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Governor John Sununu On The Election Waiting Game

Nov 6, 2012|

Governor John Sununu former White House Chief of Staff and Governor of New Hampshire called in from the sky box at the Boston Convention Center aka Romney Election night headquarters to give his prognostications for the election.

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A governor Sununu housing going. I'm well Ali how well you do today. Good. Happy Election Day be used to like her juror I -- you -- your ears burning last night on Chris Matthews he was accusing you of about throwing out the racist stuff. Now I didn't I don't never watched that. -- regular marriage or long. I don't know but don't delegate thing that you said was lazy united the last time I checked lazy -- still -- a racist dog whistle. Well I gave a benefit of the doubt me -- prepared Buick -- It would be there aren't prepared because there was blazing you and he wasn't Smart. -- Well listen how's that you are where you now. I'm down in Boston had a garden where were out. What are they you lovely. Team right now -- gathering all the data and and look good but. -- great turn -- election and everybody's got Derek you know he quote you know you got all scribe and or they just got all. C'mon folks this is that this is good. It is no answer particular it's turned out we need people who show up for a vote. So please go to bill. We're here -- about long lines in New Hampshire. There are those are good turnout out there but but it could turn now things are both sides are turning out so we got to churn out more. And but they're moving along quite quickly -- -- so long but it -- Governor you getting any exit polls there at and bought in at the headquarters downtown yet. You need somebody that there was some on TV. As usual a collection of a record -- -- -- which. Always leaning democratic I think we're saying 1%. About a 1% margin or Obama and some of these battleground states but you know that's -- If they don't count -- about 830 when you start getting real numbers. So why you're you're pretty you're still pretty confident. I am I feel very good about it we had a great rally in New Hampshire last night that the Verizon Center. It was jam packed and at 3000 people waiting outside. Now waiting outside they couldn't get it but they'll watch it on T -- And and really look folks this that's political rules also place. I'm in a solid is solid and in Iowa he the president had Bruce Springsteen with them and JC. And the they couldn't even half -- half film about a huge auditorium. Well it is really chase he's built a quarter that they'll Bruce Springsteen -- a quarterback that the president can attract everybody. Church. So. What Amway you know you've been through this before -- governors endorsed every year election or Election Day waiting for the -- how -- How how soon do you think we're gonna Melanie how soon we them over the next president's I don't think until midnight. My personal. -- that would be early compared to what some -- -- -- Yeah yeah yeah well that big backs up this whole thing. We'll be provisional ballots in Ohio where they're expecting possibly 200000. Provisional ballot. And how others feel what goes and the one by opens challenge on -- it's that may extend baggage but but. Welcome narrow margin is going to be even bigger than the number of provisional ballots so -- stay. Yeah John fund has I liked his expression for the -- litigation proof collections. There you need litigation proof you know so we don't play I gotta wanna go through 2000 again I don't think anybody does. No you don't but but boy. The world of litigation it got your darkly bigger into elections and that's part of the process nowadays I can tell you. So we're prepared to go oracle we have to go socially shall we got seems. It's almost like a swat teams let me do what they have to do. But -- of folks still what they're supposed to really get out and vote today and vote the right way we won't have that issue. Eight so once MBA. Sorts of -- from New Hampshire outside Salem New Hampshire polling place 1235 pre AM PM today. Apart only 10% of the cars are from Massachusetts and guess what there are some of them are festooned with. -- song -- Elizabeth Warren -- bumper stickers on what the hell they doing up on a precinct in Salem. I don't know what they're doing precinct where they always got people up but the coolest couple are no actually done here. -- -- down here that they should be staying down here. Man I'll talk to our folks here. Yeah you you should -- -- you apply if you've got a if you get a fax machine number we can fax that thing to you it's kind of it's this guy I mean the guy who sent this to me is obviously concerned because we thought this new watch this new system in New Hampshire was gonna put an end that the smog that's. Well what -- and somebody over they -- issue which which war or which voted no no he did I get out get our guys and -- to go look at all of the old. Yeah we're gonna take give give the -- give your if -- got a fax machine or call us back when you gonna have some one call us back in with a fax machine. Have I call back with a fax machine and Wilson. Will send it to yet so you think it's going to be midnight tonight and you -- are you don't any MSNBC. You don't anything with a group B channel or MSNBC tonight. I'm I have no idea I go at that point -- I don't know what they're scheduled for my age I'm here I'm available and I'll do whatever they ask. What are the chances Smits went tonight governor assumed that that idiot for the New York times' Nate Silver says it's 91 and some. And some fraction percent that Obama's gonna win. Yet now it's 7580%. But anyway. 7580%. That's that's very good that's so Cuba -- met all they are you -- In a holiday ice stay here about I stay I was in New Hampshire last night for the event MySpace just vote them. To a guy in his side. Emits India and -- at the guard the senator -- -- on helmets and Pittsburgh and Cleveland right oh yeah it's always has flown yet. Yeah yeah yeah a couple back yet. Okay governor Sununu I -- Check -- well as governor world until like eight to my check in future -- want us again that's -- guarding yourself. And come up big right. Okay and then. Get out. Get out and vote in New Hampshire and the Massachusetts particularly we got the important races in both of those states. And I made. And Maine too -- and made -- nice to take that one electoral vote away up in the second district and Charlie Summers is. He's behind but you know while make them spend it all Charlie as we say -- on our run T shirts. Thanks excellent governor Sununu.