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Whether you are looking for a classic car, a new model or a used one you need to check with The Car Guys!

Oct 21, 2012|

If you are in the market for a preowned automobile or truck you need to call THE CAR GUYS! Because we spend whatever time is necessary to fine tune your personal preferences for the vehicle of your choice.

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On line at the car guys website dot com well. Your car is the it's supposed to be but none for these guys it's good cars. Your radio show 1 AM six NE WRJ. -- -- here is Joseph the -- there. And -- tool. Probably you. Good afternoon and welcome for the -- guys' radio show. I'm Joseph Messina until -- George and we that Qaeda guys. If anybody. To estimate what my voice you can hear there's so little gravelly. So I'm gonna do it over to the captain for most of the program he's got a little razor blades it's what happens. But again in his inimitable fashion the fans something to say I will and throughout -- -- Sorry approved for and darn -- first time listeners know. As usual I think we should explain just whether -- is you should explain just what it is that we do. IRA soul. We try to make up -- easy. And if you're interested in purchasing a vehicle. What we do was we meet with our customers. Can hit any arm. Anyway they want so are we making it a convenient spot -- could be their home their office or any mutually agreeable place we've -- at McDonald's but cafe and power restaurant or whatnot and we can be pretty much any time cheap cheap buffer space at the treasury actually. But. When we when we get together with you. What will do -- so will. We'll discuss vehicles so you don't work -- assisted listening to what you have to ask casts a vote you know about purchasing a vehicle. So for instance you have different customers looking for different things you know somewhat sports guys somewhat city and someone -- should be someone pickup trucks. So we'll discuss all that and if you need their opinion on some different vehicles because we might know a little bit more about them than you do. And sometimes they get customers and a little bit more about them than I do. But not that often but sometimes all I know that's that's he admitted this itself exactly. So. You know will will give you our opinion if you want it and Tom. The other thing is we will make elite list of criteria. That would. Be perfect feel so. If you tell me for instance I don't like blue cars I don't like red Paris and only green casts but I like black 'cause. Wait 'cause in -- 'cause and those of the 'cause we're gonna we're gonna hone in on. Sometimes some people like leather and some people like -- and Syria and so on when -- get to that. Some people. Like like tolerant here is some people like dark -- -- is so don't talk about that. We're gonna talk about just about every facet of all of what you might need an automobile in terms of options some people. Our old school and they want to crank windows and not just in Paula door locks or anything else and I have some people that want -- navigation with a back -- camera. And and in and a moon roof trim and leather and so forth and so on so. We're gonna talk about all those things. And it which portable and also figured figure in the finance discuss somebody's gonna have to pay for this thing. So we're gonna figure out how you gonna pay for it and if you need some help with financing we would love to help you with that we have rates is closed one point 99. Form one of our network partners and if you've been a credit you know you'll probably be it be able to get that rate. Also -- we have financing for people who have less than excellent credit. And we've had basically. Financing for everyone so as long as you're working and you can prove that you work and you could prove that you make money. We can probably get your finest. We may not be able to get to the Rolls -- you want if you've got really. Horrible credit but we can probably get you something that will be suitable -- to get back and forth to work and can go. Where have you need to go so and unfortunately you know won't prieta one point 99% but it'll be a very reasonable -- not -- -- will be competitive and yes -- Positively. And then current the other the other thing is. We're gonna make this it into interactive decision on the vehicles that are available so in other words. Generally I shop at the largest. Dealer auction in the world. Which is actually in Pennsylvania I go there once every other week and they'll be anywhere from say. Could be anywhere from 9000 to 151000 cars there and any given trip that they make and we've actually get access to hundreds of thousands of guys -- their network as well throw the whole country. In case somebody's looking for something very specific that is difficult to find. But we go to this particular place to purchase because of vehicles aren't really excellent excellent shape to come with really really deep sealed condition reports. And then we can really check the cars are really well this because we get there a couple of days early we get to drive them checked them. And we can also you know we can use car -- use -- -- -- we have many ways to really. -- note -- histories behind all these vehicles. And a lot of times we can get to the service histories and so forth and that really helps me make it good decision because. I like my clients to be able to get -- our well service vehicle and sort of know or it's been and I think that's a huge asset. A lot of times you go to different places and they may not know with a vehicles from more you know they get -- facts but does not very much information there. Fortunately for me -- you always seem to be able to dig in and try to find information beyond what a normal. Deal would do for somebody and I take the time make the phone calls and try to try to get the the records for them. The other thing is. Once we. Can make a decision on which vehicles you'd like like -- to purchase. We'll try to hold it down from that we may have -- when he that we originally look at. And probably hone it down to four or five that we really like in the world we're gonna talk about them with -- -- client. Last week greed that's. Them who we got client actually a couple of clients. And -- come up. And then I remember you we we were tucked in the new -- how many you have to choose from. Pundits who literally I think -- about 524. Crook he settles its the world between city 2009 and 2012. And so I was able to hone in and get the exact -- that they wanted and I got one count one -- had 111000 miles on -- and the the folks were ecstatic. So our -- I thought the other vehicle -- that we found had done at least 38 dozen miles and those couple years although. And out that that client was ecstatic as well while one was a cool pauses in the end. And we get basically the -- they liked in the equipment they wanted. And then actually to a one of them we actually had to edit some equipment to a afterwards. -- wanted to have. GPS navigation and we put me very high end navigation. In the dash. With one of our network providers. We were able to give me. You know basically AM FMC -- politically -- was elsewhere -- you look like you came from a factory yet look what came from the factory I was very very. He also I was able to get the HD radio. For that he has the ability gets serious radio as well. And all the controls by the way were we were able to adapt its the steering wheel controls. Worked so that it was just like a factory unit -- -- -- -- that's its greatest gift we so you know he's even got free traffic. In Floyd apparently part of the deal was. That was a close on this particular model and not. And does so they they actually reduced the price. And. He gets cemented streets as an added features for free you know which is great that we we've got a great guy that installs itself so basically the processes. We have 300 guys to choose from. We've we end up what about. Fifth the out of the 300 because as the client's particular warrant then cholera. Right and then we go through those fifty and we throughout the high mileage stuff. Exactly no we investigate to see if this thing has been in an accident before. Right exactly we checked to see and we do use facts on the maintenance. To see because it yet please check out see if it's been maintained properly. But yet we still have to go further than what -- have -- tells us because. Right because sometimes the stuff was not reported the contract so. Is oftentimes accidents that are not reported and as far as car -- knows. The car has never been an accident but oftentimes. You know people pay. Out of their pocket to get the car fixed. If belong to a lease company a one time and there was self insured absolutely. We did it themselves and they didn't tell anybody -- that is a lot of reasons why it happens but it does happen it happens a lot. So by doing that -- we end up generally three and because -- end -- -- maybe six. At that point. Do you literally we don't you go through it you know bill goes through it. And drive them to check them out you know underneath some. Exactly you know now we end up with. To a three right I even naming check -- for our previous coats sometimes you know. I go into the OB DC on board does diagnostics and day. Plug in my scanner so I was directed check any previous schools that his quotes because sometimes you could have a problematic kind of you know several problems that -- Basically -- store that information so the computer in the conference you you know layman would -- access to a so. I have the tool for that make you check it out and it's good to foodstuffs and then we come down to three does too 'cause and then we make it interactive without -- -- because we call went to a walk around. We some which when that they would like to have out of that group and then of course we -- bidding on the console Wii -- talk about the dollars. And weeks we just said a we set a goal we're gonna have. Two. Bring -- to purchase the vehicle but that that purchase prices -- purchase price that we we both agreed agreed to. And it's something that. If it if it goes all that price or it's going to be over that price and I will I wouldn't I wouldn't purchases so you know we try to do with the way. And that makes it much easier for our customs does -- exactly how much -- cut. Will cost when it gets back it'll be up much less slowly put it that way. You know this seems like as you know we just we keep going on and on we who over the same thing basically every week. And it's still a benefit of the customer of the -- of the client that we do this it might sound boring we're telling you well all of what we do. But it's it's too. -- this for the clients benefit that they get the best cup possible risk and it's to our benefit that we give him the best got we get them the -- Possible we actually so it's so at that point once we've only done could cut into the the end result. Elect secure purchase. At what point will get the car back. Will completely -- the vehicle again for -- it's aesthetics in mechanically. And there will do our own service because we do our -- servicing. And this vehicle. We'll take care of the -- but all the detailing afterwards so it was after we've done all the aesthetics stuff and you know if there was any little scratch or Ding or anything like that -- again though. And also particularly all the mechanical aspects of the vehicle. And in terms of a story just to -- service an oil change filter area filled the cabin -- and so forth. And checking out all the safety importance. What of the breaks the braking system. -- and wrote is and so forth and so on. And then and then at that point we we can presented to our client at which point we encourage your client to inspect the vehicle with their own mechanical inspector. So we'll take it to whoever it is that you use. That you trust to inspect. Basically it's like a second inspection if you will. And we always we always like to to see if we if we missed anything. God forbid that you are inspector would pick it up and and then that would would help us so we can finish in consummate the deal. And at which point. I -- I would like to go back to. Because I was with a client last week and he was very intrigued or the fact -- list status to column about the paint either. Call when you're -- lower back at that when you're you're back at the -- direction you check in the past so when you are when you finally. Fine tune it down to those six or seven whatever might be yet to explain explain about the -- me that. OK so so basically what happens is suitable what were automatically to a car fax because I have. I AMOCO and basically we can I could ski in the -- and about three seconds it pulls up the -- effects of my almighty. My cellphone so it's great to take a look at that. And then. Beyond that. If I really like this crap because they see that it's been serviced right along well and also because. I think it's a nice guy just because it looks like a very nice clean carnage driven. Feels like a great car. Now I take my -- Mitterrand and I go around each panel which takes me all about twenty seconds. And I can actually tell if any if any panels -- to the vehicle because. When -- vehicles painted at the factory. It's painted. In a in a room it's basically like it's like a surgical room it's completely. Free of all dust particles in the and any contaminants. And so therefore. 88 -- never see need to little specs get into into the paint or anything like that so. That's 121 part of it and then the second part of it is that it's all done with robotics so. The robotics means that the exact same amount of pain is sprayed on every single card it's what it's meet it and it's perfect it's computerized. And so. It's impossible to really. To make that pain. When we if you if you take it to a body shop he's taking federal body shop you have repaint defendant it's never going to be the same effect dissipates going to be different. And I'm gonna pick that up with my meter immediately and which -- will bring me to. To a point where I'm gonna say well let's let's see now is that fended them off the car or maybe may who's just scratch and they just need to. Or maybe it was maybe was taken out of the army because you bought her used to help. I mean tell Billy -- well this is all kinds of ways to tell us has been tags. That come with a car. And when they take of the you'll fends off. They're -- replaceable DOT fend. Which is not gonna have that original intent gonna put it that his other ways to they'll be able to tell that really. Might be too. Technical Ferrari for a while -- I give all the secrets soy dogs are popular -- OK okay good but I do get into it today and I try to figure out you know avoid this guy was really stuffed over -- Had a problem only of the C pillars in the been repaired and you know you know you I can I can -- all these things and I'll be able say well you know. I think we should stay away from this -- because. This one's really not that great. And and this other one is perfect because -- never had any -- works I'd probably rather work without -- if I could. As long as it's been a service properly so this does enough to choose from that we could really you don't get appropriate for Africa. Yeah I just wanna do to bring that up because it just. That -- a couple of for a people would mentioned it to me you know what what -- -- -- -- no right. So all right yet is when your -- to a customer a lot of times your opinion would you. When a bright little customs also was streaming media with Munich kind of schoeneweis can go to their current. Sometimes I really surprised some -- -- because of the death an accident or lose -- I symbol chooses -- -- it was done in this this. -- was all you know what I just remembered now that's right my wife had an accident somebody -- the back of written you know -- -- bar and the next thing you know. And royalty at the ones that never real in the moved. -- you know we're told that the all that yes and it had been an accident it's said to me who I bought this kind of boost. And and only had 151000 miles on -- whatnot. And the guy brought me out a -- facts of -- who wants to register and have us there because we would have told you that. These panels were printed before and you know whether it was done. They did mean none of these -- noted that -- had paperwork but you know everybody's. Got a different level of. Of need to know the -- though so the bottom line is as you before you can. And throughout the -- that's a good five minutes ago -- the bottom line is that when we're done with this automobile. As I like to say. We're delivering to our client a brand new used. Pre owned automobile yup pretty much -- and I mean when they look at it and get all excited. It's that we approves the approves or no doubt about it you know. That you can really tell. We take the extra time to try to go over every little detail and it really shows and well -- think they're going to have to take a little station draped to reach the guy guy -- call 330227. 4897. That's 330227. 4897. Are on the web at the kind guys Webb site dot com. This is the kind guys' radio show AM 688 WRKO. Harm yourself. -- really -- -- should CD WRKO. But dimension that we also have to we we consummate the deal for a customer purchasing a vehicle. We wanted to mention that we also do was do all the registry runs so we'll go to your insurance company get here are empty one stamped. We'll give you plates. We go to the registry we don't charge anything for that. And we actually even have -- -- insurance network but that we use all the time and we can we can give you insurance if you need to get insurance -- be a first time driver. And you may need to get new insurance or you may just be tired of the insurance company that you have anyone to get somebody new immune origin. -- no -- do you may need somebody to quote you a a new quo because sometimes. Just being in the with the same insurance company's same. Carrier for such a period of time. Maybe did not as competitive as they should be and you can find out there because there are competitive rates -- actually you know will put you all of our insurance agent and he can give you quote -- -- it'll be competitive in not only that but you know and make sure that. He's matching bananas to bananas and apples to apples as far as you -- coverages go. So. The other thing we wanna tell you is. A lot of people. I just trying to sell their car they don't have because they wanna buy more than -- could trade their current for some reason. And so we can also we we buy cars. And we can also sell your car for you if you want. All will take and -- -- -- if we can't come out cope with the figure it's colonel. Gonna be enough for you so while we we take a lot of president consignment. And we do very well for our customers by doing that because we can have a ties them. And we have lots of people calling in for cars all the time so we really like to get you. To give us a call if you're thinking about selling your car or you don't need you car anymore you moving out of state known for whatever reason. And you wanna get ready your car but we will take you current trade if you purchasing something as well so just wanna make mention -- that -- which -- Men's -- When when you work emailed the car guys. We would like to and we we get and we get quite a few emails. But we would like the telephone number and it's time that we could call you back. So that we can discuss whether this you're looking far understand exactly whether this that you want. And go over to details with yeah. Yes it's always easier to do that than to try to send forty emails back and forth because as soon as you tell us. One thing about the criteria we're gonna have another question for you are right behind it basically soaking you know -- -- -- -- -- be at -- back and forth basically. Re getting. All the different things it vehicle could have because. We like to really. Hone it down and we like to get really you. Specific about certain options and certain things in the vehicle that way there -- there's no gray areas is no vagueness. And we -- we come home with a vehicle fuel. We're gonna it's gonna be exactly what you want I don't know all I didn't need navigation. Then there and you could regret that kind achieved -- we're gonna ask you all those questions we've got a list of criteria. That we've made up which basically. Encompasses every every possibility that that could be known to mankind in a vehicle. Let me put it that way -- with did that you know who has -- We sit down and talked toolbar -- Google ecosystem. Everything. That you can conceivably think -- we hope we thought and we're gonna ask you that question how it might seem like. A big long the deal because some people. We've actually had people that. And on. I want a parent do if it's different to -- way Nissan. All -- -- He's if it has its I just I just wanna cut does it need clot -- I don't kid out -- goes okay and. But some people -- hero colorized business unit and I just need something and it's good dependable for his vision. We can do that to open I still like to ask those questions because if there is one college that you don't like him and connect cal home. I mean we're not in the in the business of while holding inventories so soon you know let's business model is to get you exactly what she wants but we don't have to have the carrying costs. That the big deal -- have so -- it makes it makes much more sense and the other thing is. We're gonna get to exactly what you want so basically you know you go to some of the dealership and they have you know three a forum of -- -- the make model the -- looking forward even if they had ten of them. They're not gonna have 500 so I can guarantee you that and we've we will so we gonna try to get you exactly what you want you won't have to take whatever they have. Unrealized and the other thing is if you are in Iraq should play -- totally your card. You. Something mechanical one wrong you blew your engineer transmission of one not. Give us a call chances we have a -- account that we can do is give you for free to use until we can get to a car. You know we would have to come meet with you make sure you've got insurance and so forth and so long but as long as you do. That shouldn't be a problem so just. Please give us a buzz again you can reach us at 330. Car guys or. 3302274897. Or on the car guys website dot com. And them. I want to mention the fact that we received. The few. Compliments of two grew. Remarks about. Network practice that we talked quite often about. -- they've done them they've done a super job we have people calling us I should emailing. And then just make him a wee Mac that thank you for sending us through. A Hogan -- -- thank you for sending us. Two. Every -- and Sunoco. And it -- just shows us that. Through the response of the listeners that. How of people that we referred to as the guy guys -- network buttons. I doing the job. Absolutely. And I think it's great you know what that reminds me I wanted to make mention of -- hurt because I didn't get a chance to him he's been installing. A lot of our -- aftermarket products that. That people want in his vehicle. And like just for instance yesterday you know we you know flip down screen. I navigation putting installed to a vehicle he does CD players. All kinds of Cairo audio navigation remote starters alarms. He does the HID likes the high intensity. Satellite radio. I mean I could go on and on forever iPod controls. Back up cameras Bluetooth. If you vehicle doesn't have Bluetooth we can we can install. So all these things or a great you have to -- cop promised to. To get any of these things either I mean you can just give us a call if the cut the driving now if we can help fuel without and and stuff I have something installed it's gonna make you the right you know a better ride. Obviously would like to try to help you do that because you'll think of us when you like changing your vehicle and we would like to we'd like to be first on the list to get a call so that's the photo we used by the way -- Cambridge mobile sound. And that's Hercules so. He doesn't look like Hercules and when you see him when he's not that big he noted that. It doesn't muscles I mean he's going to muscles work in this -- but anyways his number is 617. 8763200. And it's Cambridge mobile sound and just Astra -- And tell him that the car guy said he Joan bill because side he'll give you discount if he knows that we sent you there because he gives us a discount so. Would like to share a discount was fueled weekend. And he's a great guy. He's right over in Cambridge. On now monsignor O'Brien highway which is an extension of McGrath highway. He's about one mile from the -- Museum of Science so. Anybody that's in the Boston area interest in doing something for the vehicle. In terms of audio video. Or any of the controls that you might want wanna install. He can get it done right -- Cambridge sound again 6178763200. Yeah I wanted to I'm I also wanna give a shout out who just a quick -- to. Jimmie down -- -- to an auto body on one street in Woburn. I was over I was over picking up a putt I knew what was next go to him and I had a little. Problem with the with the one of them like the mud flap on the back of the prevail and they drive -- conversion van Holland and when apple was very. Packed into one of those concrete blocks. We're gonna get to a back -- camera too happy to see Europe and if you know this vehicle has everything. By the back I mean everything even though Beckham Jim vehicle. I -- -- have flick the little guys sitting in the back of the truck could have backed up stock. And that and that will not just the weather with your hope we -- but I that but I want to say thank you -- Jim -- Again to an auto body on wind street that in -- he's got he's he's got a facility over the built a brand new. Build and he took me through it it's gorgeous it's going to be that's really -- restated the so again Jim thank you buddy. -- them. But in the meantime well we're we're into this mode. I would like to see. -- Thank you to consoles. Tuscaloosa -- Olivia. Over Wakefield mass -- These are now being street. Calhoun street in Wakefield and it's is number 71. 245. Let's see. What and whoever -- given telephone number if we can't pick one which just Roanoke they you know just to have the who just -- -- -- well look it up real quick forward Joseph. -- was. I think it's Germany one through 454263. That's it that's it for 263. I could see -- social -- -- -- and it's an Albion street in Wakefield mass produced just you know I didn't I didn't know the numbers yesterday expert. Technicians and they also. -- -- They have been approved by the state to be -- enhanced Imation. Experts so if you have a problem -- the check engine why don't you have. Any technique issue trying to get your car inspected and somebody else can't figure it out. Please go over to see these guys as though identify the problem immediately -- very very good they had diagnostic -- they are not parts changes. And I think that you can do really well against seven a 124542632. Consoles auto we. -- we should. We also have to give a shout out to two dean and Stephanie over. DD new Boston street. They're all sort Wilbon -- down the right down the street from mr. BOY they supplies low IT shirts hats. Any anything needs to be Jerry and his jacket just a couple of nice Jack -- and you're going to be Abkhazia will look like Qaeda guys Diego Perez it will be some giveaways coming up so -- you can be given some things away and know that our member over there if you want to contact them they have. Fantastic screen print and embroidery service. They can take your roof and he wants and leisure Wear a sports uniforms or whatever list. But to -- that -- is Stephanie. And -- 781938. 7777. Castle looking -- I love that -- let me to okay. As I'm sure you have. Some of these it to you you -- thanks to bill. While I'll tell you who really took -- me this week was Jimmy up but he keys for cars. Several of the guys that I purchased at the auction though last week only had one key. And thank goodness for Jimmie Hughes able to. Help me out and he. He actually sells the factory -- -- for these fancy cousin went for instance let's say you have Alexis. And you went to go to Lexus dealer to get it to catch key made. They -- like 3450. Well what's -- -- those you know it's that the father and it's probably infrared or whatever it's picks up the signal. Well but does -- he saved me you know probably owe more than half I can tell you that right now. And he keys for 'cause is located up in in Windham New Hampshire right off the exit of exit three often 93. And they're they're excellent. And the the phone number and 603. 8930999. And you can ask for Jim Steve Jeff. They have they do all the -- replacements. Don't don't make you a key deal -- they also. They can program your keys that's the key. But you know you go to -- dealership and Acie Law Leo well he Moussaoui the key it's you know 200 or 300 of one of the and then you need an hour and a half to to programming Q what about. Just go see these guys they can do and I'll save you a lot of money and it's great it also if you get locked idea cut they'll come to you can't open it up. Making key rate on the spot and get you going again so that's it's good area code 603. 8930999. He keys for cars. -- I like that the key to the keys to keeping keys and it's -- ease up and I'm sure this -- -- people out there the -- row one key. 14 and if you lose that. -- go away go. I though we have to cut this short note joke because we didn't aside from galaxy -- so Missouri has -- I think Donald to. OK so we do we other guy guys. On WRKO. Six CD AM you can reach -- at 330. -- guys are 3302274897. Or on the web. At the card guys website. Dot com. How do you. -- New York. Com slash WRKO. 680. Hi where the voices of reason that help you practically -- and. 97 -- -- Read so you don't. Welcome back to the -- guys radio show. -- six CV AN WRK. Okay. I think this segment the film I wanna look stressed that personal. Opinion of Americans get technical. We -- trying to. Okay. Really -- Duke's Chris our own opinion because us to rebuild coming up for the race. To repay. Right and you know it's it's gone back and forth because the governor signed it. -- -- but I mean you know we get a gets to be honest with you I think it's being done on the federal level because. I don't see how it's gonna -- how it's gonna work but bottom line is. That the proposed while you know what -- prohibit any motor vehicle manufacturer. You know study without model years 2015 from selling or leasing either directly. You know through a to a dealer or a new motor vehicle without allowing the owner. To have access to the same diagnostic and repair information made available to the manufacturers. Dealers Indians in state authorized repair facilities. So basically what that's what what I'm saying to in layman's terms is. These these manufactures have gotten away with a for so many years now. They did made all this proprietary software so that. Unfortunately. You know local technician. And and yourself I mean you know we used to work America as ourselves. We were young. You can't get into anything anymore I mean -- into an oil changing the filter may be. And you know beyond that you you really don't have diagnostic capabilities. To get into the computer for the car. And I think there's you know. The will be nice if -- if you could because. If you spending 20304050000. -- all or even more for a new automobile. Would you like to be able -- worker -- self if you want to I mean. Why. Why would you want to have to pay. You know upwards of a hundred calls and hours have you -- fixed. If you could do yourself. Well -- it outgoing little -- -- that I don't mind bringing it to a technician. -- in my days soon mechanic right that -- had the knowledge to repairing it and if you can afford the equipment and it's available if it's available to him and he can afford it. Why shouldn't he be able why -- have to be forced to to go to would deal I mean I am definitely. Going to. I'm against that a 100% because they believe and in the -- sometimes when you do wanted to -- to dealer I mean and I'm not putting any deal is not. By any stretch of the imagination and I I am blaming the manufacturers for this because it's totally that's of that's the issue I mean. It's the main factors that made it so that they can keep their customer. Totally. Within their within their road within their brand once they've actually sold them something. And I don't think that the customer is even know most of the time that that's going on because they're not thinking. That I I can't take my car to my local technician after it's out of warranty. You know once once it's usually whatsoever warranty mean the you know you wanna take a few local guy because you know you know you trust them. And you feel comfortable with him you mean I feel as comfortable going to dealership because maybe. They don't explain it as well or you know you don't have access like you can't walk in the garage usually at the dealership. Because they have -- big sign -- to sizzle you know. Insurance. Regulations require us to put rod had a lot. 42 million or maybe I mean yeah it's crazy it is you know well we we we we've got good you know you'd get the story you can. Tell it because a meal. But. He would do we will get the story about the fellow that the decided to do even more on a pretty big money surely he replaced the battery took control local. But department store but you know we're we're based it would be service automobiles and they put a battery and you move you on that hole knowing each scenario put it. So I mean you know he went to he went there he realizes -- please is going to be. As get a little bit of -- brain to -- itself and unfortunately. Wherever he took it to go put this new battery and I needed realize that basically what happened was. His old battery was junk and so. The computer in the car. Kept telling. The regulator that the to put more juice back into the battery so. When apple was put new battery in and now because. He he didn't realize that he had a Smart -- or -- -- intensive purposes. And so so what happened was he -- those new battery because. He kept giving a signal to the computers saying. While this is the old battery in the car and so we need to give it more juice to keep it going. Justice of the alternate -- kept putting held more of morrow voltage to the to the battery and guess what happened. He -- that battery in about three weeks and I told them. Before because we've talked about the battery I said won't -- him yet he really need to go to the deal to get that done because. They're going to be able to put the battery in the end they can be initialized this system. And let the bit let the computer know in the car that you put new battery and solar. It knows that that batteries you know doesn't need as much as much Jews to be put back in and you know. I don't have to tell you -- was -- -- that I made up his mind but right and then -- -- because the guy they wanted almost three -- for the battery. And then they wanted an hour and a half two hours to reprogramming the the battery and which -- was another I don't know 135 bucks now owns 270 bucks. So you know almost 600 almost a change of battery and when you think about it it's insanity. Tennis yeah there's and it's and then you know we already went through the expensive brand through this battery which went down so now he's gonna do it again. Yeah the two of them killed so. You know lowest is believe that the right to repair a -- that followed could have brought his two week. You know only a local technician. Right. You know a good reputations it to knowledgeable of what he's doing. That could have been done and he could have saved himself a lot of money. But. So that's that's where I am I believe you can you can you can get this is. Home of the brave land of the free -- and within used to be until the until -- effect is -- all of us yeah. So I mean that I believe he should be able to -- should be able to do to -- within you know within the law. Yeah I mean I think what's happened is I think that the you know in general -- the manufacturers. We're losing losing a lot of ground in the service department -- parks department. And I think that they said you know what we're gonna make these things that they have to bring them back to us because with the advent of the Internet you know whatever twenty years ago or not. People really know how much they pay for the guys so these new guys unity people look up the invoice price and everything else that they don't make -- the money they were making. Selling the new 'cause what they used to. Before the before -- that I was here. So now they have to make it up somehow because you look at the buildings these guys put up -- mean they're incredibly good -- regularly a lot take. You can have small -- so -- sold somebody's got to pay for that that's. That's who's paying for going to have wizard day for if everything funnels down. To just. A few. You know. That the assuming that view or getting. Ten dollars. Warren when they knock us the majority. The little people. -- -- Dot com slash WRKO. Six AB. When it comes to managing your diabetes bears new contour next easy blood glucose meter makes testing easy. You also get exceptional accuracy because he uses the next generation contract next test strip for close to lab test results and I'll miss the lowest everyday price of all major brands. You can find bears new contour next easy -- at your local retail pharmacy just fast -- -- pharmacist an upgrade today. 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