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Ann Coulter on Mitt, Christy and Obama

Nov 5, 2012|

Howie's favorite TV babe and New York Times best selling author Ann Coulter was with us for the election countdown. She also explained her continued support for Chris Christy in the face of his almost fawning thanks to Obama after Hurricane Sandy. Howie told everyone to check out her most recent best seller Mugged: Racial Demagoguery from the Seventies to Obama.

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Joining us now is in Coulter. And the she's the author of many many great books and her latest book is mugged. And it's about the racial demagoguery in the United States since the since the 1970s. And in I've been out all the taxpayers and foreigners and listeners have been asking me. Ever since he did it they said you have to asking Ann Coulter what -- she think of the fat man now. A he better hope Romney well the -- but that's. I suspect I don't think it really hurt at Romney got much I mean. People aren't going to vote but. Christie being seen what Obama could you obviously you'd draw man. I also kind of think it made it really diminished. Diminished Obama may be on the only one with the impression that you know. It was insane Obama -- becomes Manhattan it's tiny little island and Williamsburg leftists though he is to hold Obama now. Oh great speed that does that to war with them. But in in -- defense that evening and as you're one of the few people will remember this Kelly talks. Right after Christie was elected remember the Obama administration to -- political move turned New Jersey down for a lot. But No Child Left Behind money exclaimed oh you don't have the figures for 2006 sorry you blew it. And you know MSNBC -- lapping up and down about what an incompetent -- like I want everyone to think it's a political mostly we shouldn't -- a country where. Where this state collect money sent to Washington the Washington takes about Al. You know 30% and then send it back a little partial but that's government we have -- -- -- -- he was doing it jumped to get quick disaster relief money. From from the dictator Obama. So here's the thing though you know like at last weekend everybody was -- feel good you know and they they were thinking you know maybe the maybe this was a dual ball election after all. Then the storm hits and a Barack shows up with Christie Christie and all the all the MSNBC. Thrown snipers. Say oh my goodness so this is that this is turned it around. -- -- and you know it it it worried everybody sorts it's like now now people even if Mitt wins tomorrow which it seems likely is knock on wood. God hope. He he's we still have to -- some people will still remember back Christie scared the -- -- me. But even -- he's -- conservatives can't win at UC Doug Wilder the first black elected. On that elected. Do endorse Obama but if you read the -- that column he wrote it was pretty much of him but he didn't come -- -- but it was an endorsement for Romney I have all the respect for Doug Wilder. Comment by nobody although he that the first elected black Democrat of course the first black belt -- it was a Republican. He would then lieutenant governor and the governor -- that was down will -- -- -- More than a hundred years ago so I really want blacks to come back to their party they belong in the in the Republican Party and they were doing a lot better under the Republican Party. I think a lot of black people are discouraged their -- thirty newspapers that of which there endorsements from a bombing in 2008. To do this year I was down Wisconsin over the weekend that gave five speeches and over the right wingers are energized -- Tea Party is back. And remember that during the recall. -- that of the recall. The polls are telling outfit and a packet -- -- who goes out and got. And Scott walker bush won by seven points more than he'd want -- of regional election by. I was looking at my electoral map guys just tweeting some of this out and I hate to make predictions about the hack people's laps later they want to. But I've been pretty good on predicting elections. My absolute base -- mom. For Romney is he wins Colorado Wisconsin. Iowa. I think those are the only ones that that are -- -- we contested. He loses this my basic minimum he could lose Pennsylvania Ohio and New Hampshire. Still win the election I mean I'm assuming that. They're leaving slightly you know that Virginia North Carolina and floor going to. Right right and now they say that -- on the -- just gonna drug Romney and internal polls put him up in Ohio applied in Pennsylvania Wisconsin we -- hide it -- if these polls legit in the east tied you know that we are following him yeah. Yeah exactly. I mean in any election that means they're Republican wins it absolutely -- mean the Republican wins here because you're talking about a challenger vs an incumbent. And you're talking about. About a white man vs the black man and you about the Bradley Effect of people being -- but let it leases but the pollsters claim that there respondents are afraid to say they're not voting for the black candidates so. That theory -- that in fact it happened -- Doug Wilder that black politicians. Al pitiful are under perform what the polls say they're going to do this and now we have three things the Republicans always outperformed their polls. The challenger always outperformed the pole and and white person is black the white will output performed as Apple's Romney's gonna win. Yeah like I tend to think you're right. Paper at Iowa I mean that's only six electoral vote the packets meted to 73 on the lineup -- just gave -- the base minimum I can't see. Romney not winning that. The biggest newspaper an idol which is a very liberal newspaper slipped from Obama to endorse -- But the daily -- I mean I know I know Mort Zuckerman is you know he's pretty conservative on those shows went. He pretty much large -- let those people have an opening and on the -- And not only that -- new York new. Who is that that's even more shocking I barely knows I don't I don't. Well I'm just reading wilder statement here they often note that Obama ran as a moderate and that is that is the man that threw their support behind the 2008 at some. Some look back was kind of -- some you know he. Our elected got to operate and what. Back in said he thought I look back and say that he is governed as a left of seller liberal who did not keep the focus street straw squarely on jobs and economic recovery. This is big shock. All they had the fact that he'd talk about it and put in terms of the people yet talked to when Virginia. Armed did not make it the Obama team happy it would be like the most loyal Republican. I'm quoting people paying somewhere not happy with whomever the Republican incumbent plot the. -- if a whole host. How what this thing with the revenge or -- you talk about eight period you know somebody that's ceaselessly. Boating voting is the best revenge I mean who who is he talking about here who who has to get revenge and more. Who aren't getting revenge on the tax payers -- pay him enough money for EDT cards is. Is that it is bad weather map that I don't understand. I'd just on this -- how we are according to Chris Matthews. What you just said the racists. -- Thought -- -- anyone got a dog whistle. According to Chris Matthews now Mitt Romney and quoting Obama could hit it is a race that so we've. Sort of come full third and even used the words you don't -- up at the. Chris Matthews has got to write a book after this called dog whistle you know -- -- My how that's gonna go -- When Obama loses I'll point that racism accusations are gonna flop. Well I in you -- remote call for tomorrow. And and I said -- you know a new disease there authorities we party -- the beginnings of it -- like the college towns in the MSNBC studios but. It's really gonna take off it's gonna explode like the blue bonnet -- Europe in the fourteenth century. Romney deranged mints and you can always say it you can already see it. You -- right add fuel our rights. It will really will show how crazy liberals are because. We understand. Bush arrangements and world. Arrangement and from -- and -- and arrangements and number. I didn't he met -- inspiring. To that you may not be wild about all the policy but there is not -- -- -- -- -- -- And don't you know and he's Mormon. Sure how can you need someone like that -- that makes fun of him from being a square right agree that's where I'm looking forward to having the president. Lowering Stamberg you know throwing mostly you know what she was trying to get a Gloria Allred the helper you know how Romney and some in some fashion. Bizarre but she was writing all these nasty at the in the a Mormon tweaks there just what the -- win with somebody who was writing publicly writing anti Jewish tweets -- anti Muslim week. Well months ago my mormons tell you now. Yet this that the tolerant left toward -- But but I think most of that will be too too embarrassed goes down outlined I mean they were made fun of for those tweets. And it's. I mean you can see if you don't like someone's policies they -- their personal flaws. Looms so much larger abortions inability to talk on -- in this. Difficulty with great number and an an unusual accent force certainly the political class. Draw have none of that it would have probably to arrange it took arrangements -- -- and as a I'm Doug Wilder says in his column. He says -- died after a long nominating process that looks like the Republicans have picked a credible candidate. The Democrats only response was to try to demonize them assignments through most most people see him as a -- -- incredible and it. Now back on his column. Doug Wilder is written in the liberal and smoke started coming out of their -- and Romney there just your read the couple. Right will you you know well you know what they're gonna call why -- -- AM -- you know this is you're you're you're trying to treat these moon bats as if they had the there's some kind of rational human beings is if they're not under the Ed -- under the influence of massively powerful anti depressant prescription. And they are you know. Don't let gonna they're gonna -- a call war boredom but I mean that's everything our -- I'm anticipating their plea to thwarted some salt. And a. Don't -- beyond what critics call it. Hey guys it's time you know yeah I'll be voting out of revenge but I don't think I'm gonna like it. But. Remember 1980 you know I was cover in the senate races at the Boston Herald by the the editor was from Cambridge and I was from Somerville and -- those little boat. Democrats kept falling like like dominos. If I came up whom I said you know what this you know what happened that night here Ken Somerville kicked Cambridge's. And I'm sure and you know and sit in -- spoke over become Cambridge north but. -- you know I hope the same thing happens tomorrow night I hope we can hang on to some of these senate seats this is this would be -- we didn't. Have control of this I mean we couldn't get real economic -- because of the or couple of silly statements were made by people. We can't deal the electoral map I've been giving you don't want in my hand. At the beginning of the show that's the outlook they -- minimum I'd just I'd just can't see Romney not winning those states. But but. Well being he is even close tomorrow night. I think we're looking at landslide territory I'm not saying it's not possible for Mitt Romney to win New Hampshire Pennsylvania Ohio. Michigan possibly even Minnesota Michigan. I think that's not possible we'll find out tomorrow night I'm looking at the bare minimum of what could happened on -- and I don't see it's been carried out. Where Mitt Romney doesn't get at least 273. Tell electoral votes is even if he'd been no excuse not to clear Pennsylvania. At the close of business. We're looking at a landslide and that case -- I'm you know taught weakened that we. I just I don't care about hot they can all likened her about it that's Scott Brown the. Yeah he's he's seen it you don't we had a on the show on Friday and he seemed though he seemed a little bit. Distracted you know like he was how am yeah -- I hope he -- he was she worried. But you know over the over the weekend you know now they now The Herald poll came out and he's appointed heads who's ahead in both The Herald and the wall balls so -- Andy's. I'm staying in a tie the Republicans generally win. Right right all and by the way you know why. Elizabeth Warren she lives in this place right off Harvard Square one point seven million dollars. She she bought it she bought it in 1995 for 447000. Dollars the average price of -- home that that month that she bought it in Massachusetts was a 181000. -- be to wonder. One half times when every ever what the average person -- Massachusetts you know how she described the house -- -- on TV. A little bungalow. It was a rescue house you know kind of like a rescue dog. Man that's a little -- Up but putting it -- -- court like listen let's take place player the one player Kim -- -- Kim -- is one of the anchors away when her cousin was one of the guys was forced out of the democratic primary you know wanted to run for the senate but they muscled them aside. So so Kim Casey gets say it's it's it's payback for -- whether she knew or not was warrant if she had anything in the house that reflects her native American Heritage. Funny pictures they're -- from him. American and -- Everything. Was it was two days ago. Or 123. This year as a closer as a picture of -- American editor with chase the ball cap on ball -- he's related to GA strong ball great the Italian Indian wrestler. He has seen the that's cargo would be the only and native American -- She hasn't done well that's right the cold the cold crab omelet but the other you know it came up with the excuse for that when they let they let her husband take -- that would. All well you know we had this crazy cousin who was she the one who put in those recipes almost we would. Guess what she's been dead since 1998 conveniently unable to defend yourself. -- I guess -- -- ally on the affirmative action check box lying just become the way of life. Oh what a tangled web we weave in and fill in the blank you know that's -- way that's the way it goes you know I just hope that -- I hope -- can take some of these Democrats now with the -- Reagan did in 1980 you know see. Casey go down. I'd like to see Ben Nelson go down like deceit Bob Kerrey go down. I you know I would I'd like to see in spite you're you're right Aiken is the complete dope but I'd like to see him win and -- more pockets is. Is. Painfully honest on four. That's solid. I -- say he's stupid like -- he's just too damn honest yeah he's but I hope he wins to meet these people are these you know the thing is people forget that these Democrats they they pretend to be moderate when they're running and then they get that. They get to Washington and he about what the feet of Harry Reid. Yes that's right and you know it just occurred to me that the Murdoch thing. A well just. It goes without saying every Republican running for any office remember Tuesday yes. But even more rape incest life of the mother that's the only way any such law is ever going to be written it's the only way. One would ever want this they belong to right to -- -- but moving beyond that you know I think even people like Murdoch get into trouble like this is. Probably the very genuine Christian pennies but police say something like that has to -- a woman in that situation. Liberal don't have to wrestle with their content because they don't believe in got a. Yes yes they do they don't. They can't but of course up at nine. Ninth month pregnant -- artwork or until a month pregnancy for the -- Barack Obama. But you know what they do believe in the Iowa and we see we see it again this week they believe in global warming. You know if if you believe in nothing you wanna believe and in doing an old saying goes and I just. Q I cannot -- you know I'm to the point where I just wanna tell Al Gore and Andrew Cuomo Michael Bloomberg you know. You -- you believe you guys believe in the First Amendment -- we all believe in the First Amendment you have the right to your religion you know but but you white -- I don't have any right to foist my religion on you know so you don't have any right to -- sure -- was army you know I thought -- Mitchell last week. Emperor Constantine looked into the sky he -- across. It's at in this sign you will conquer he believed that and and you know we want. That -- of Constantinople. Yeah Al Gore and Andrew Cuomo -- look into the sky in the -- some clouds could make it's and that's their religion but I didn't. -- totally soft on you now I've defended Christie. And now going to slightly defend Andrew -- well. On that he is a Democrat but in a statement I heard him give I think he's just saying it's the state -- that not in his party. But to be very quickly moved on and said what ever causes that we need sixty and infrastructure for the. Should he stand up to whom should you meet someone needs to stand up to these nuts -- you know you know c'mon yeah. You know if you wanna have a church co-founder church -- like going there every. -- this hurricane. There were. Many many hurricanes that hit the northeast. From 1954. In 1968. I mean look at American I think into the worst hurricane ever -- opt for a spot. The one that -- in Rhode Island double in the fifth. 381930. I al-Qaeda. I don't think it had a name. Yeah I just came out of nowhere it's about a go -- no worse and it got. I guess public Galveston and I -- about this one and it happened in 19100. Thousand people killed in Galveston Texas has hurt him. -- no and they act like a lot that they really are like different but it every time there's there's so that's all it looked speed on global warming. Yeah I know and then and then what about the fact down in Florida. You know. You wanna talk about. It's because XP she aiding the god answer you know wise -- I forget the word used there but making the gods happy right. 2005. That big hurricane came through why the bully at all Florida. And it and the legislature got together and forced hurricane insurance on on everybody. In Florida at. And guess what you know the answer there and I heard it's just so apparently all the gods wanted was for for all of us together hurricane. Let us alone. -- so much cheaper than -- Maybe we should try to explain -- some time to some of the high priests and our bishops he. And Pope now of course some of the idea of the religion OK so you're predicting how many electoral votes to predicting that 1930 it was -- so -- as it was Camille. Yeah it was her. Hey that's sounds familiar there have been much Smart I've read about this several books back and got what I mean -- every state every place on the globe. Some some year it will be the hottest the web at the wind gets the dry in the Colbert and it's just a lot of large numbers that's going to happen every year some. Do not keep looking at a very it'll dry summer or hot summer -- -- they global warming. Just what it would what you do need to look for those emails that they were sending experts specifically three words hide the decline. Yeah I decline we've got to hide the decline in the temperature too much -- it. Yes OK if we ought to go that title your book is mugged and well have you on next week hopefully to celebrate. Fantastic stock indexes looked at Scott Brown. Okay thanks a lot and 18774694322. On how we car.