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Maine Secretary Of State Charles Summer on Voter Fraud

Sep 22, 2011|

After a two-month investigation into possible voter fraud by college students and noncitizens, Maine Secretary of State Charlie Summers said Wednesday his evidence showed that none of the students committed fraud and only one noncitizen voted in Maine. Nevertheless, Summers said his investigation confirmed his belief that Maine’s election system is “fragile and vulnerable,” and he vowed to submit legislation in January to fix some of the problems. We spoke with Secretary Summers about the voting procedures in Maine.

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Now there's more there's more -- in there's more information about voter fraud going on last last. November. The the Republican Party in the state of Maine alleged that it's this couple of hundred out of state college students might have committed voter fraud. And -- So -- secretary of state Charlie Summers. Has concluded his report what what you it will let you -- hear what He has to say. Thanks for being with us secretary Summers on the. Hours ago. Thank you hours of pleasure to be with you in just to try to. Layout and open of this information you know we over the last couple months appeared main investigation going on kind of a dual investigation one. Was prompted by the chairman of the Republican Party trials Webster. Who brought a list of some 26 games college she felt may -- voted illegally and being. The second was based on information irked me you know whether it when He was concerned that the voter voter program. And made. Our border voters in Maine -- secretary status -- their border vehicles and quality elections. She brought concerns to -- illegal aliens a back registry the boat so we undertook an investigation and it's important to point out that it made you got about 970000. Eligible voters we were able to media investigation on less than 1%. And if we found that all. The potential voter fraud. In -- Flutie He felt an investigation. Which resulted in prosecution. Of all the voter fraud 84%. Those cases were -- clerical error in only 79%. Happen on Election Day is going to be very important Election -- we also found that church. On citizens. Were on the border role urged all sample. -- onto the on the board all one of which registered and voted. A -- non citizens was this all in Portland. Well integrated ordinary summit Portland yes. And if that's important don't truth that even though is such a small sample on these or 100%. You know we came up this section non citizens one and actually go to. And it made the towns in chief clerk are only required to order district two years so. Going back is very typical of fortune into the Portland the other kept their records. And now so we look at what would be so it's it was a very interest investigation. So so what you're saying Charlie is that this is that the problem is is according to your tiny you're admittedly tiny sample. There is not that great of a problem. Well I think it is just the opposite. Is chosen this system is very. Or. Two. Or flawed and that people getting on the voter list should not beyond these. Keep in mind. We have a very small sample but that's sample. Limited by things like -- have probable cause. Order it would go into these celebs what were you can't equally -- What people's what are record. We've I what are you leave it witnessed. People coming up actually from Massachusetts where you are right it -- replies -- Italy and. I had to get -- I think what the locals say I think the illegals believe it's easier to get a driver's license in -- that is in Massachusetts. Well we've been trying to -- -- -- in short. But it's you know it -- -- I think that situation that really points to. Did the portability system and -- we tried very hard. Legislation. Like eliminating the registration that there would. -- of people people. Right you have like you have a Republican majority in the legislature now I mean it should you should be able to tighten up these these laws mean like I mean motor voter is is just. And invitations for autism have been -- same day registration. Well and you know really it that they can and there's -- -- that's what's coming back. It in this and I and I think it -- speech to the portability system that -- need. Due to. Tighten up integrity and security in the process that's really what this what this all about you know it it's also had shocked. This almost and nonchalant. Nature. That people take we're quoting now He got -- work that I was over there would of the first free elections Kurt. If people would stand in line to a brigades are and women in uniform well we're risking their lives they -- they have the opportunity. To vote. And so you know we -- and curiously appear and I think it's very important note that all we're talking about. It started -- this was bought back about two business days present an average of registry of election is expected to -- stage. And in -- doing would. What about those -- feeble elderly voters that we heard about the last hour that did them -- are complaining about that they -- though they can't remember to get out there and vote two days earlier. You know it it it's kind of -- more are passionate arguments that they could never heard our position. Because someone made you over the age that it -- -- change doesn't. They're somehow less -- -- your view and you know since it was single mothers and those who are this big. -- right now being -- 200. Evasion here. I can mention you can question durable pupils -- read street view service off but you can call -- where. And ask them to tell you the -- registrations are -- It there's ample opportunity there and I think you should have ample authority but it should also be security technique should. You have to do ID to -- man. We don't there was legislation and these Maine legislature to cheer required. That legislation has been held over. It will be brought up again in January in the legislature goes back. Held over what it -- a pay to have a Republican majority if you can't get this kind of bill to the floor of the of the branches does it. Well I think there was disagreement on how to. It ministered to build a lot of I think this patient groups they'd cost. -- twelve million dollars true. Via these people that don't habit which you have to remember I would use just like if you wanna -- -- law. It about 970000. Or people -- -- -- currently we have over one billion IPs and drivers like about sugar more IDs there are people eligible to vote. I like these people that the girl was that 121 girls they all become very concerned about the state spending too much money when it comes to things like. Having having. -- having your write the check before you can vote. Or being checked to see if you're an illegal aliens so you can save some money well produced the only time these people hear about. Spending state money but now they become very concerned about oh -- A total cost three dollars to check to see if someone's in illegally aliens we can't. You know so well -- what's that gonna pay him -- -- about it you know a thousand a month for the rest of their lives now. -- On energy and and it's. What what is concerning is you know again is it it's. Not everyone that many people choose to purchase -- very nonchalant attitude that this is the most sacred thing we do. -- and we should be. You know it caught my -- off but two dollars and ninety. And we already have more rights -- In in the -- may have eligible voters. -- of reactive. Produce -- -- and 1000. -- -- -- -- Exactly. Exactly I think there's a lot of cutbacks the could be made elsewhere for come up with that 200000 dollars. Okay Charlie we appreciate you checking -- -- us on this and and the -- do you -- college student should be allowed to what register in in Maine if they're not from out of state of Maine. Why I think the other Supreme Court ruled that the earth. Allowed to read it and I had no problem but but He was what registered. But what is important to note this is from an attorney general. Rolling -- started to go here. When someone went public policy they are exempt from having Richard Lugar. That to declare a branch. That means they didn't become do you mean what are people law other -- And if it within thirty days good drivers like in relation to our and I think -- trying to do whatever actionable right bite and the -- well. But -- -- can become a solution that it's important that -- you play by the rules everyone else such. Again I get to -- historian via the front of the Portland press herald. But some -- being some student. At the US him being arrested. No fair. Nobody told me about the state total -- in my car. I just wanted to vote. I don't you can't see anything I'm thinking about it they would you know lets you know that's what's gonna happen right. Well it's you know again I eight I eight. I have traitors to this latest. Is. Nonpartisan as possible but I think it's important that you wanted everyone has an opportunity to registered boat right actually worked. But one should do you become a member or air or present state of -- That you're subject to the laws and all the rest of may I think that's a very spirit. Charlie Summers secretary of state of the state of Maine now we appreciate -- being with us and you know keep keep trying to strengthen keep trying to tighten oppose laws this is -- it's that it's the most sacred depth sacred franchise we have. And it's right and you know it's it's it's easier to vote than it is to get a -- and have blocked field what can set Dahlia. -- Did that that's exactly right and I think it's good time in and as we what I wanted to invade we are operating. Our elections on 1820 model. In 2011 and made as long overdue for a conference look the way in which we. Conductor elections and really I don't that. Come out of all of its. The 1820 model that means that was when you when you left the state of Massachusetts or when you were state of Massachusetts. So you're using our system and our system is not working very well right now -- and it changes. But anyway thanks a lot secretary says Summers for -- of weapons we appreciate it. Up by 18774694322.