- in the summertime I'll let you know why not have a real job for over three years even tougher. Do you make of the right calls me and everybody got a family. No it does mean it took me I thought that I don't know what I do. However that that young that was just talk about him in the point beyond a men are doing what do when they. Nobody gonna wait until the whole thing -- People would going to be. Graham would -- or get our picture right in the American have money he. You know you don't have a job you know I mean you never know what I don't I'm so. Point in my fellow countrymen that -- Number the is in the -- they said you know after the Soviet Union clout than bill Bill Clinton was in the they said it was the end of history. History doesn't and you don't know going there's no end in mouth now be opened that everything can be fine you just keep print money and everything's going to be cool. And the -- is never going to be day yet they have consequences. -- -- them well as a threat to one again now. And who's paying attention to that. No nobody nobody will not want it though because they're American Idol combined. Not tomorrow -- radar tomorrow night there's -- -- -- game one they got these three on Thursday night games on the -- -- yeah. That's what people pay attention they pay to play in the come that we. Although I gotta give up my number twelve Jersey that's the big thing that's the big thanks for the calls you good luck in Texas. And now we -- -- -- We introduced myself. My name is. Boehner. There's you know it's shocked you're next with how we cargo ahead. Most the -- we're Stephen you're next with powered car. -- it's okay this war is going to be on you. It. In -- -- it's a woman who put. It might not having it on nine. Don't know I do not plan on having that on any time soon a blogger and I never say never Stephen but no not any time soon okay. These are our own reasons let me know it maple or radio when you -- the -- comment on the -- -- Situation. I I know what I you know what I. I'd forgotten about what do when a full -- that was but you know I had I I didn't wanna bring about let. You know why he he gave everybody hole but you know now we now we must turn on him you know like the people in river city with the music man right. I want to let you know like. Pop up. The media you let us down the primrose. We needed that was needed in the way that we -- -- --